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ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates what’s up everybody it is uh today morning like 9:30 I’m a
little late as always if you all ever watch my shows my channel I’m always
late whether we’re to a meeting or live anywhere late that’s what I do
I don’t know we all have a thing we do mine’s being late glad to hear from you
every day in Pensacola Florida I’m on the beach man I wish I this guy’s on the
beach and we’re at the flea market what’s up Benji I wish I was at the
beach we still going live at the flea market yeah looks like you’re making
Bank I got a special guest to you guys who is it
say goodbye hello to everybody what’s up Crocker’s lockers hi there hope all’s
going well today Brian Oaks say hello to the whole world hello world the whole
entire world fun the whole entire world yeah I’m live so don’t cuss you like the
pastor he like the curse I know he does oh no I’m moving the dealer she sells
stuff for me and splited catching up on the videos that I’ve been away end up
catching alive perfect yes I’m going live today I did not have time to make a
video and I like putting out a video day so I said you know what we ain’t been
live at the flea market on this channel in awhile let’s go live and here we are
hi from Michigan storage auction pirate hello handsome what’s up good not good
going on what’s going on people what’s up late man what’s up Benji I’m here at
the flea must go say hi to Ray before we take a look at the booth I’m gonna get
away from Tony and Michaela because they try to make me do all the pricing and
paying them to work we can look at stuff that we don’t have
look Scott body unit yesterday check this out this is all Scott stuff over
here we got some cool stuff you bought an expensive unit probably won’t put a
video out in it cuz he doesn’t make videos Skye you found records huh
children’s records don’t you have a record guys Scott why Oh they’ve been
looked at they’ve been cherry pick guys we can’t look at those one of these what
are these Uncle Michael I think I bought like an antique store to add just the
weirdest stuff they got rugs yeah look at that what are they yeah although
Michaels over here wheeling and dealing God look at this that’s nice how big
that is whatever you can get low Michael don’t pass the hell out of the whole
world good morning world yeah what did the barber shop I totally
cut the Grays this is what she charged me Uncle Michael got the worst haircut
I’ve ever seen him have in his life this week I guess I supposed to cut the greys
and this what happened no time in the mirror in the morning I didn’t have to
say nothing he right away recognized and brought it to attention himself because
that’s the most important of his hair I still look good don’t I get a video
coming out my can’t put it I made it I’m just
I gotta edit uncle Michaels video I know he’s gonna put me on a spot there what
he’s gonna do that I have to edit his video should make the video make a video
I made it now published Oh Benji wants a price here Mike that red glass this one
it’s signed Benji they want a hundred bucks for it
I mean I did show him I’ve already sent him photos of this I send Benjy I said
Benjy usually gives me good prices he’s a little low little low sometimes but let’s see we’ll get some more comments
in here hi right back to a pirate named Chris is anyone screen saying an error
occurred not mine hey pie what’s up drift trader
hello everybody the buck miss Ronny Dolores Liz hi Mike and Mikayla pirate
name is Chris Oh my name is Chris okay amber make that
money where’s the gold I got gold all over I didn’t sell a
Benjy my guy did was trying to get me for 85% today I couldn’t do it I got
gold on everywhere I can’t straight Benjy week Benjy we haven’t even seen
these videos yet stop it the pirate from Washington State hey my the guys got
just got a teaser there Heather Shuster hello from New Zealand
Judy looks like a good day let’s go over here and say hi to Alex he wants to say
hi to Alex right now comment below if you want to say hi to Alex they’re not
looking at you Scott it’s over here everybody say Scott thanks for making us
subscribe and not putting out videos hello beautiful people what’s up Kim I’m
in Stockton my screen is shown here just refreshed to those that have an issue Scott everybody say and they want to
know why they subscribe to you don’t put out videos copper state says hi Scott
Brian says hi Skye there they said hi Scott and I threw in the extra part that
you need to make videos cuz they subscribe your chair in comments he has
a thousand subscribers a thousand you watch him and he’s not putting out
videos I’m very ashamed of him as a representative of his even opal Michael
