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MASSIVE ANTIQUE COLLECTION IN $7000 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit

MASSIVE ANTIQUE COLLECTION IN $7000 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit

again ladies and gentlemen boys and
girls of all ages we here back with one of the probably almost if I don’t think
it’s will be the very last one it might be this one one more unboxing $7,000
storage unit best storage unit ever amazing I couldn’t even see her and
describe the things that I’ve found in this unit but there’s a little picture
of it right there anyway without further ado let’s just get on
with this unboxing Prevention interesting lichen is one that these I’m
not sure if these are the good ones but there’s a lip quality they look handmade
they look like horse hairs and so old hat right there some girls I have no
idea what these are worth we got piles over forget I do this every
time forget the fence seam is World War two
or if it’s post World War two well it’s got the front seam ladies and
gentlemen and it’s got the liner nice all the duckies these are just crazy will I don’t I just do this one not bad that’s a good that’s a good box shoes dings of wood bike in fish nice more change we’re saving up all the
change right here one Coinstar video with the salt princess on her channel
guest starring me the pirate who she’s gonna be excited look at this baby girl
I know you’re planning to watch my videos there because you’re too busy you
but we might have to do these together girl another one this one’s broken this one’s been squished but it is that
was a nice – look at that – the top of it don’t steal the government hates
competition I do deal I have question right there I ask myself every day empty casings for 44 Remington empty
cases ready to be made another one another one more little ones how much
more do we have here wasn’t actual I’d probably be only sell those no these
aren’t made they need to be made one of these these
are tight very very tight some little ones this isn’t rain right here look I don’t
even know what that is I can’t right now I just this little rap is that around
did it get stuck in there and I’m not even gonna go with this box I’m telling
you right now I don’t care what is in that box I’m done with it very good
shape no those are painted eyes whereas you get ones like this okay see those him like the I stick out
there’s still not glass ones these are painted on nice louvers here we have a
head in s.o.s and a green one those apply some money what I don’t know
but luckily we have experts determine all this stuff for us
those are cool those are like look like glass is almost that is a pan fish
sinker L&S maybe another one alright so for this box is starting off great uh-huh uh-huh we got more what am i see
there yes we got a shilling toy boat Zephyr metal then we got a slew of lures
and fishing parts cool that’s like a whole fishing point there is a whole
entire fishing pole a bobber look at these would something to be
painted that one the lighting is not very good in here another go quick close up with the
lighting and a better angle there look at that Roseville pottery 136 nine I could tell
you right now that’s 100 bucks probably more but that’s a hundred dollar bill
right there Oh what do we got here whoa at first I was like oh cool it’s a
candle holder right I’m looking at this and I’m thinking oh that’s that candle
holder and then you turning around you’re like nope this is not just the
candle holder okay so we are done there we go London this is cool it’s like a pirate
thing my tripping if you use only on the sea you like to
clicks to the right three months ahead no I don’t know but that is cool I think
I might end up keeping this one piece because I like compasses
I love compasses whoo Roseville whoo let’s get that nicely keeps on givin
look at this mapping and web Cup won by PA Applegate 1931 Nathan in a loop and
it’s that is a golf trophy the x-ray the mapping and Webb cups I’m not to look
into that that could be something of extreme value right there we got fish
candles uh-huh that is tight like a bronze look
thinking it’s definitely metal on this box I’m starting to get a little I’m
starting to get a little worried the works done a cool stuff and on today I
haven’t had enough cool stuff and I’m not trying to be greedy but fishing type
in fishing boom trophy shooting trophy hubli kiddie toy wow that is cool I don’t want damaging hubli Kitty to a
Lancaster USA this could be the money right here
I had a friend one time found a boat by Marx at the flea market
dude made a lotta money he bought off like 200 bucks or not to be some very
rare special special descanse enticing making annual BBC
Sneijder tournaments third prize won by MP Applegate semiannual tournament BBC their second
prize July sterling silver another golf trophy that was a pretty dope Goldfinch broken I think these are for the trophies right
here making in web making a web those are cool so that makes them even more
valuable then we got a rap in Rapala rattling Apollo ceramic ax of sarivola mexico flowers
look pretty intact so maybe we’ll stew keep that know if it’s damaged
I see if there still pretty cool just the way it is but no that’s plastic that was almost cool how much money right now below comment
below Bay how much money think we’re gonna find this one box they haven’t
done let’s just guess if there’s any money in this box right now throw a
number out below the least exciting Richardson’s box I think I’ve seen so
far a doorknob you know just sits like on a table or
something you put like a big coaster blessing on this house Oh Lord
some people appreciate them we had a portable air conditioner this
is nice and it’s a dragon I think the salt princess would like that she loves
dragons she’s always complaining about the heat she can’t work with me because
I’m I don’t pay her enough to be in 92-degree weather will bring this for
her Little Miss dragons you won’t be hot no more dr. Ritter’s really one of the
worst box now this was the worst box we’ve done so
far we did find an empty gun case though it’s not even it’s like the whole unit
just stopped on us all right we got a tall box here so I’m have to hold the
tripod or the camera there again but goodbye in this box I shouldn’t say
cheap sorry guys don’t get mad me when I say things are cheap there’s a Benjamin
Franklin that is actually a pretty cool BB gun I can’t see the first word then
this is hammer I think that’s what Scott I’m gonna guess 74 dollars and 25 cents
you want to guess that you want to guess we can go onto eBay and we can guess I
guess is 175 maybe have stephannie so be careful I think this one’s a good one too Daisy 25 I don’t have a BAE on this
phone you can so I have to grab my other phone I want a dollar against Scott last
time he won the last few dollars this is definitely worth more than seventy four
dollars and 32 cents or whatever he guesstimated look saying anywhere for a
couple hundred won one up for as much 2500 it’s probably eBay scam but that’s
how it works people sell stuff and try to increase the value based on highest
price sold and with that being said ladies and gentlemen we are done with
this unboxing I think we have at least one more maybe two I’ve saved I’m going
to save a few boxes left so that Grimes can do an unboxing with me so get to see
one unboxing with him tomorrow well it’ll be
whenever but he’ll be here tomorrow even though we’ll be way in the future and
they’ll be looking back in time or something like that
anyway don’t forget the like button share button subscribe and I love y’all

