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I GOT ROBBED AT STORAGE UNIT AUCTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit locker

I GOT ROBBED AT STORAGE UNIT AUCTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit locker

right now I’m kind of pissed off what is
in that what do we have in there ladies and gentlemen this unit right here was
broken into what to tell me how you left me in the comments section below
morning yeah they broke into the vault pregnant hello hi how you doing this is David de
Haas I’m one of the guys who bought a pod yesterday at the auction oh so yeah
what am i a pause was broken into last night yeah yeah what one of the ones
that I bought at auction I bought four total and one is the whole friends
completely gone through yeah I guess one of the yeah one of the other guys said
his was completely gone through cuz he had a lot of space mine was completely
full so they couldn’t just go through it and they don’t only one of mine got
broken into out of the four I bought but I’m not very happy with that yeah
something should be done some type of cameras or something should be out here
to monitor this type of stuff yeah well especially because people come to this
auction and I don’t know everybody who comes to the auction per se but when you
have a place where they have access 24 hours a day people know that I don’t
know how I can get all my stuff out of here today because I bought so much and
I don’t know what to do because I don’t feel comfortable leaving them overnight
now okay cool so all uh I’m gonna try to at least get one what about the damages
yes all right awesome that’s fine with me
yeah thank you hi we’re about the starter morning these
three units right here I bought where one owner spent a good amount of money
on them these are seem to be solidified but if you look down here somebody broke
into that vault overnight stole a bunch of my stuff those in the front right now
I’m kind of pissed off I’m trying to keep my composure but I’m irritated
because they were broke in two and I don’t like beep
thieves out there y’all can kiss my pirate booty we had a lot of cool things
we got a lot of our little our little family and friends love yard stuff so
we’re keeping yard stuff aside for them to look at first that is a nice bird
cage no it’s not baby girl these are kind of nice right here it’s not in
there it’s empty I already touched it these are kind of cool this is 24 or
like 22 karat gold actual painting uh they’re kind of Gucci these might be
like a hundred in let’s see what we got under here
royal Satsuma we have to actually lift these up because they’re not just this
Tampa says China these are these are pretty legit so we’re gonna put them in
the Shelf safely they got a little bit of a chip mark on them these are nice
what do you call these uh the women in these baby girl let’s see you’re not
what your knowledge is like where’s the woman at there’s one right there see
them all dressed in those what do you call the women who dressed up like that geishas they’re guys
dishes a super-racer show I won’t even bother looking through them there’s 16
piece holiday time set they’re beautiful you are the paint that’s your East Coast
no face the two different chairs for them that’s cute that’s cute a little
bit of a power cleaner something very cheap this is probably 20 know it says
euro Pro maybe a little bit more at least maybe 20 to 50 bucks there I can
already tell you what’s in there one looks a little chips right here the way
they set it in there but go ahead and pull the chip one out let’s do that okay
give you that one oh nice those are Versace I don’t think the
Resaca what’s the bottom oh good I mean not good that was broken but
that’s still probably 80 bucks right there for that set what do you think
would you sell for if I’m not the flea market booth somebody asked what are you
selling it for right now that’s what I’m talking about this box is marked
baseball book let’s see how we got there baseball is a great pastime and maybe
we’re gonna find a baseball card collection come home baby let me find a
Mickey Mantle rookie or an autographed I haven’t turned an autographed Babe Ruth
baseball in a while this looks like just baseball guys we have yeah I like the way this musket
is silky I like silk silk and stop what is this this looks very uh almost
military ish I don’t know what it is it says stuff in some type of Asian writing
either Chinese Japanese or something if anybody can read this any way shape
or form please comment below and tell me what you think that says I like this I
like this and it’s worth and it’s worth thank you ladies and gentlemen welcome
to the storage business Oh do a little do a little real fast my
house right there ladies and gentlemen Stuart Little and Ralph s Mouse welcome
to the world ocean ik underwater kinetics of the day it’s underwater
am I gonna find a new compass funding emergency survival kit everything you
