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Littlest Pet Shop Vintage Sea World Walrus 1990s LPS Sir Winston Walrus Kids Toys

Hello, DisneyCarToys here, and today I’m going
to show you a vintage 1995 Littlest Pet Shop Sea World toy. I’d like to introduce to you, Sir Winston
Walrus. Sir Winston Walrus comes with this wacky coast
platform and some fish to eat, and this cute little smiling crab. Here’s a better look at Sir Winston Walrus,
and he has this little wheel at the bottom. When he’s pushed, or you push the wheel, his
head bobs up and down. This definitely will help with his performances
at Sea World. This vintage Littlest Pet Shop toy was one
of my favorites as a child. And one of the coolest things about it is
that you can connect Sir Winston’s base to the Shamoo Family play set, which was sold
separately. Here’s Sir Winston’s stage, with a picture
of Shamoo. And if you turn it to the back you see this
little blue rectangle clip, this is where you’d connect it to the Shamoo stage. But also, there was other sets that you could
connect it to, like dolphins or penguins back in the 90s. And when Sir Winston has a good performance
he gets his little treat of fish. Here you go Buddy. Mmmmmm. But, wait a minute, you haven’t done a trick
yet. Get up there on the stage and do something
awesome. Oh look kids, he’s dancing. That’s right, he’s doing the lindy hop. Good job! Oh, and a jump! I didn’t know walruses could jump. Whoa, okay, get back down, and now you can
have your fish. Mmmmmm. Yum yum yum yum yum. Wait, our Littlest Pet Shop Walrus wants to
do more. What are you going to do? Huge jump, a spin in air. Holy cow! This is the most talented walrus on the planet! Uh oh. And he slid off. It’s okay, Mr. Winston, those rocks probably
get slippery when wet. Click here to watch another fun toy video.
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