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More on Patek Philippe

More on Patek Philippe

APPRAISER: Patek Philippe is the Rolls-Royce of
watches and it was started by two partners by the name of Patek and
Philippe. They’re often very simple appearing watches but they’re very
finely finished and they do not cut any corners to make a very fine watch. Patek Philippe started in business in 1839. They started out making very fine
watches. As time progressed they made more complicated watches culminating
with the calibre 89 recently finished in 1989 for the 150th
anniversary of the company, which is the most complicated watch they’ve made.
Patek Philippe has and had many very famous clients, people of discerning
taste, because they wanted to own the finest watch in the world.
Einstein owned a Patek Philippe as did Queen Victoria owned a Patek Philippe watch.

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