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Most Expensive Things Found In WEIRD Places!

Most Expensive Things Found In WEIRD Places!

From a painting in the trash, to a copy of
a famous document, here are top 10 expensive things found by accident. 10. “Three People” Painting Elizabeth Gibson, from New York, was walking
around Manhattan in 2003, when she saw a large, colorful art piece sitting between two garbage
bags in the street. The painting looked like a modern art piece,
and Elizabeth decided to take it home. She wasn’t sure why she decided to take
it, because she wasn’t all that into modern art, but according to her own testimony – she
felt the painting had a strange power. Elizabeth Gibson spent the next four years
gathering information about the painting, trying to figure out who it was by and why
someone had thrown it away! Finally, she came across a website where she
learnt all about it. It was an abstract work, done by a Mexican
artist, and the name of the painting was “Tres Personajes”, or “Three People”. Turns out it had been stolen 20 years ago
from a storage unit and was the subject of an FBI investigation. How it got from a Houston storage unit to
the streets of Manhattan remains a mystery. It was auctioned off by the original owner
at Sotheby’s and was purchased for a staggering $1,049,000! As for Elizabeth Gibson, she got a $15,000
reward, as well as an undisclosed finders fee from Sotheby’s. Not bad for your casual morning walk to get
your coffee in Manhattan, right? That’s New York for you! 9. Bathroom Cash
When Bob Kitts, a remodeling designer from Cleveland, Ohio, was hired as a contractor
to work on a house, he probably wasn’t expecting this! While he was tearing down the walls of an
83-year-old home, he discovered lockboxes hanging inside. Inside were envelopes filled with cash from
the 1920’s that amounted to $182,000! The return address said “P. Dunne News Agency”. As it turned out, the money belonged to a
businessman named Patrick Dunne, who put the money behind the bathroom walls during the
Great Depression. When he found the money, Bob Kitts decided
to share the information with Amanda Reece, the homeowner and former classmate who had
hired him to do the renovation work. They both agreed that the smartest thing to
do would be to have the bills appraised. Due to the fact that some bills were pretty
rare and collectible, the total worth could be half a million dollars! But then things went sour. Amanda offered Bob 10% of the findings, but
he wanted 40%. From then on, both of them, and Patrick Dunne’s
estate (which includes 21 descendants), have been involved in legal issues on how to split
the money. They have since all accused each other of
leaving threatening messages and of being greedy. The courts have determined that everyone will
get a small fraction of the find. If you had been Bob and had been the one to
find the money, what would you have done? 8. Munich Artworks
Considered the greatest art theft in history: 650,000 works were looted from Europe by the
Nazis during and after WWII. In 2010, Cornelius Gurlitt was found acting
nervous and suspicious on a train from Zurich to Munich. A lot of “black” money is taken back and
forth on this train and officers are on the lookout for suspicious passengers. Cornelius was found in possession of €9,000
(which is not illegal) and was flagged for further investigation. What they found out was that Cornelius Gurlitt
was the son of art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt, one of the Nazis’ approved art dealers. Hildebrand Gurlitt had managed to gather a
large collection from Jewish art dealers and collectors. When he died, all of his belongings were inherited
by his son, Cornelius who lived as a recluse. It was known in society that Gurlitt had a
large collection of looted art, but it wasn’t until 2012 that tax authorities managed to
get a warrant and came to investigate Gurlitt’s apartment. What they found was a surprise!! Inside were 1,300 pieces of missing art from
the period of Nazi rule in Germany. The majority of art found in this apartment
had been considered destroyed, but it was all hidden in this Munich apartment. The whole collection was estimated at around
one billion euros. When Cornelius Gurlitt died, the majority
of his inherited artwork went to a Swiss museum. To learn more check out Raiders of the Lost
Art on Netflix! And now, for number 7 but first, be sure to
subscribe if you haven’t already and let us know what you would like to see in future
videos in the comments below!! 7. Hidden Movie Poster
Laura Stouffer, a collector and art dealer, was going through some stuff in a thrift shop
when she came across a painting called “Shepherd’s Call”. This was a painting depicting a dog that found
a lamb in the snow. It was painted somewhere between 1850 and
1880. Laura, who was an antiques dealer, recognized
the painting right away and decided to buy it. However, when she brought the painting home,
she was in for a surprise. Beneath the surface of the painting, right
between the print and the paper backing, there was something unexpected. Laura accidentally found an original poster
for the famous film from the 1930s – “All Quiet on the Western Front”. How it got there, and why somebody would hide
a movie poster behind an old painting – is a mystery, but the poster was there. Many old-movie posters have been permanently
lost and if you like old movies you will definitely appreciate this find! And although it’s not really worth a fortune,
it’s still pretty valuable. 6. A Couch Painting
In 2007, a German student, whose identity was not revealed, bought a pullout couch at
a flea market in Berlin. She only paid about $215. But, as it turned out, the she got more than
she bargained for, in a good way! When she finally got around to unfolding the
couch, there was a relatively small oil painting inside of it. It was only 10×15 inches (26cm by 39cm) in
size, but it turned out to be worth much more than its small size might indicate! What it was doing in the couch, we will never
know! The name of the oil painting is “Preparation
