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If you keep falling back into your old vibration WATCH THIS

If you keep falling back into your old vibration WATCH THIS

this video I’m going to show you three
secrets to hacking your vibration so that you’ll fall back into the old
patterns these things are things that changed my life and I’ve seen work with
many other people welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I hope
people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
those three secret vibrational hacks so that you don’t fall back into the old
vibration and I understand as well that there is such an autopilot mind of the
old way that we were you know you might talk about our vibration our vibration
is how we think how we feel how we act now there’s the vibration of the old
version of us maybe it’s even the version of us right now and we’re
identified and said no I don’t want to loose take me no no I don’t want to keep
living that life over the way I’ve been living maybe you know I listen to my old
life I was a 95 job I didn’t enjoy I felt I’d worthy I had a story that I
couldn’t I couldn’t focus that I had trouble with that there are certain
things that were on autopilot and it was in that reality but what I identified as
I said okay this is not what I want to put experience so what I did is I
identified the version of me I had a vision for the version of me
that was living the kind of lifestyle that I would love which now includes you
know making videos on YouTube traveling the world doing what I love and I
identified that vibration and what I did is I just simply decided that’s who I am
now that’s who I am now meditation by the
way was a huge part of that because meditation allows you to live the
internal reality first before it’s on the external is remember all that’s on
the external anyways is a reflection of the internal so if you change your inner
vibration you then change your outer reality so what I was doing those
identified the old way I was being and even though that’s trying to be this new
version of me the version of me that could focus the version of me that was
feeling worthy the version of me that was making videos even when I was trying
to be that there tendency to fall back and the old way of
being and understand that the reason that is is because this is just on
autopilot this has just been comfortable for so long so the key is understanding
and recognizing when you do fall back when you fall back I’ll tell you right
now as well awareness is one of the most powerful
things because when you become aware of it you can then say wait I’m falling
back do I want to experience and and keep this story going and many times as
well as a story it’s a story that we tell ourselves we say oh this is hard to
change it’s hard for me to do this I’ve posted something on Instagram yesterday
and it was on how our beliefs create our reality and how to change our beliefs
and then that post I explained it except by step how to do it and some people are
like oh it seems so simple I don’t I don’t think it could be that simple but
see that’s a belief that it can’t be simple we have a belief that things have
to be complicated and that transformation has to take a lot of work
but what if you realized that every moment is a completely new moment every
moment is a new moment everyone was new moment every moments a new moment so
what story tell herself what story telling herself what story
telling herself you see because if we say oh this is hard this is hard to me
that is a self-fulfilling prophecy but if we can just know that there’s a
version of us that’s live in this way and there’s a version of us lived in
this way what we can do is just be this version now by citing it’s who I am not
identifying so much with our past now once again it’ll come up well it can’t
be that easy can’t be that easy that’s a belief and when you acknowledge the
belief that you have around on transformation itself when you realize
your beliefs about reality itself if you believe that reality is fixed that
reality is handy that it’s harder to change because it’s so heavy and hard
but when you start to realize that what quantum physics is showing us is that
every probable reality already exists and that every moments a new moment you
can then tell yourself a new story you can let it be easy you know if you want
to a proof of this there is scientific studies that have studied people with
what are called multiple personality disorder multiple personalities where it
is one person has many different
personalities they’ll shift from one personality let’s say it’s Karl
and then the next personality let’s say it’s Bob maybe Karl doesn’t have maybe
Karl has some type of sickness maybe karl has like cancer or something
like that some type of disease maybe certain thought patterns that have
caused that and you could literally measure his body or have some type of
test done and you can see oh yeah he’s got this type of disease – this type of
cancer and five minutes later it’ll go from Karl to Bob and when he goes over
to Bob guess what when he shifts into the personality of Bob what they have
recognized is that then the disease the cancer you can test that Bob personality
and they don’t have the cancer or the disease same body but different
personalities different way they think feel and act about themselves different
level of identity that can happen that happens in an instant they’ve studied
this many times so knowing that it can happen in an instant so if that can
happen in an instant don’t you think we can let call us um
all the story that doesn’t serve us you see this is possible for you this is
possible now when it comes to our vibration the first one I want to talk
about here is understanding that this vibrational hack is one that you’re
going to have to eventually get clear with with yourself in order to develop
the momentum you want and that is boundaries boundaries having boundaries