makes videos yeah granted I haven’t made this video yeah let’s go say hi to Alex
real quick this is Alex’s booth everybody
Alex about this really high dollar unit we can’t show you because he hasn’t
released it yet but this is his unit Alex I got something wants to hide him
right here the whole entire world yeah I was gonna say the whole F in the
world I couldn’t bring myself to do it but which is it Oh your main chin yeah I
didn’t put a video when I win Lyman is amazed so what are they talking about
just talking about all sorts of stuff you know hellos and highs and you guys
are great where you at how you doing everybody
saying hi to you everything’s about where’s our special
guest he’s doing his work in the car I’m gonna go homework now he’s doing his
homework he’s his score I know I’m going to bed met his teacher he’s live with
her no he’s not apparently he’s live with his teacher we
got a wave out of him yes that was little Jesus in the truck
here with Alex that’s how we do we got every but we bring everybody where we go
with somebody I still gotta wave where’s this she is taking her kids take
someone’s got to take care of kiss why he’s Big Daddy and she’s little mom
right yeah very simple she’s taking she took kids
school picks them up stuff like that when I when I’m at the house and nothing
to do I do it what trying to read all these comments a lot of hi alex is from
all sorts 40 bucks dang how it’s gonna be ready for the night lights tonight
with a stack of dollar bills alex is always ready for the night life
yes I’m ready for the night life I need to get out more hi Alex Uncle Michael
Scarn princess yeah you already doing a dollar still here right we can’t I once
again i’ma show you guys everything he got hopes I can’t because he hasn’t put
this video out so haha oh alright I’m live I’m not vlogging you’re
vlogging while I’m lying on the whole world on yeah let’s see you guys are all
gonna be on my video this month so everyone that says hi you’re gonna get a
high right now you’re on there right now you’re getting a hot you’re on how he’s
blogging all of you guys he just blogs you guys no school here today tropical
storm get that 200 we’re watching or the flea market and I’m stuck doing a live
lecture least you got the wave everybody little Jesus what’s there I don’t end up
smoking no yeah I said you know what sums up I told baby genius look it up
he found a pack on some weird website wow that’s smokin no that’s smokin 1960
we’ll open the packet it’ll probably just disintegrate no why burn burn good
might be a sweetest thing never smoked ever
Wow I like to smoke on style Oh what oh look it’s Elmo it looked like Elmo with
the person without by that just for the kids to be that’s probably he’s gonna do
smoke em if you got em ice uncle Michaels motto alright let’s go back
over to our booth is it good alright Mike see you later big Elmo if I
ever seen one looking Uncle Mike only uncle Michael
gettin a selfie he got a selfie uncle Michael’s a selfie whore only
uncle might go hey saddest dog let me get a selfie so ya go back over to my guys I got 10 minutes left and I’m done
we’ll stop talking we try to give you a cameo little Jebus ya been on one of my
videos in a minute what’s up Mary hi little talented Jebus yes little
Jebus is town if y’all don’t subscribe his channel right there after age of 5
to 9 incredible artist you’re missing out he’s even had my favorite artwork he
did of me go figure oh hold on one second baby girl talk to
the whole world real quick I’m talking to the whole world where you goin y’all nice hoodie this is Brandon’s hoodie
everyone Oh Frasier five tonight lil Jebus baby Jesus whatever y’all call him
I call him Brandon hello everyone look I’m turning all red because he put
me on the camera I don’t know right there his uncle
Michael dropped his first video yet I don’t know if he has it on I’m getting a
lot of highs hello everyone there’s a lot of people on here I am smiling hello everybody you’ll have any
questions I can answer questions tell him maybe sometimes I’ll tell him
sometime later all right now thank you my smile is not pretty who’s grounded it’s not pot here really
it’s like windy ish what gets wetter as it dries I don’t know I think he’s on
his other phone right now to be honest you guys I don’t think he’s doing
anything else important I think he just wants me to talk mmm a towel okay okay 157 yeah don’t
hurt them hit the like and share button it’s like somewhere around here my eyes
look really light in this camera for some reason it’s usually a really darker
brown we are these soft and flea market and um but so so we’re drinking dr. pepper today or any
auctions today no we got auctions tomorrow and Friday
oh my favorite doggy you also hide a little doggie down here his name is jr.
