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Introducing Vintage Minute

Introducing Vintage Minute

I’m Dylan and I love all things vintage. Watch
my show, Dylan’s Vintage Minute, for your quick-fix of retro style! Check out all my
funky finds everywhere and share your ideas for vintage trends you want to hear more about
in the comments!

3 comments on “Introducing Vintage Minute

  1. Hi Dylan! I'd like to learn about shopping for vintage furniture, especially midcentury stuff. I'd love to fill my house with nice, vintage/vintage-style pieces, but often the things I want are too expensive (i.e. West Elm) or I'm not sure that I can trust the quality (as in, with online purchases). I find it harder to commit to investing in older pieces, because I'm not sure of their longevity, or I'm afraid they may require special care that I'm not informed enough to give. All in all, I'm a vintage novice, but an enthusiast. Your videos are informative and enjoyable. Thanks! 🙂

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