with other people having boundaries with your vision when you say notice
something you say yes to something else so for example when I started living in
the reality of me being a full-time youtuber even when I have that
nine-to-five job I didn’t care about I was going to
work everyday working I could have looked around and be like oh yeah well
I’m still in this old job that they don’t care about come on I go home
everyday I would film videos I would edit videos I would post videos and I’d
have friends oh I can’t come hang out come do this I had that boundaries like
no I’m sorry I can’t do that I have to stay focused on this vision
zoom you can’t ever enjoy yourself but you have to be aware that one of the
things that will pull you back into the old vibration more than anything else is
people it’s the people that you’re around because people that you’re around
influence you in a very powerful way they influence your vibrate even just
subconsciously even if they’re like oh you can do whatever you want
buh buh blah but if they have subconscious beliefs as well that
through us most is their just literally their energy you will feel that and
you’ll find himself maybe playing small I know there’s some people that I’m
around that I almost feel I almost feel insecure with SHINee because I feel like
I feel like it reflects back to them maybe that they’re not where they want
to be and then I intentionally like won’t Express something I’m excited
about you know playing small because you don’t want to make other people feel a
certain way and if you’re around people like that that guess what you’re holding
your energy in doesn’t mean you can’t be around them sometimes but it means that
in general you identified the vision of where you are to the vision of where you
want to be or you know where you want to be and first off be okay with where you
are now it’s good enough if you if you resist about you trying to get somewhere
else that is putting out chaotic energy and it’s actually keeping that reality
intact but for this what I recommend is that you identify the vision for what
you want to experience and you just decide that’s who you are now and you
develop boundaries boundaries with the kind of people you’re around validates
the kind of activities that you do if you have a vision for example of being a
certain body weight and feeling a certain way have a certain type of
energy level what you might do is you might look at that vision that you have
and realize that that version of you which by the way all these
of us already exist you can use your imagination and connect to them that
version of you does not eat some type of sugary cereal that version of you does
not eat certain types of heavy foods and deep fried foods that version of you has
more boundaries than maybe the version of you that just it’s like oh it’s
whatever so what you do is you identify that and you actually decide that you
have those same boundaries so for me that was identified making daily videos
it was me having to say no sometimes people wanting to hang out it was me I’m
gonna say no to complaining aged to vet about my nine-to-five job oh to be here
so slow all of these things and I said you know what i was taught venting about
it starts channeling my energy into what i’m really passionate about so identify
what that is for you maybe it’s creating art maybe it’s managing maybe it’s some
other company you want to go try working for or it start your own business
whatever it is develop the boundaries to put your energy in that direction it’s a
huge missing part of the process and it’s okay
it’s okay you know you have to fill up your cup before you could fill up anyone
else’s or help but are giving it away anyways so don’t feel guilty for it it’s
a natural part of the process the more successful you become the more
boundaries you’ll have doesn’t mean you become rude or anything it just means
that you become aware of your own energy more so than anything else
now the second vibrational hack has to do let me see oh so book and okay so
this is a hack that I’ve used many times and it really does work so fall into the
old pattern there’s a certain momentum going there’s a certain way here being
that’s been going on now what I found to be extraordinarily powerful is immersing
my thoughts with people that have already attained that which I aspire to
be like so your energy whatever energy you are focused on you are bringing into
your energetic field so if you are focused for example on some type of
musical artists that maybe has a lot of resistance in their life and they’re and
they did Primeau maybe like more negative things you’re literally
bringing parts of that library into your field whether you’re aware of
it or not we’ve an energetic field all the way around our body now what happens
is if we’re bringing that energy into our fields we’re becoming it as well now
when you read certain books when you watch certain movies you take on certain
characteristics you become part of even if like for example if somebody were to
go and watch some type of like what is those those shows like repres the repo
the car repossession shows or something like that you see people getting
triggered like this and things get taken away from people and all this stuff if
you were to go and watch those you might not directly see it but later on you
might get triggered at something else somebody else does you will literally
emerge and become and have like more but you’ll be more easily triggered you may
feel like someone’s taking something away from you subconsciously it will
affect you that’s why the boundaries is so important but realize that you can
hack this you can find people that have already attained that what you want if
you want to own an art gallery studio literally go find somebody that has done
it and talk to them and interact with them and maybe offer to be an assistant
for them once a week or read books of people that have done that or find out