he’s my little buddy Oh cute alright what’s up everybody this do we have left
in our booth today I’m gonna go ahead and show you because it’s a part of the
$4,200 unit because I had to bring him in my trailer load and I really want to
keep them so if somebody wants these are gonna have to pay me a fair amount of
money to trick me into not wanting them because I’m gonna keep them you didn’t
sit out one real quick it’s like it’s almost like heaven
it doesn’t do nothing but be very comfortable that’s the only thing it
really does it slight angle it tilts back at this one’s for Michael we got
one for me one for Michaela one for Michael 250 no the table and chairs 75 a towel where are we at here are you not
hot that you know you can stand all the clothes in the heat it’s cold today it’s
about to rain I have a question what’s what’s gets wetter as it dries who he
needs to hear it what did you talk about here Dolores tell your dad you love him
Thank You Dolores I appreciate that she doesn’t say they don’t know 40 bucks for
that this is someone who stood up from the
$4,200 unit I was gonna keep this bar and then Mikayla told me there was ugly
so I can’t keep it cute little Jebus what flea market a Stockton how are you
found anything good lately Marie if you watch my videos you would know sheesh
I’m just teasing just teasing don’t get mad at me I’m feisty today
what’s baby Jebus is YouTube phrase channel I try to convince him to do
storage units but he hasn’t taken it up yet those are not executive those are
going in the living room they’re gonna be sleeping editing video chairs can
somebody please put a baby Jesuses link in the channel if you could I’d
appreciate it got my three native blankets from Grimes auction David you
lucky you lucky you hopefully we have the second auction is up the second
pre-registration is up I’m gonna share the link on my story later maybe put in
this video but the second auction is coming soon pre-registration has already
started he will be listing it and getting it live within the next week I
believe we’ll have plenty of links to that there should be more Native
American blankets coming should be a lot more coming I think a lot more navel
should be like 500 Lots I think he said Mike did you go to Pio for me how’s your
ring sold now no I was talking to Saul princess sleeping and editing video chat
perfect yep where are you well where are your partner in crime outlets
I can go back and show you Alex again I thought you guys would rather see Nassau
princess we’ll play musical free market booth
trainer you’re good you all good yeah please do five one of my things you got
to you sometimes for business I’m going to have that young lady sell things on
eBay for me and split the money with me because I need an outsource some stuff I
bought two units total 200 and spent 60 bucks to take the trash to the dump
mustang sally’ it happens trust him believe I’ve lost on 34 units in my
career Skye how many years you lost on everyone we partnered on Sally said I
bought two storage units total to and spent 60 bucks oh she in lose did you
tell them the story about how you spent $3,000 on a unit and then we spent
another $900 in storage it was a lot more than other ways like 5600 they come
out the window injectors yeah it was like 5,600 total loss no it was like
4800 I paid I think we sold 150 we made like a hundred $11 so if you want to eat
that no I sold one hundred eleven dollars I
know this story I don’t know what I remember and we’ve lost 5,600 total shit
happens I cussed mmm there’s all right sometimes you got a custody emphasize
there’s a moment when you got to emphasize the shit does happen I said it
twice my bad $5,600 loss that would put me out of
business trip trip oh yeah somebody asked where you were so I had to come
back and give you a hello hello I’m right here
hey what’s up borderline hornish I see it was my hi Alex hi
hey Kimmy hello storage stalker sarcastic stacker what’s that buddy alex
is chilling he’s not even watching his booth let’s see can our special guest
talk here let’s see if our special guest could
talk it’s kind of a boring day here I was gonna sell some gold today
make my day worthwhile and my storage or my gold guy upset me are you able to
talk now I’m done finally there’s the five minute lecture about like nothing
about what something about sources and notes are you’re paying attention right
oh yeah you’re getting your education yeah say hello to the whole world
hello whole world I’m not oh really yeah oh I don’t know you’re still alive yeah
I told everybody they subscribe to our Channel and they asked what the channel
wasn’t I told him it was Fraser five to nine but maybe you could put the link in
there for them cuz I can’t have a lot linking there things I actually got
subscribers in the during the livestream so appreciate you guys preciate you wish
it you’re still alex is lying you need your own line what being online that’s
Alex alone yeah appreciate you appreciate you get a raise little here’s
the deal is that Grimes says that a lot but he stole from Alex I think alex has
merged us us here to do he does yeah and with his logo on it so what can I say
thank you guys that’s your generic thank you one yeah
nope what’s wrong being simple I mean life easier I said Jenna be simple in
life is uh I got it I am grateful for y’all
gratitude is attitude how do you send it like oh thank you go