100 comments on “MASSIVE ANTIQUE COLLECTION IN $7000 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. Wood lures, Roseville Pottery, nice old compass. Unbelievable. Boy how I wish I was there with you. Tin toys. Wow!!wooden decoys, silver. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  2. Hello Pirate, like to see you again and I watch everything on grimes also, have a beautiful day, sending some love.

  3. SOOOOOOO Awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Good things do happen to good people sometimes! You're such a good person with a kind, gentle and generous heart. I'm so excited something of this magnitude came your way! Congratulations Pirate!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. cool stuff Mike let me some nice vintage BB guns here in Spain I owned the old one too but it's worth a lot of money use it for the foxes when they come after my chickens what all that said peace out see you on the next video God bless you and your family all the way from Spain

  5. Someone wants you to get your new abode! Be positive this is meant for you. Check those pennies as they might be valuable. Unpack that "rat" box! Who knows what you might miss? You've been given a wonderful gift do enjoy! (Humming Piano Guy's "it's gonna be alright!,")

  6. Not an arsenal of guns mike!! Pellet guns 😂😅😂💥 I guess you can technically say you found guns 😁😁

  7. You should contact Curiosity Incorporated On YouTube about your vases. He knows a lot about pottery. You might be surprised how much they can be worth sometimes.

  8. Ok, this needs to be said…you have paid for a ducking great unit! I am not sure what else you might have found to make you more money! Even the small things are worth doubloons . A real pirate’s treasure!!!

  9. I used to collect top-notch handmade knives and they're all polished to a mirror finish you cannot re polish by hand it needs to be done on a buffing wheel so once you finger it that's permanent and that's what I learned when I sold my expensive handmade knives and I used to have a Chris Reeves knife you can look that up very expensive and I took a loss because I tried to polish it back up true story and PS hand polish knives or razor sharp most of the time deceiving in Sharp I almost got stitches when I got my Chris Reeves knive

  10. If you want to blow out the seals and destroy those Vintage Air Rifles dry fire them and if you want to destroy any modern Firearms dry fire them

  11. mapin and webb are a goldsmiths,they make jewellery,trophies and all other things made of gold and siver,here in UK

  12. Some rare stuff you always find breaken even pottery toys and other stuff even if the head broken off and glued together I saw a toy sell for hundreds and thousands if rare that is why always believe in being careful what I throw

  13. Well you busted that old mason jar with the wire bail jerkn out that wooden shelf. Havent learned much have ya.

  14. 8:22 Pinto! The first car I bought, in 1984, was a 1974 Pinto. 🙂 The horrible green color, same car that Joyce drives in Stranger Things.