to Escape to Egypt”, and it was painted somewhere between 1605 and 1620. The name of the artist is not known, but experts
believe that the artist was a close collaborator of the Venetian painter named Carlo Saraceni. That’s what the appointed auction house
told the public after they had taken a closer look. The now famous painting ended up being sold
to an anonymous bidder for $27,630 – over one hundred times the price of the couch. Those flea markets…they can really turn
your whole life around! Have you guys ever had any luck? 5. Fortune in a Wall When Jeff Bidelman was cleaning out a family’s
abandoned home, and helping them look for items of value, he found himself wading in
a pile of coins. As he was dragging out a bag full of coins,
he saw a hole in one of the walls. The daughter of the deceased homeowner told
Jeff that, when she was a child, she would hear all kinds of stories about treasure hidden
inside the walls of their house. The rumors turned out to be true! Jeff asked the woman for permission to tear
down the wall where the hole was. Not long after, tons of coins started pouring
out! The coins dated from 1826 to 1964, and included
Liberty dimes, which were minted from 1916 to 1945. But there were also a couple of large pennies,
from 1793 to 1857, with the face value of $20 per coin. Jeff was asked not to disclose the identity
of the family, or the location of their coin-filled house, in fear of their own safety. The coins are now placed in a secure location
and, although their value is estimated at around $8,500 – private collectors will
most likely pay much more. No place like home – especially when it’s
full of expensive coins! 4. Cans of Coins
One day, a couple living in Northern California decided to take their dog out for a walk. While strolling, they noticed some shiny objects
on the ground, and decided to dig them out. Eventually, they dug out eight metal containers
full of coins. But they weren’t any old coins – they
were all 19th century coins, in denominations of 5, 10 and 20 dollars. The couple ended up with close to 1500 coins,
and almost all of which were in mint condition, plus – most of them had never even been
in circulation. The coins were estimated at $27,000, but Don
Kagin, who is a veteran numismatist representing the married couple – said something amazing. He believes that some of those coins could
be worth much more. And by much more, he thought – $1 million
per coin! The couple who found the coins decided to
stay anonymous, and who could blame them? The bulk of the coins will be sold on Amazon,
but some of them will also be given to the American Numismatic Association for the National
Money Show. Grab your dog right now, and take it for a
walk, people – you might strike gold! 3. Storage Unit Treasure
A man in San Jose, who was identified only as John, decided to bid on a storage unit. The storage unit was in poor condition, and
this John Doe figured it probably wasn’t worth all that much, but he ended up paying
$1,100 for the storage unit. Boy was he in for a surprise! Before being sold, the storage unit had belonged
to an elderly woman. In it, John found a large collection of old
coins, which were pretty rare. There were also silver bars, tucked away in
a container. Allegedly, the container was so heavy that
it took three men to lift it. The find actually happened during an auction
held by American Auctioneers, which is a company that features on the TV show “Storage Wars”. But this was so unexpected that there were
no cameras around at the time. The treasure was estimated at a value of around
half a million dollars! The investment turned out well for a mystery
unit! Not sure if I would do that myself though,
I don’t like investing in mystery boxes! 2. The Declaration of Independence
One day, Michael Sparks went into a thrift shop in Nashville, TN. Among the things he bought, there was also
a pale print of the Declaration of Independence. He concluded that it was just another reprint
of the Declaration. He paid $2.48 for it and took everything home. However, curiosity wouldn’t let go, and
a couple of days later – Michael Sparks was still thinking about the yellowed reprint
he had bought. He wanted to check whether the copy was a
bit older than he had thought at first. He went online, and did extensive research. What he found out nearly floored him – it
turned out that he didn’t buy a worthless reprint. He had actually bought one of the 200 original
copies of the Declaration of Independence! These 200 copies were commissioned by John
Quincy Adams in 1820. But in order to make sure, Michael Sparks
spent a whole year trying to authenticate the copy he had bought. It was determined the copy was indeed one
of the original ones, and it was sold for $477,650. Another lucky thrift shop find! 1. Baseball Card in Fresno
A 72-year-old lady from California, named Bernice Gallego, found an old baseball card
in her house. It was a pretty rare baseball card, as it
depicted the first professional American baseball team – the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings. On the front side, there was a silver-toned
photo print of the whole baseball team. And on the back, there was an ad, in red and
white, for Peck & Snyder – the famous manufacturer of sports equipment from New York. Although Bernice had an antique shop in Fresno,
she originally wanted to sell the baseball card online for a measly $10. She wasn’t into baseball at all, and she
had never even been to a baseball game. In her own words – she didn’t even know
that baseball as a game existed back in the mid-nineteenth century. And so, she figured that the card wouldn’t
be worth all that much. How wrong she was! When Bernice put the card online, a friend
advised her to end the auction as soon as possible, because the card could be worth
a fortune. And it turned out to be true. The baseball card ended up being sold for
$75,285, and Bernice Gallego even had her 15 minutes of fame by appearing on The Tonight
Show with Jay Leno. Thanks for watching!! Have you ever found anything valuable by accident?? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!!

