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Joe Strummer’s Boots, ca. 1979 | Orlando, Hour 1 | Preview

GUEST: These boots belonged to
Joe Strummer, who was the lead
singer of the band The Clash. And my husband was starting or
thinking about starting a rock
and roll magazine, and a punk rock magazine. And he interviewed Joe
when they were in their
first U.S. tour in 1979. And during the course
of the interview, my
husband complimented
Joe on his boots, and Joe took off his boots
and gave him his boots. So we’ve had these boots
for about 35 years. They’ve been in the corner
of a closet, they haven’t
been worn in our home. APPRAISER: So this is
your husband here, you
said, interviewing Joe. And this was 1979? GUEST: Yeah, it was the
first… the Clash’s first
U.S. tour, as I understand. So they played two shows in
Boston, and this would have
been one of the shows either at the Orpheum Theatre
or in Harvard Square. APPRAISER: He did
this interview, was
it published or… GUEST: When my husband did the
interview, he subsequently used
an excerpt from the interview as part of his editorial for
the opening, the launch of
his magazine, which was called Take It Magazine so– APPRAISER: The magazine
was called Take It? GUEST: Take It Magazine. Joe Strummer had said if you
really, really want something,
just go ahead and take it. If you want to be relevant,
you know, take it,
make something happen. I’m paraphrasing, but that
appeared in the magazine. APPRAISER: That
is so his spirit. Because at the time, I
mean they really came out. They were founded in 1976 as
the first wave of British punk. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: And his attitude
with everything that was going
on politically in England, a lot of disenfranchised
industrial workers,
former coal miners. His attitude was if you want
something, you have to do
it for yourself and take it. They were inducted in
the Hall of Fame in 2003,
a year after he died. He died at 50 years old of
a congenital heart defect. And it’s very shocking,
nobody knew he was sick. So he was taken from
us pretty young. One other thing I wanted to
point out, we have on the
bottom of the boots, which is nearly impossible to see. It’s kind of a blind
stamp in the leather. It says, “warranted
British manufacture.” So we know these are
of the right materials,
everything makes sense. We have the photograph of
your husband interviewing
him, which is really helpful. Because it establishes that
he really did meet him. So at auction, with that
information, I think we
would expect anywhere
between $5,000 and $7,000 for a pair
of boots like this. GUEST: That’s pretty amazing. APPRAISER: There are a lot of
pictures of Joe Strummer out
there, wearing very similar style boots. Now if we can find pictures
from any of those shows in 1979,
or any time around then and find this exact pair
of boots in a picture,
that would be amazing. And it’s quite possible to
do because I’m sure he was
well-photographed during that tour. GUEST: I know that we have a
lot of negatives from that show
that I haven’t developed yet. This picture was developed to
bring to the ROADSHOW, so I
will go home and go through those negatives. APPRAISER: If you do
find a picture in your
rolls of undeveloped
film from this event, that you can clearly see these
boots and we can make out
the stitch lines, and there’s all sorts of things we
look for that we can
match up pretty precisely. And hopefully we would
be able to do that. At auction you could be looking
at more like $8,000 to $12,000. GUEST: Right.

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