the plans and how people did it or become a part of a meetup group you see
immerse yourself in the energy field of these people whether it is virtual via
videos like fire to watch a lot of videos of Tony Robbins only he does
because that’s something that I aspire to do when I do live events then I will
bring some of that energy within myself we all are reflections of each other so
in the same way you can hack your own vibration by immersing your thoughts and
the thoughts of someone through the medium of books of seminars of TV shows
so it’s a hack that you could use however be aware of it and how you’re
using it but I find that you know some people go crazy with consuming personal
development content that can have a certain benefit I think but applying it
has always been so much more powerful but if your environment you might say
well I don’t have like successful people around me I don’t have like people that
can you know I can be in their energy field and all this stuff which by the
way is a story if you were to change that belief you might find those people
come into your life but what you think instead as you could read books if you
get books and there you go now you literally are inside someone stop
processes you are able to like try it on and see what that’s like
so that right there as well is a very powerful hack that I used in my own life
now the third vibrational hack that I want to share with you is the process of
meditation now when I talk about meditation I have some guided
meditations that I will link below and the reason this is so powerful is
because when you are able to give yourself permission to shift out of one
identity into the new identity and just know that’s who you are now that will
change your life more than you can even imagine and meditation is a way of
vibrationally hacking the inside and knowing that that’s who you are now and
changing that story because then you get to a very deep level of relaxation you
use through the visualization processes and you know I just I actually had
something else written down that I was going to talk about but this just came
to me because I I was going through some of the videos the other day the
meditation videos and the feedback from people is just beyond anything I could
have imagined people listened to some of these meditations and they will have
certain things in their life after they meditate and do it the amazing things
happen in their life I’ve had one person that I actually met in person who used
to this is a true story I would not lie about this she was paralyzed and she was
told that by doctors she would never walk again because of a car accident she
was in she broke some like c4 or some type of um bone and they said you never
walk again she listened to a meditation that was on walking – it was a parallel
reality shifting meditation she listened to that meditation and claims that now
she can walk because that tation allowed her to change her story
and then to be in the new reality where she can walk and I met her and she had
crutches but she was walking and it was at my buddy Victor here to retreat and I
went spoke at his retreat and when I did she went to the retreat because she said
that she had she had a feeling that I might come and she wanted to thank me in
person not saying this to brag I’m saying this so that you know like
this is possible this is possible to drop our old story and then to be in the
vibration we prefer and I don’t I’ll do is I will link that meditation below but
there have been many many just read the comments of these videos as well to see
what’s possible because then it also increases the belief that you can do it
as well that you can go through something similar so that’s something
that you will see in the top the parallel reality meditation I think is
so powerful because you tell yourself an old story and when you do that
meditation you literally walk into a parallel reality and when you do that
you didn’t have a new past you change your story you change your life and you
give yourself permission to be the way you prefer to be listen to that
meditation for 21 days I think it will profoundly change your life I’ll go
ahead and link that meditation right the top description box below I’ll pin it in
the comments section as well that’s a way to very powerfully
21 commit to it for 21 days and watch what happens and read all the comments
to see what’s possible and that will increase your belief and kind of
increase your buy-in as well to what’s possible but in general for your
vibration and to not fall back into the old you what’s necessary to develop
those boundaries to understand and up into this point you have a certain story
you tell yourself about who you are that’s been on autopilot what you can do
is just decide but that’s not what you want to prefer to experience anymore
and what you do is you get into shoes that this new being is Who I am now and
part of my story is that everything led me up into this point now to where now I
can make the shift and then now that you do that you can wire that in with
meditation for 21 days listen to that parallel reality meditation to watch how
your life changes read the comments don’t take my word for it read the
comments and see what’s possible and other than that hope you enjoy this
video if you do me a favor and smash if you like this video and and affirm
that in you did I mean other than that as always peace much love

100 comments on “If you keep falling back into your old vibration WATCH THIS

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  4. Thank you. Everytime I feel like I'm losing my path the universe shows me that I'm all good and if I went the wrong path or the path I didn't want. My higherself will tell me or show me in different timelines. Great video thank you again ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿ™

  5. 3 books I have found incredibly helpful:
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