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  6. If I'm working on a renovation project, I would of asked nicely if I could have some of my find but I'm working for the Owner who OWNS the property and all on it. Just because I found it doesn't make it mine while on the job on someone else's property.

  7. When I was about 8 years old in 1982 living in Central Arkansas, my dad bought an adjoining property with a mobile home in it. While he was working on the trailer , I was in the back underneath the trailer and saw some wood sticking out of the diet near the trailer skirting…..with much effort, I managed to dig it out and it turned out to be an old Winchester repeating rifle from the 1870s…….my dad had it cleaned up and authenticated it and eventually sold it a few years later…….then while serving in the army in Oklahoma, I went to a local storage auction, but instead of bidding on the entire unit you could bid on individual items or on several lots of boxes sight unseen. Well, I won a bid of $9.00 per box for a lot of 3 boxes for a total of $27.00 . I opened the first 2 and nothi g but cheap plastic household items and decorations from 70s and 80s but at the bottom of the last box was another sealed cardboard box and inside that were about 40 factory sealed 45 records from the 70s and 80s but the gem of them all was when I found a 1982 first edition Epic Records factory sealed Michael Jackson Thriller Album unopened which goes for anywhere from $600. – $1000 depending on the condition…..I had it authenticated a few years ago, so all in all I turned a boring box into an epic Thriller……see what I did there?

  8. I remember moving to Oklahoma and went to a thrift store to buy a bunch of 2nd hand picture frames…..paid $12 for about 10 frames. When I got home, there was 2 football cards taped so the backing behind the picture in the frame….one was A Barry Sanders rookie card and one was a card of Hall of Famer Jerry Rice with his Autograph…..had it it authenticated and it is the real deal

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  36. Bathroom cash, I dont understand why the court gave everyone something, the money was in a property wall, doesnt matter if the family knew it was there or not, they sold that property/lost it, all assets in the property belonged to the new owners and so on, this decision is stupid, its like claiming I can go back to my mums old home and rip out the kitchen sink she installed or claim the old cabinet she left.
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  41. Wo vor kapitalisten system Unterdrucker familie!

