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Katy Perry Calls Old School Contestant the Most Original This Season – American Idol 2020

Katy Perry Calls Old School Contestant the Most Original This Season – American Idol 2020

My name’s Danny Llorona. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama. Right now, I’m in dental school at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. You would trade gingivitis for American Idol. AmericanVitus? Yeah. You’re crazy. You’re not being practical. Well, maybe not. OK. What are you going to do for us? So I’m going to do a little cover of Royals by Lorde. I don’t know what the heck you’re
doing in everyone elses mouth. They need to shut their mouths and keep
your mouth open. You are the most original person this season of American Idol so far. Thank you. First of all, give us some eyes every now and then. I get a little lost. I get it. Well, I’ll tell you what, man, you got a really, really like old school vintage jeep that almost like Eddie Vedder type. But even better singer kind of thing. I’m gonna call off a name like Robert Plant. Well, I mean, that range is crazy. And on top of that, you have control of that top and that bottom. And then you have a cry. That little growl, that little grip, that little that makes everything go. Wow. What are you doing through this course? You’re going to have to carve out your identity of all of that range. You follow me? He is. And I’m not worried one bit. In fact, I’m so confident. I think we should just vote to get this over with. Luke, what do you think? Yes, big time. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. We know what you’re thinking, but we want to know what your vote is. My vote is yes. And you want to know what my vote is? It’s a yes for me. You’re going to Hollywood my friend. Thank you guys so much. Enjoy the ride. Thanks so much. Nice to meet you. Katy said that I was one of the most original artists she’d seen all season, so I was definitely not expecting that at all.

100 comments on “Katy Perry Calls Old School Contestant the Most Original This Season – American Idol 2020

  1. I feel like at this point The judges hype up all of these contestants when really it’s all the kind of stuff every time.

  2. The key he chose to sing this song in was weird, but it wasn't bad. It gave the more of a soulful, borderline rock and roll sound. I could picture him singing a wide variety of songs from a stripped down version of Kelly Clarkson's Heat to a very literal rendition of Neon Tree's Everybody Talks.

  3. I always read the comments, they're a bit like the stuff folks used to toss at me when busking. I wanted to hand them the guitar and say 'okay you show me' good way to lose a guitar. all you judges head to your nearest corner and show the world how good you are and i'll see you next year on American Idol. Old Canadian picker

  4. I dunno, there were parts I really liked, and parts that he sounded way off key. I definitely want to see more of him though not sure I'm all in yet.

  5. I know they did not just Moore him to Eddie Vedder and say “even better” gosh times like these I miss the brutal honesty of Simon Cowell. He is not better than Eddie Vedder not does he sound like him 😩

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  7. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. You have to make a connection with your audience and not too self absorbed. Good voice though!

  8. A bit James Bay ish? Heard a little of Jeff Buckley in there sometimes too with the falsetto. Good on him.
    A dark horse this one, he’s gonna get better.

  9. I can’t believe they cut off most of what he sang!!🤦‍♂️ no wonder he is getting so much hate!! Watch a clip of the whole video before saying anything y’all

  10. Um…no. His musicality is frivolous. He just throws melismas in to fill space but they serve no purpose and aren’t even smart or well placed. It’s was cringe all the way through…

  11. Wow, to be compared to Robert Plant is very interesting as I only got to hear a snippet of what tools he has there! Lionel has been around so many of the Greats so I don't take that compliment lightly!

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