subscribe God who’s then just subscribe to little Brian Oaks Haiti hunter I got
I was terribly my favorite piece she done was of me oh yeah which one
um which one I think the first one first one yeah I like the second one where the
first one was it’s different right because it’s more of the you use like
different programs the first one yeah yeah the final one
yeah illustrating appropriate which comes out with a different outcome back
I like me in California yeah are you glad you’re a West akuel now
yeah your pal West ago yeah you’re not like doing over this is not like a
covert operation for the East Coast okay then we’re gonna stop the table all you
guys and move back to our channel please move back to the east nice bring the wet
to the princess Green the Tate what tale sales in Hawaii
come on pirate I would Cherie gran John so you know I’d love to come to Hawaii
I’ll be got another soap Oh someone’s fucking live channel in Florida yeah
otherwise it Kimberly’s you have some mighty lovely girls power Thank You Emma
West I only have one daughter Jasmine is not my daughter she is my daughter’s
girlfriend but I treat her with the same most respect and admiration as my
daughter as anybody should in that situation you know someone’s name is
mustang sally’ money is that a black ops 2 reference
call duty oh I don’t know video games oh I’m having a sale this week and let you
know what my profit is on the two units yeah so are you Manning Alex’s booth
from your doing school and watching Alex’s booth yeah I want to mention on
this field I Pierre just subscribe to look you got a heck of seven look at
that you got five people nothing but love on the pirate page
oh yeah we’re drinking coke so yeah anything are you shy Liam closer
yeah I get to I think Oh buddy see if your nose
that’s why hey when you get real close and yours like makes you want make sure
you cut your nose hairs all the time what you at selling dude we’re at the
flea market in Stockton me Scott Alex lil Jebus the princess
like half a YouTube is here at the flea market
the rest are too lazy get a bed you got dang look at is blowing up blowing up
right here trim those nose hairs sarcastic step you should look in the
mirror buddy you got it you know I mean he’s always giving me grief baby Jesus
must think Sahel he is an old get up and dance song yeah what’s what the plan on
YouTube listen hey I think those Mustang Sally oh you better copyrighted you
would you can do at least three seconds I’ve tested that theory trust me I’ve
never heard of the song thank you to everyone showing little Jebus club
Kimberly is helping you out today always helped it’s always plugging in people’s
links and being being a good support the comment section on I see somebody wanted
to hear me sing I’m not singing today what time is it there at 6 p.m. it’s
like nah 10 Mike did you mail yet don’t know whether to check up I’ll get you a
tracking number Mary I will send you a tracking number and messenger then you
don’t have to do anything other than follow the tracking number it’ll be that
simple it’s an awesome song you should listen to it I’ll make him listen to it
somebody said Eric Clapton another sob to you you’re on fire never get 700
hey I need 700 people who watch this video please I’m begging y’all he said
like he said like he’s going to so he did out stupid potential of welcome
transpiring like he needs 700 subs to get to 2,000 I’d know 700 people watch
this vid I need 700 to subscribe to little Jebus today please I’ll put the
link inside of the description as well we’ll see how that works that would be
would it be a miracle no oh dear miracle that would be a miracle in your eyes
whatever difficult would it create more faith because after the videos poster
gets like a thousand a few thousand a great a live chance I would imagine that
this video will probably top out at about 3000 to 4000 but this is low
numbers because I’ve been getting as much as 500 people in my life something
yeah it’s been really like I came to read the comment but nonetheless I could
promise you three thousand people within tomorrow morning will watch this video
700 of you please subscribed a little Jebus help this man understand faith
he’s a doubter he doubted me he’s doubting the whole world he’s doubting
potential and possibility and still to faith inside this man’s head I don’t
know I think it’s possible I believe it oh and it’s a little sarcastic stack
your help a brother out I do not forget what do we say sarcastic
started some prayers for big sales and I’ll have to do all you have all all you
have to do is ride along Sally I do not forget you and your ring I will sent it
to you next week your Indianhead thank you on I have subbed them baby Jesus
Thank You Michelle nice five o’clock shadow you have there it’s only 9:30 pact he would he would love a hundred
subs well he well you’re at likes what 1350 65 I think you’ll like the
returning to five letters I could be wrong he doesn’t even need 700 he would
be happy with the hundred but I want to show him potential that’s become things
the fact that if you believe something this is a great it’s like a puff of
energy in human will right here this is gonna prove everything well correct or
wrong yeah I truly believe that 700 people could potentially subscribe to
him initially I believe it I’m not just saying cuz I think that I want to sound
cool but it is very possible to 700 people that’s where everything starts
