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Memento Mori – The Masonic Death Symbol Lighter

Memento Mori – The Masonic Death Symbol Lighter

Hey guys from Taiwan and today, I’m going to be your general I Want to show you this beautiful perhaps Masonic lighter Let’s take a close look and see what we have the Masons were a mystic organization There are a lot of legends and no one actually is certain of what? They are and what their purpose here is what we have guys. This is beautiful lighter I was telling you about and let’s examine it together in the middle it seems that we have the symbol of death planing on a violin At least that’s what it looks like to me The eyes of the death symbol are made of two pink or purple Stones, they’re interesting here is the top part that it’s mechanism the way we open it is this and It can make a spark. It just doesn’t have any gas left inside of it Let’s get to the back part The back part is fine engraved in the middle we have the Masonic G Standing for geometry and God on the back side we have this writing memento mori’ the meaning of memento mori is Remember that you have to die it’s translation from Latin to English Here is a closer look on the engravings and the writing itself on the bottom we have Two stamps very interesting ones we have encountered in the past. I’m pretty sure Perhaps the same maker was making the lighter and the cantina was showing you in a previous video here is how we open up the lighter and This is where you have to put the gasoline this is how you regulate the stone, which is creating the spark and This is inside of it This is considered to be a table either since it is heavy and solid you can up It is not comfortable to wear it around Usually back in the days people had writing tables, and this was one of the accessories on it alright guys We hope that you found this video to be Interesting subscribe to our YouTube page stay tuned for more and see you in the next one guys

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