    Die Steuergesetze, ebenfalls kapitalisten gesellschaften mit alle ihrem Akademischen bildung, Konzerne, alle ihren steuer Hilfe Abteilungen ,Arbeiten für große reichtum mehr als jeder soziale kandidaten, ihrem verband komplizierte bei Kredittestelle, bei zentral banken, bei borse, bei marktwirtschaften, bei Arbeit stellungen, bei der betriebrat, die staatlichen verwaltung und unternehmen setzen innerhalb ihrem trennung von der gesellschaft verschiedenen schwerpunkte, die staatlichen verwaltung können teil der gesellschaft zu gleich
    Über ihr stehen! Die Einzelinteressen absehen und Allgemeineintressen ausdrucken als einzelenen Unternehmen! Die komplizierte regelungen und das kapitals die wiederum Bürokratie aufbläht, schlägt sich der versuch nieder, gegensätzliche intresse gegeneinander Abzuwiegen! Die bezihung zwischen vermieten, sind in alle Erscheinungsformen staatlichen reguliert! Mit gesetzen und verordnungen werden mitte vor den geböten Auswüchsen! Die bürokratische regelungen, die Arbeiten menschen erkämpft wurden von staatlichen behörden umgesetzt werden! Behindern die freiheit der Profitmacher insgesamt! Fehlt immer die gleichheiten was menschen brauchen, das wegen in kapitalisten system immer ungleichheiten spielt die rolle wo etwa große Akzenbestzer, große reichtumer, große zentral banken kontrolle übernehmen! Die bürokratische regelungen von kapitalismus, versucht immer die warheit wechseln, jahre lang die Aktivisten, die wichtige politiker, die sozialisten partei, gruppen jahre lang gearbeiten wechseln ihrem tehma und unterdrucken nicht weiter steigen können! Das wegen geben 1000 gränzen jeder verschiedene gesetzen was ist menge geschichten von Wahlschuld!* wen man schuldhaftes verfälschen von Wahlergebnissen* wenn partei intressen Aufarbeiten, von eintauschenden Wahlergebnissen! Was ist der Wahlmöglichkeiten, das gelaubiger welche leistungen von ihm zu erbringen ist! was von bezeichnet eine Montageverpflichtung? Was bedutet zu lässige regelungen in Arbeitsverträgen! Wonach montags keine Geleithage Genommenwerden! Montag keine Gleithage genommen werden dürfen! was von vertrag bei dem sich der Verkäufer verpflichtet! Den kauf gegenstand auch zu montiren!* welche Trend zu ein tage und Arbeitswoche!* was versteht man unter verträten mussen! Auswerkung pflege not standes- patenten werden über einen längeren zeit raum keine Bettpfanne! Zu qualifizieren! * welche gesetzlichen pausen regelungen für Busfahrer gibt wenn jemand keine ticket kauft aber muss weiter fahren!* wo stehet menge leute, Armut leute, rentner wan wegen niedrige lohn sind da gegen alle kapitalisten reform streiten für eine Rechtverletzungen und finazen unterdrucken alle fehler erwartet! Die soziale Wohngesetz worden immer öffne kapitals zugeschnitten freiheit die verfügung über staatliche gefördern wann sie wollen die mitte höher machen wann sie wollen vermittler lange zeit die wohnungs- bezahlt haben aber alle nicht ihre keredite bezahlen raus bringen, das hat in USA bei Obama regierun zeit ,viele beweise mehr akls 700,000 menschen mehr auf dem straße gebracht genau das ist kapitalisten politik sehe nicht welche familie, kinder frauen auf dem straßen als Abdachlose verlangt! Wir sehen 50 jahre hier über Protionalle Steigerungen Sozialverwaltungen Staatverbrauche insgesamt zählen allgemeinen verwaltung der einkommene aus unselbständiger Arbeit der staatbeschäftigten ,von 1970 bis 1990 der Staatverbraucher hir in west deutschland war um 370% zu Brotto Einlands produkt um 359% die Verwaltungsausgaben soziale sicherungen war mit 681% und die Erholung kultur war 574% die bildung war mit 434% die öffentliche sicherheit war mit 410% die allgemeine verwaltung aber 364% die gesundheit wiesen mit 275% die verteidigung war mit 267% die verkehr nachrechten war mit228% nund investionen bauten war mit 81,6% die staatlichen bundes amt seit jahre 1991 bis 1996- 32,4%, was ist heute vergleichen sie selbst, wie weit menschen familie ; Arbeiter, kinder, Armut leute auserlander geworden, weil keine sichre leben haben! Genau die kapitalisten system hat keine intresse zu wiesen auf welche gründ menschen wenige vertrauen zusammen leben als aleine stehen! Ahmad hesam

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