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Lehi Kitchen Remodel by Utah County General Contractor.

Hi this is Shannon Cleverley with WSC Specialty
Contractors were the general contractor that
did this kitchen remodel here in Lehi I just wanted a show it to you and a
few cool things that we did I’m got a nice big sink for them double basin sink here and we did
granite countertops and the homeowner actually did the backsplash
here and they did a really good job and over here we had our cabinet guy do a corner drawer which is fairly new. Slides out like that and if you’ll follow me back here we also did their pantry made it a little bigger and put more
shelves in for them. We did the tile floor throughout the main level
here. We also did this
banister here. We had our cabinet guy finish it to
match the cabinets so it kinda blinds in with the
kitchen here and one go on down the stairs their
stair rail as well This is the laundry and we did a couple cabinets and then they wanted a little bench where they could come
in from the garage and store their shoes and stuff so we had our cabinet guy match the bench with the rest to the cabinets

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