complete have you doubt something can’t won’t shouldn’t it’s never gonna happen
I already believe anybody who ever tells me they can’t but I’m a firm believer in
a possibility trust and believe that Hey Baby Jesus how Judy wants to know
personally how you’re doing I am good how are you today JB Kimberly says she’s
shooting for 2 K next you guys should race I think you guys aren’t similar
system actually have you beaten steps I think I should race races are fun I’m
racing Alex to a hundred thousand he just doesn’t know it yeah I’m not gonna
tell them to one of us with big you are I won her a confetti one little dinky
pop yeah can you tell them if you don’t then
yes Fraser 5 to 9 is little Jebus that’s it he he doesn’t want to call his
channel little G but you wants playing that it’s just my Instagram I use for
tonight he use it for everything even though he’s more famously known as
little divas your famous famous he’s famous I don’t care what he says he’s
famous you’re on millions of views a month
across the world yeah so everybody knows him as baby slash little Jebus and so he
used this alias to trick all y’all so you have to really want to find him
basically I’m giving a hard time I try to convince him to change his channel
too little Jebus he said I have a I have a slight plan that I might try which is
great a maybe for adoption videos under a channel oh Jesus you’re gonna make
another channel for just orgeous that’s a good idea I have two channels sorry I
have hustling wine and wine and I have this we do lots of different videos the
same channel yeah and now I can guarantee people can look what’s done
from Michaela she’s out of blue up on four thousand seven and she quit cuz a
one nasty comment I’m just giving her grief I’m trying to build her light her
up I’m trying to irritate her that was I know she probably gonna listen to that
later baby baby aka Karl Jeebs Carl Carl Carl
what’s all that about just subscribe to baby just look at that case you see
where there we need seven hundred subs a day to show this man that miracles are
possible I truly believe it three thousand of y’all have to have somewhere
in there is 700 of you have to have enough heart to just hit boom subscribe
his channel what’s his channel Joey says it’s Frasier five to nine little Jebus
is so key he will do well Alan said you’re cute Alan Alan Alan he was hoping
and said Alice or something but it’s alright Alan we appreciate this you
appreciate his cuteness I’m all for it greetings throwing out just talk to rest
pirate got some unicorn emojis hi pirate good day from Quebec little
Jebus hard all works up Thank You jessamy Kathy hey guys great to see you
on baby Jebus I did subscribe thank you look it’s coming there I think it would
be awesome to meet all I think would be awesome to meet me too
or me to meet myself I want to meet myself one day the lake will be a cool
video like a meet-and-greet if I actually went and met myself one day if
I can do that like a lot of editing is just like me here and then yet against
yourself in a dog’s yeah that would be do I would totally bit myself I do that
sometimes when people like they’ll be like your bid already I don’t care give
me another bid cuz you got to show people power in the stores optimism you
don’t care that’s why sometimes it’s like this guy’s so crazy bids against
himself that’s how you do it sometimes more stuff the gaudy subs kind of thank
you guys how you want to meet yours you want to yeah I want to just it’d be like
a funny spoof can you imagine a comedy of meeting yourself you just walk up and
you have to keep splitting the cameras I don’t know how it looks I’m not that
qualified man just realised he looks like my youngest grandson he’s only 11
years old would love to meet you Mike Thank You Elizabeth extra silly today
yes I am in a silly mood I’m trying to be silly to keep my brain saying hey I
love your videos and watching you from Cat Island in the Bahamas ooh you should
invited us to come visit you would you go to the Bahamas would you welcome what
coming up Bahamas and meet you Mohammed just say I’m more fun than most places
yeah like if somebody said hey you should come to Delaware and meet me I’ll
probably like Delaware that’d be like one of my last places in the whole life
I don’t know I didn’t watch Wayne’s World he bees they was like hi we’re in
Delaware I just always sticks in my head that Daryl Delaware must be super boring
because of that Wayne’s World Skid it’s before your time probably about Virginia maybe what schooling what’s the corn
Virginia nothing there’s gotta be something cool you lived there for most
of your life say something nice about it alright when you get saw like you know
southern parts of it there’s like pretty mountains I’m like nature’s oh my god
there you go I always look for the positive always
look for the pot not what you dislike we got end up back there
we got Blue Ridge Mountain blue do they look blue yeah I like the distance that
you like get a photo of it to show us know what’s the name of his channel
Fraser five to nine I need $700 subscride I think we probably need like
700 or 662 now or something but please link below subscribe to baby
Jesus I’m gonna walk border my boot a giveaway oh let’s ask Alex a question
right Alex has asked the question to give his keys away right all right we’re
gonna do a giveaway of Alice’s Q to see if Alex’s wouldn’t play this game we’re
