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Indian Silver Vase by Oomersee Mawjee – Antique Circa 1880 – AC Silver (W6002)

Hello my name is Andrew Campbell, welcome
to AC Silver. This fine and impressive antique Indian colonial
silver vase is quite an exceptional example. It has a circular rounded bell shaped form
with a flared applied moulded rim. The body is embellished with profuse finely
chased scrolling leaf and floral decoration incorporating iconic indigenous Indian animals. The lower portion of the body and the circled
spreading foot are encircled with chased acanthus leaf borders. A vast amount of silverware produced in Kutch
was crafted by the eminent Indian silversmith Oomersee Mawjee. Full hallmarks are struck to the underside
of the base. All the decoration is very crisp and sharp,
and as mentioned very finely engraved. Pieces by this maker are quite uncommon and
very sought after. At a weight of 13 troy ounces, for its size
the piece is an excellent gauge of silver. The highlighted features of this exceptional
vase make it one that could be sold with my highest recommendations. If you require any further information or
assistance regarding this exceptional vase, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone
or email.

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