need to survive in that box everything that’s what it says it’s an
emergency survival I’m gonna keep that then baby drama survivor life Sadie said
you could put me anywhere on God’s green earth and I will survive Jay Z over H to the Izzo scuba gear
thanks what do you know about scuba gear bro nothing it’s good money breathing apparatuses that’s like 100
150 bucks right there father we got a good night tonight a big tonight made in
Italy a nice look though this is what we do you want to peel a Bologna off the
rocks yeah well the scuba-diving never been
you want I asked if you want to go I’m scared to do that anything look at this
ladies and gentlemen look at how they took care of their shoes this is a good
side I like when I find shoes and they are in these boxes that like it’s a sure
sign if somebody took care of their stuff have a ton of boxes to unbox we’re
basically setting all the boxes that look intriguing sealed up everything
decided we’re gonna have like a full day of unpacking boxes here you open this up
and this looks kind of intriguing looks like we’re gonna have some decent stuff
to come through this year there’s only one vault or four of three vaults ladies
and gentlemen oh look at this one of my favorite movies ever The Wizard of Oz
look that’s me yep actually they’re all kind of me right no I have a heart I
kind of need a brain kind of need a hole and I definitely need courage Oh dreamcatcher brand-new products we have
a pair of brand new cups here we’ve got a pair of dishes a dish set we’ve got
another dish set we’ve got another punch bowl set we’ve got another
dish set I don’t know much about the pricing on this stuff and if you’ll have
an idea feel free to comment below who who what is in that what is in that
Tiffany and company we will save that for one of the hats boxes I could
promise you that we’re not even going through all the stuff this is all just
boxes we’re saving to do unboxing but like Tiffany wine set glass set really
nice stuff you can see it’s we’re just in the first vault matter through all
this stuff from the first of three bolts it’s just like nothing but new things
everything in here is new all sorts of new little kitchen products and dish
sets and Asian things we got shoes for days shoes for days if we have any
vitter of super exciting all make sure we show up I’m not gonna show this
regular five dollar shoes brand-new in-the-box that’s pretty dope you put
that in your backyard and you put it around a tree it’s called a tree hugger
bench I don’t know what something like that’s worth anybody out there knows let
me know oh it came from Walmart there’s a little better idea
comment below if you think that’s worth or if you even want to buy it comment
below come pick it up interesting brand-new in-the-box there’s
a few bucks I don’t know what this is worth i Jim and we got a brand new
dartboard we hit the bull’s eye on this unit we’re getting lots of good new
stuff coming out lots of good new stuff we’re actually reaching the end of this
last vault here first of all they should say Christmas stuff everywhere look at
these there’s no beds rotate oh I might have to keep this one what do we have
here ladies and gentlemen Margaritaville all those are ready to go into their
baby girl we’re gonna open this on seven thousand four hundred and sixty two
million start counting to seven thousand four and sixty two million all right
we’ll open it oh that is what you call a party in a box ladies and gentlemen what
the hails of this this is a party in a box baby girl yeah I know you’re a
underage and you don’t know what drinking is but if you wanna throw a
party this is called Margaritaville this is a blender that makes where to
Margaritaville yeah we can go to Margaritaville girl least once this
thing right here looks flawlessly new I don’t know what these costs it’s the
18-volt court it’s cordless ladies and gentleman you go out to the campground
cordless and make margaritas please let me know in the comments section below
how much this margarita machine is worth man the items just keep coming out baby
girl look at this Oh what what do we have in there ladies and gentlemen what
could be in that bag you’re gonna have to wait to see tons of Christmas stuff
nice nice a brand-new smoker let’s go to be who knows what made by barbecue Pro
17 inches okay we have left all these boxes they had good words on the top
made me want to look in these we are gonna have an unboxing at the end of
everything for these this is gonna be a big process here now now it’s time to
start loading this one make some room we’re gonna get these out for flea
markets so here we go heartbreaking into this unit no pun intended considering my
units were broken into there here we go we got a nice washer and
dryer check this out front loading with the machine on top everything we got a
pair of these imma show you that one just a second
these units are a mess right now it’s kind of hard we’re trying to like get