gonna give away his keys Alex no Jebus and I have a great idea for a giveaway
we just need you to answer one question we can’t play with the prizes you have
to ask the question we’re gonna give away your keys how many vendors are
selling here today how many vendors are selling in the flea market today
winner gets the Alex’s keys to his truck and trailer he win a brand-new Tony
Webber’s channels Frazier 5 to 9 oh yeah so no Jebus was making I was like how
you close to 2000 right and he’s like no I wouldn’t even hundred people
subscribed and I was like maybe that’s possible he’s like I doubt 700 people
are good right then I told them it’s very possible because we have so many
people watching it doubted how many people watch might be I told me least
3,000 people will watch this video within the next 24 hours we
need 700 of them to subscribe to his channel to show this young man that
there is potential of hope in this world faith is possible but so we’re trying to have to move out of camera range because
of cursing we’re gonna come over here for a minute
we’re gonna watch business Mike where’s the salt princess she’s over here all of
them ooh Eddie answered all of them has almost a trick correct answer not quite
definitive enough not quite definitive oh because Eddie I would could tell you
this how does one not maybe everyone here considers themself a vendor
technically in their head so you wrap that around your brain Yeah right Alex
but I’ll bite number 49 when you buy unit with the car do you get the stuff
that is inside the car it depends depends on what you’re willing to do and
what you call I don’t know are you kidding are you gonna are you gonna just
break into the trunk of a car you know and destroy it and try to get into it I
don’t know little Jebus is a very talented artist I
truly agree with that statement how’s your online auction going pirate the
second auction is actually about to start free registration is up I had to
go believe yeah I can’t do that even though they know almost like they do it
on purpose they know I’m live here and there’s no respect but whatever back to
belief oh I thought we was gonna I wasn’t take a ride we’re having no luck
here 700 can you look to see how many subs
you got I’d like to know I’d like to know how many you jumped up and just so
far 700 is the lucky number today guys I want this young man to think miracles do
happen he’s looking on his phone and a
gentleman he’s slow he said he hasn’t and I’m not
he had my Android he has an anti so you gotta wait for the Android to catch up
to the other 1.3 9000 see I’ve read you now subscriber count’ while you were
whining about the Android okay so still need 700 yeah all right but that’s that
the app is always behind the real-time just so you know if you go to the
desktop version it would probably be a few more I just taught you something
that is Tyson we have to go see a salt princess before we head in this life you
haven’t seen my booth come looking how pathetic it looks Uncle Michael stop
kissing his bed Oh Who am I trying huncle Michael try
uncle Michael wants to show off his gun so you take his shirt off hoping to get
in the back of the camera the luck whose the world the world was
asking you questions again so they wanted to some people have not seen you
yet you’re wearing a favorite youtubers jacket yeah I’m wearing my favorite
youtubers jacket I wear my jackets every day where is your English banner they
talk about Harold Harold our English friend were mad at him right now y’all held you heard it I’m mad at you
right now Mustang Sally I want to send a picture
of your Mustang I just want the record to show everybody
I’m not michaelis favorite youtuber what do we do when we catch a thief we send
them to Uncle Michael are we an Uncle Michael after them sit when whatever
happens first yeah well we fire them usually what I do with the thief is I
recognize it they stole and then there’s something dumb they never get the shop
again it’s called mind control they’ve messed with their brain and be like I’m
sorry you can’t come here no more I hope you enjoyed that $3 knife come on you
know and it messes with their brain I fire customers pirate life I’m watching
the livestream so I can read the comments oh I should try that too
um I need more videos are you guys doing shade at me right now
I don’t take that lightly I’m just kidding I’ll drop a new video soon there’s a guy named Lord often fight in
the chat I’m gonna banner somebody loves you can you show that vase on the table
the vase on the table hold on I’m getting up it’s basis
oh whoa it opens up in the tub and it’s crying dirty on the inside quick got to
this oh I dropped my money look is my favorite youtuber hello Brandon no it’s
fine he’s Jack here today no no Jack’s not
here today Jack’s not here today right what is my youtube channel saw princess
it is the salt princess someone asked with my YouTube channel was believe in
miracles if we get 700 people to subscribe to him in this video everyone
go subscribe my favorite youtuber Fraser five guys he makes the best cartoon
drawings every all just like DMM on his Instagram they sent him a cute little
picture of yourself and ask him to cartoon it for you alright I think he
takes I think he doesn’t for money he needs like 700 more he won’t believe the
miracle that we get him back and he makes a video of like all the things he
draws so if you all buy a drawing from him he makes a video the kwinto he