  15. I can't believe you are afraid of a dead rat. Just put on your Haz-Mat suit ,and have at it. Or get the other guy to do it.   LOL

  16. Awesome Video Awesome Score.. You look like you need a nap.. That was my kinda storage unit too. Western, Native American, Tools, Power Tools and CowGirl Boots.. Have a Blessed Day I LOVE YOU ALL 😍 😘🤗 💜💙 💛💖🌈

  17. Hey Mike, do you find it odd that there is no Jewelry or guns at all
    in this unit? I find it strange. Did packers take them maybe? Some
    of the pottery is really nice. Luv ya, GRAM in TX.

  18. Mappin & Webb are a jewellery company based in London. They were established in 1775 and are known as royal jewellers by appointment – they designed and made jewellery for Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, and Princess Grace of Monaco; they are the current jewellers to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Prince Charles. In addition, the master jeweller at Mappin & Webb is currently the Crown Jeweller, which means he's the guy who looks after and repairs the British Crown Jewels. So they are special, can't do better than that. And they also make sporting trophies – the Ryder Cup for example is one of theirs. So take care of that little cup you found, it might be worth a whole lot more than you think and should probably go to a large auction house for valuation, like Sothebys.

  19. Pirate the coins you found could be very valuable to a coin collector because that is a very old storage unit which means the coins are probably very old and valuable you need to check them out

  20. The Daisy Model 25 is a BB gun, modeled after a pump action shotgun with a trombone pump action mechanism. The Model 25 dominated the low price, higher performance airgun market for over 50 years (1914-1978) before discontinuation. They re-entered production in 2009.
    Let's hope and pray you have an older one!

  21. Loved the silver wedding cup, and you weren't being greedy you spent a lot of money and deserved the COLLECTION! XD (Now were talking some profit!) <3

  22. The decoys at the bottom of the box were money. Nice looking! If you go to invaluable.com the have a brief guide for collectors to give you an idea. You should contact Jon from GuyetteandDeeter.com. He can help let you know what you have in those ducks. They could also get you the best money outside of Christie’s. They have an auction coming up at the National Waterfowl festival at Easton Md. People spend big money there on decoys and waterfowl art. I’ve heard of people spending high tens to hundreds of thousand dollars that weekend. They even have a price realized chart you can look over. Great unit! Good luck!

  23. Well, there has been one thing going through my head! What happened to all the guys/ranch workers whose clothes and other belongings were in there! Kinda worrying!

  24. Pirate!😂That was the most you have ever made me laugh. That was indeed dead Rat skeletons. I do not blame you I would of done the the same thing. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!

  25. Even the broken ceramic pieces, like the birds and others could be put in a "lot" box and crafters that do multimedia art or mosaics would buy them.

  26. Benjamin Pellet Rifle is probably a 22cal. My Dad had a Benjamin Pump Pistol. He used it to hunt squirrels when he was a kid. He was born in 1920. And then I used to hunt with it 40 years later in the '60s when he taught me how th hunt small game.

  27. What a coincidence, I see you found a grabber stick with one side missing. In What the Hale$ last vid they found one just live it.

  28. Is the knife you are using to unbox from this unit? It looks like a Bob Loveless chute knife and they go for big money, ie multiple thousands. Check up on it.

  29. Smart man sends emails to every fishing tour co and duck hunting club in USA let's them know about auction. Get these items in front of correct peeps and your golden

  30. I saw the statue of the two humpback whales in the artists gallery in Hi. they sold for about 500.00 about 5 years ago. ther was a larger version that was selling for over 20k

  31. Mike, that metal sign you pulled out, of a girl riding a bomb, marked” Lady Luck “, was the picture painted on the side of the B52 bomber that dropped the A bomb on Japan.

  32. It's prolly too late but before you take them coins to coinstar you might wanna paw thru em to make sure there isn't real old ones or all for that matter… Just a thought bub….

  33. Pirate…all these fishing items. Maybe you can answer my scientific question? Do mommy fish warn their babies to wait 30 minutes before going in the water? 😉

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