all this together here here’s the washing machine now we got a pair of
them these are nice these are nice I don’t know what I’m
gonna give them a speculate four to five hundred if you guys have an idea please
put in the comment below what you think I’m gonna get for these these are little
cleaning needs a little cleaning there’s a little bit of elbow grease that’s
brand-new right there in the box that’s pretty nice set right there I like it you like it too we have only put a small
dent in these three vaults this is the vault to number one I guess we got about
halfway through that it wasn’t very full anyway this is vault number two a lot of
nice stuff you can see in here everything it needs to be unboxed it’ll
be coming soon no those are shelves and this one we have even touched yet no
telling what’s in here what are you doing we did we haven’t touched it yet
good lordy child this unit right here was broken into overnight somebody broke
into you did a girl I think the East Coast came back took
our stuff I’m just kids now I never say that they
broke into that one in that one and they broke into this one under pads were
those for Uncle Michael we’re just gonna load a bunch of stuff out of here just
going to close the door see what it was rifled through this unit will be gonna
have a complete unveiling soon – we still got so much to do here bran is
dead but seeing us-colombia non-north face marquise marquise this brand-new
knick-knack that’s what this lady did she was oh I knew right away CI I could
read storage units like nobody’s business there’s a reason why I’m the
storage option pirate I didn’t notice that there was the one Bob Stern at the
Home Shopping Network there but I solved that I was looking at this angle and I
saw the Home Shopping Network right away my gut told me this woman goes to stores
and she hoards new items you can see everywhere you look she just buy stuff
that she doesn’t need look Oh blinds must have been on sale let’s get
seven of them I knew that this was gonna be I’m pretty sure this is gonna be full
of just dibs when you do that you’re a sunflower I think your love will be too
much unless I stuck by you know you know like my singing stow and go I’m telling
you stuff that’s puzzling why she did that
he bought a faucet and she bought a toilet ring he bought a how-to book she
bought all-purpose cleaner I’m telling you guys it’s gonna be all new stuff in
here tie a vehicle and boat pressure washer who’s gonna want that
all right Mimi’s name Mimi gets that everybody loves a cat house is in shorts
what’s called faded glorious sounds like uncle Michaels high school years eighty
glory ladies and gentlemen we have a safe and we will be saving this to the
very end of this unboxing because this is locked it’s locked in anytime
somebody locked something it is safe to say it’s a safe we got an iPod Nano all
right ladies and gentlemen we just totally time-warped into the eighties
what he’s called these are Dan banners what you know about a Dan banner I don’t
it’s kind of cool back in the 80s you were in for net here we go we got a
whole box of stuff for period club we haven’t had a good period Club meeting
in a while no maybe girl with the rat no God it’s
for holding a CD player which is also before your time maybe she could use it
take it to work Jasmine Romero who’s Jasmine will a
chopstick Porter a hoarder yeah your significant other yeah my friend this
worth dog it’s a dog bed air mattress I’ve seen it all I’ve seen it all hey
jasmine it’s all animal stuff times 6 what
what you gotta love internet hoarders shopping hoarders I think the ninth one
of those I’ve seen so far I’ve been doing this I’ve been doing this a long
time salt princess I think that is probably the second time I’ve had my
unit broken or the first time they cleared out the whole unit overnight
that time they really couldn’t get much obviously they took the poker sets
luckily didn’t take the poker table so I wanted up a poker night but uh and deed
what do you guys say about these baby girl
they suck like Makin’s thieves you suck like
vacuums pinched poked you owe me a coke thanks for watching these videos we’ll
have a lot of more unboxings coming don’t have to get to hit the like button
the share button the subscribe button don’t forget to check out the saw
princess Channel she is putting out videos she did a lot of filming today as
well we love you all my child has taken dibs she were she
just out of control she’s doing all sorts of stuff now dip discs for her
grandma and uh and pepper dip this for her grandma’s dog to getting
toothbrushes for her Michael she got candles for the grandma she got
a backpack for the grandma she got shoes for her and her girlfriend and I don’t
know who else what was she doing with these what is she doing with those and
this is for somebody she’s out of control just giving they are loading a
wheelchair onto to tow truck I’ve seen it all agent I’ve
seen it all

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