thinks we know Spanish cuz he has never been in town yet I told me who’s gonna
be in one of my videos when he came into town we’re gonna make a video of going to
coins when you want to buy another locker they
say that I’m a banger means yes we’re gonna buy our unit tomorrow for can
ladies and gentlemen but like I haven’t seen more dollar units lately everybody
wants to pay like a million dollars for unit and I that’s not me what flea markets that opens Wednesday
we are in Stockton right now where did my soda go I’m just kidding I know y’all aren’t
throwing shade on me that is Brandon’s link right there thank you for cheer
right uh yeah we’re keeping the chairs how much we’re keeping them so so he’s
keeping them 250 for broke if you wanted to do 50 if not we’re not going up to 50
guys they’re mine now I’ve already sat down in them
we basically unload the trailer today and then kept everything that’s what
happened out of nothing well there’s other go guys you need to fill I’m
actually Benjy tricked me into showing stuff that I have any sorrow princess
have you ever thought about College yeah I don’t need that
I’m I thought about going at DVC but then like I just thought it would be a
waste of money because mmm my brain doesn’t want to do homework and all that
stuff so I’m just gonna skip over the whole part of potentially failing at
school and to skip it I don’t want to drop out of school if I go so just don’t
go and you don’t drop out I’m gonna be positive know what we called it I guess
called a family business or whatever but like apprentice I really like to see you
and pepper buy your own unit and Bolin – I know you okay I’ll try to buy unit
tomorrow no promises y’all I wanted all units there’s no such thing is trying
you need it all you heart so just go with the par and you’ll already
solidified I do deserve a comfy chair Mary Harris
dr. peppers not good for me probably not but I don’t know I had a crush earlier I
don’t weigh like water-damaged only show to hear besides water somebody asked
what happened to George somebody want to answer that what happened to George what
happened to George Oh down to do with your hands okay
George quit George was fired for being fired
I think George Marshall on videos probably still so let’s see go to ITT
Tech yeah I don’t know I’m behind the comments now great what are we selling
we are selling trash today just kidding not really wonder you wonder to the video on the
coins boys have immense why I make 200 at the market
easy what about you we got something like that today how much do you have on
that vase that vase is 40 bucks right that vase is 40 bucks right he wants 25
I’ve been saying $40 old oh you got we want to go say hi to Uncle Michael oh my
look who’s in the rear view mirror I have your autograph sir can I have to say can I have two maybe he had some dope oh my soda I love my job
in case anybody not understands this job they say you’ll never work a day in your
life when you do what you love and that is the truth I truly love what I do on
all levels where can you stay here and have fun I get to work off my friends I
got celebrities right here I got celebrities here we got great
family and friends here got my daughter we get to do what we
want how we want when we want how could I let a little things like
some sweat blood and tears get in the way of enjoying all that fun right
mm-hmm see that’s why she also why she likes
working a family business cuz she despite the fact she can’t say she loves
her debt she gets to be nice to her dad all the time dude somebody want me to
say you to it I say it to you earlier I’m not selling these chairs no 250 or I
don’t who got roasted who got roasted that’s who’s bleeding nobody’s bleeding
some lady said that if you ask the chairs yeah everybody here in Stockton is kind
of cheap too unless you like have like something good that’s like in good shape
then they’ll pay the actual money for it but his baby Jebus smarter than Jebus
yes Brandon is smarter than his brother we’re actually live right now on my
channel like french fries all right the texture Steve says they’ll give you 50
for the chairs and a box of Lucky Charms they’ll give you $50 for the chairs in
the box of Lucky Charms that’s not magically this is enough it’s
my magically delicious you broke you buy it everyone hit that like button
yeah what Eddie Conquest said somebody said I’m smarter you after two weeks I
was wondering where now let’s go dad somebody some smarter than you did you
do pretty well on lockers for leaving for two weeks I don’t know what they’re talking about
though maybe they’re talking business yeah I think they’re arguing you should
take 85% let it go although Where’s Waldo who’s gonna go back up to 90
percent their money at banshees I think he was here Monday pirate do you have
any other children we have a son he is a son his name is his name is
Mikey where’s pepper peppers in school actually what time is it and peppers
like almost out of school actually now I want 25 yeah Mowgli’s his name to peppers
YouTube and she it’s Jay peppers she doesn’t really have any videos you know
she doesn’t want to make any yet but I’ve been talking about it are USA I
don’t know what that means um yeah he wants to wrap the trailer
when she gets gets his little chunk of money he’s supposed to get he wants to
wrap his whole trailer monday California this party California hmm somebody said
