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Making Picture Frames Look Old : Creating the Aging Process for a Picture Frame

We now have our top coat on and I want to
show you the crackling technique. This is how it looks when it’s finished. And before
sanding. So it gives you an idea of what you can create with it. Now I’m going to sand
it so I can show you how the paraffin wax works. Just keep sanding here and there a
little at a time because it’s certainly easier to take more off than to try to put more on
so just keep going around sanding around where your crackle finish is kind of blend it in
with the rest of the frame so it doesn’t look like it just starts and stops. Got a really
nice technique there. I’m getting those high places where I had the wax so you can see
that. Corners are a good place to pay a little extra attention to because they’re usually
the first thing that gets aged. You want to make sure you have some of that yellow showing
through. It doesn’t have to be a lot but we have it in 3 places so we kind of want to
see it in three places. Our brown is pretty much even all the way around. I’m going to
wipe off this extra debris and there is your aged frame so far.

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