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Louise Hay- Refusing Negative Thoughts To Enter The Mind

we can refuse to think certain thoughts
look how often you have refused to think a positive thought about yourself well
you can also refuse to think a negative thought about yourself – it seems to me
that everyone on this planet that I know or have worked with is suffering from
self-hatred and guilt to one degree or another the more self-hatred and guilt
we have the less our life works we find we have an inability to speak up for
ourselves and we are always trying to please others or we may be angry and
explosive all the time the less self-hatred and guilt we have the better
our lives work on all levels this includes the health of the body – it has
been my experience that the very bottom line for everyone I have worked with is
always I’m not good enough and we often add to this I don’t do enough or I don’t
deserve does this sound like you always saying or implying or feeling that you
are not good enough but for whom and according to whose standards
now if these negative beliefs are very strong in you then how can you possibly
create a loving joyous prosperous healthy life somehow your subconscious
beliefs would always be contradicting these objectives and making sure you do
not obtain your goals I find that resentment criticism guilt
and fear cause more problems in our bodies and in our experiences than
anything else these feelings come from blaming others
and not taking responsibility for our own lives you see if we are all 100%
responsible for everything in our lives then there is no one to blame whatever
is happening out there is only a mirror of our own inner thinking I am not
condoning other people’s poor behavior but we must realize it is our beliefs
that attract to us people that will treat us that way if you find yourself
saying everyone always does such-and-such to me criticizes me
ignores me takes advantage of me or abuses me then this is your pattern
there is some thought in you that attracts this behavior on some internal
level you believe you deserve to be treated this way or you treat other
people this way and it is just coming back to you whatever we give out mental
physical or verbal will come back to us when we no longer think or behave this
way the other people will change their behavior or they will go and do that to
someone else who believes they deserve it you will no longer be attracting the
experiences you say you do not want whether we want to change a life
experience or a physical problem the place to begin is to say so literally
say I am willing to release the pattern within me that is creating this
experience or this condition you can say this to yourself over and over every
time you think of your illness say this with me now I am willing to release the
pattern in me that has created this condition the
minute you say this affirmation you are stepping out of the victim role you are
no longer helpless you are acknowledging your own power you are saying I may not
understand it but somehow I am beginning to understand that I contributed to
creating this problem and now I take my own power back and I am releasing it and
letting it go what a powerful statement to have your subconscious mind
supporting as I said resentment of others criticism of ourselves guilt over
the past and fear of the future are the most damaging mental thought patterns we
can have this kind of internal dialog creates and maintains dis-ease in the
body these thoughts can destroy the body fear can contribute to baldness ulcers
colon problems and even painful feet among other things criticism as a
permanent habit can often lead to arthritis in the body
resentment long-held eats away at the body and becomes the dis-ease we call
cancer guilt always looks for punishment and creates pain fear comes from not
trusting the process of life to be there for us you know the most precious thing
in our life is our breath if you did not take another breath you would not last
three minutes yet you have such faith that your next breath will be there that
you don’t even think about it when you exhale now if the power that created us
has given us enough breath to last for as long as we shall live can we not
begin to trust that the rest will also be
provided for us the next time you are frightened think about the abundance of
air and say I trust the process of life to take care of me whenever someone is
in pain I know they have created a lot of guilt for themselves chronic pain
comes from unrelenting guilt often so buried that we are not even aware of it
anymore this guilt must be dissolved before the
pain can be eliminated guilt is a totally useless emotion it
never makes anyone feel better nor does it change a situation your sentence is
now over let yourself out of prison anger combined with guilt often
contributes to accidents the degree of physical damage lets us know how
severely we felt we needed to be punished and how long the sentence where
this pain occurs in the body gives us a clue to which area of life we feel
guilty about critical people often attract a lot of criticism because it is
their pattern to criticize they are often cursed with perfectionism the need
to be perfect at all times in every situation do you know of anyone on this
planet who is perfect I do not why do we set up standards that say that we have
to be super person in order to be barely acceptable that is such a heavy burden
to carry when I was a little girl I had a very difficult childhood my parents
divorced when I was 18 months I was raped when I was 5 I became a battered
child and grew up in the depression my mother was very much a victim and my
stepfather constantly expressed his own brutalized childhood I grew up
having a lot of resentment I had to create cancer in my own body before I
was willing to begin to release that resentment I am certainly not condoning
the behavior of any of the people who mistreated me however for me to spend a
lifetime just running the old movie feeling blame and anger and resentment
is not doing me any good in the present moment I learned that resentment only
eats away at me and it did in my case holding on to old blame and feeling
resentful for all that they did to me helped to create my disease releasing
and letting go helped me to heal myself the past is over and done we cannot
change that now we can change our attitude toward the past and our
thoughts toward the past how foolish for us to punish ourselves in the present
moment because someone else hurt us in the long ago past it’s not worth it
I often say to people who have deep resentment patterns please began to
dissolve the resentment now when it is relatively easy don’t wait until you’re
under the threat of a surgeon’s knife and you have to cope with panic – it is
vital that we release foolish outmoded or negative ideas and beliefs that do
not support us and nourish us our concepts of ourselves and of life and of
God must support us not negate us no matter what our disease if we choose to
believe that we are helpless victims and that it is all hopeless then the
universe will support us in that belief and we will just go down the drain when
people come to me with a problem I don’t care what it is poor health lack of
money unfulfilling relationships or stifled creativity there is only one
thing I ever work on and that is loving the self I find that when we really love
and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are then everything in
life flows

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