baby Jesus is smarter than you thank you very much thank you very much you’re
smarter than me should we leave guys he wants to leave us everybody if they want
to keep talking to you if we do you guys wanna keep talking to me or do you want
me and alive good okay so the bracelet that he’s trying to
sell is for 75 and usually once uncle Michael wants it I must make on the 7000
law unit I think that’s still disclosed unless he’s already told the world I
don’t know alex is selling he has his truck and
trailer over there Alex she’s watching all your stuff it’s free guys he’s
actually done selling today it’s free now they were asking they said you’re
slacking off because your stuff you’re over here instead of watching your stuff
what’d they say about you face Jim we’ve been on here for over an hour now we got
a tutor interesting behind the scenes thank you for the $2 super chat Cathy we
had we like behind the scenes um super we’re not even looking at me I want
doesn’t even think I’m talking and everything world famous storage stalker
galaxy famous little Jesus here album coming star salt princess little old me
storage option pirate Tony the secret weapon a secret weapon right here we got
this secret weapon I’m gonna say it one more time oh wait we need to a dollar
sale can you do the dollar sale we need a
dollar sale can you do a dollar sale over there guys we need to do a dollar
sale before I sign off of let’s go we gotta do a dollar sale oh that little
Jebus the cute he’s got to go to are you alright chocolate milk you doing today
whoa please people I believe in miracles I believe in your dreams being chased
pursued you getting what you want everything positive I know it’s crazy
but if y’all can subscribe to little G business channel and this man hits 2,000
today believe it or not yeah kinda believe it or not uh I believe something
in his head would believe in faith in miracles if we can get him to mm subside
know it’s asking a lot everything to sway – the bed set we’re having a dollar
sale ladies and gentleman this is what we do we give things away for a dollar
we don’t care if we paid forty two hundred dollars for the unit it’s time
to get it away I think he’s still making money and uh we have a 500 item auction
starting this next week pre-registration I’ll put in a link is to like I said I’m
gonna put little G basis art channel link in the subscription art is
beautiful art is one of the greatest things ever in existence of our time
this young man is exceptionally good at art if you like it subscribe his channel
that’s I want him to believe in miracles sorry I notice is a we’re a money-making
channel but I’ll also I believe in things I believe in this young lady over
here trying to get everything gone for a dollar what any baseball stuff Mike no I’ll give you
a dollar okay a live locker food challenge right here
brought to you by the salt princess no it’s about what’s wrong
does your favorite let that be a lesson is sometimes the
second time around is not always a good time do you still have the car parts
Locker no gone 100% gone Scott and I each walked away with a little over five
thousand in our pocket we’re still waiting for our guy to pay us $1,500 for
the racks in the forklift why because some people don’t like to pay on time
they just like just throw shade in the comments section and they say I don’t
teach you nothing where are your rings we’re not what you
meant will you meet people in line to pay up Harold paid us a little but he
called me yesterday he said I got $250 more towards your 1700 our debt that
I’ve whittled down come on dude you’re paying every other one of his bills
though how are you my Jason I’m great I’m great thanks for the great show love
these vids keep making them keeping it real I think a lot of people are scared
to keep it real what do you think about that baby she ignored me what epson salt
for a bath i could use a bath sing for us Mike I can’t look I lost my voice then you have to pay them a little visit
did you auction off your ring yes the one ring sold for their $1100 I do have
some more rings I don’t want to show them they’re for sale soon they’re
coming in the next three videos the next three days you’ll see all the jewelry I
found see a couple actually four videos for whole videos from the 4,200 all unit
did you option where do I find little Jebus is channel little Jebus is channel
at fraser 5 to 9 soon as I end with this I’m gonna put in the link description
below was a PlayStation 2 game GE BAM all right can you do that
ladies and gentlemen she might make an eBay add this has become a really
inspirational day this day has really come around she may make it he bad love
your outlook on life two dollars super chat from Wendy Norgan thank you that’s
all you could do is have a great outlook because anything less you’re already
failing it’s a very short minuscule of time we have on this earth average
person lives twenty eight thousand five hundred and sixty-five jelly beans
that’s if your watch the jelly bean video I call them jelly beans a day it’s
not many of them to waste you know I mean there’s not many of those to waste
Yoho until the next time my amigos yeah I
need to get off this video if you guys haven’t learned I could talk forever
ever we’re gonna get let’s get a good blow kissing there we go right here can
tell her you love that

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