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Hello, everyone. Today, I visit LMC flagship store for introducing this store Nice to see you Today, I want to show the F/W collection of LMC 2019 and collaboration with A6ove And I want to deliver here’s atmosphere to you When you enter to this store You will face with this objet “City” made by Osang Gwon, Author This objet shows LMC’s basis through representative stuff of cities Let’s go inside This puppy printed shirt already sold out in online store It will be better with jeans This is newly released “Capital hood” for F/W Nothing in back side This is Tie-Dye shirt Most of Tie-dye’s color is bright color, but this one is bit dark color This is nice This is pigment style shirt with light purple color This one… Exclusive This shirt only sale in Musinsa online store, but luckily we can meet here I strongly recommend this item because of basic Next one also pigment shirt You can see here the trend of the year is “pigment shirt” Again, pigment The blue one is more vintage color than others It is also good with black jeans Next, this is “Janus” You can see printing is already cracked This color is printed on both of T-shirt and sweat shirt This is one of the signature logo named “Wheel logo” of LMC This one is most popular shirt in LMC recently Originally, color was black, olive and navy. And this color is added. This one is “OG logo hoodie” with various color Total color types are 6 types This is Fleece Vest Right, this vest can be worn reversible by both side Corduroy has a trend from last year When you make up in F/W, dark color corduroy is a good choice Detail of pocket is nice and the logo also printed well Basic of basic, Checkered shirt I recommend open the whole button and wear T-shirt or hoodie inside of it Recently, Half-gloves are released a lot. I have short fingers, that’s why fit is going wrong Is it half-gloves? Is it looks like full-gloves? I want to try it! This is normal fit 🙂 You can adjust a strap and wear like this This is LMC phone strap This is simple mobile case This is newly released “Nike Gore-tex airforce” This color sold out right away when It was released This section is collaboration collection with sub-culture designers I like this one I heard this word is the most frequently used word by designer Goodneck is the name of designer Lots of people looked for this shirt in the store Here, here. I planned to take a video for this collection today But many goods are sold out already. I can introduce only few items You can see all goods of this collection in W concept online store and A6ove store A6ove store seems like “AOMG’s goods store” LMC and A6ove is collaborated from last year You can check both brand’s tag in one tag Of course, Fleece is the trend. It looks like simple This one is soft fleece, not hard one Another Tie-dye shirt It seems we cannot match easily because color is too bold But when you wear all black clothes, you can wear this shirt for point Most of this collection’s item is sold out within only 3 days This is fleece jacket The size is Large, my height is 170cm The length of clothes in this brand is not much long. This soft fur jacket is also popular thing The size is small, very short Size is small, but width is loose This one also reversible jacket, so when you turn over this jacket, you can wear by windbreaker This one is another corduroy jacket The arm length is too long, but cloth has banded sleeve Size is only 1 and 2. This one is size 2 You can adjust a width with this strap This one is windbreaker It looks like down jacket When you open this zipper, you can pull out hood from inside This is size 1, but width is too loose Wear Durek! He cannot wear it, just topping on the head This is free size This fleece is more rough than others It looks like having milk inside of this bag There’s not a milk, only have shaping things There are logo printing inside I wanna try on all accessories, but I cannot. Because I don’t know how place it as original shape

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