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Mount a Retro Lens on Your Pentax Q Camera!

Hi, I’m Sean from Fotodiox, and today I’d
like to show you a cool little lens adapter, but first I have to introduce you to two
little cameras. First off: the Pentax Q. This is an awesome, tiny
little camera, it’s one of the smallest digital interchangeable lens cameras
ever made. You can take this lens off, you can put a whole line of lenses that Pentax makes for this camera. Now this is one of the earlier Pentax Q
models and Pentax has made a few since then. But they’re pretty much all the
same, they fit in the palm of your hand, they all use
the same lenses–awesome little cameras. the second camera I’d like to introduce you
to is this Keystone eight millimeter camera. Now this was the
go-to camera back in the day before home video. If you wanted to shoot home movies you would get something like this. What was great is you didn’t need batteries for this camera. All you would do is wind up the spring inside… and away you’d go. Now, what’s cool about
these cameras is they’re a dime a dozen, you can find
them on the internet, you can find them at garage sales, you can find it thrifts
stores, antique stores, and they’re pretty cheap because there’s so
many of them. And what’s cool is they come with these tiny little D-mount lenses. Now. up until recently there was really
nothing you could do with these lenses. They’re great little lenses but what camera could you put them on? Well,
since Pentax introduced their Q, suddenly we have a
digital camera that can use these lenses and that’s where Fotodiox comes in. This is the Fotodiox D to Pentax Q adapter. That’s right, you can now put D lenses on
a Pentax Q camera. Let me show you how it works: first of
all we’re gonna screw the D lens off our eight millimeter camera, set that aside. Now we’re going to just
screw the lens into the adapter. Screw it in tight. Next we’re going to take the lens off the Pentax Q, just push this
little button here, screw the lens off and set that aside. And then all you need to do is find the red
dot on the adapter, the red dot on camera, line them up and lock it into place. There you go, now you have this awesome
little manual lens, that’s right, see, you can control the f-stop, on this modern digital camera. Here’s
some photos I took with this lens/camera combo: Now as you can see this is a really fun little duo. You know, having this old
vintage lens on this modern digital camera. It looks awesome, people are gonna go: “what are you doing?!” when you’re out shooting. But the other thing
is if you’ve got these lenses laying around, maybe they’re your parents’ your grandparents’ or even your
great-grandparents’ old home movie lenses, now you can
breathe new life into them, you can use vintage heritage glass on a
modern digital camera. Fotodiox also carries Pentax Q adapters
for a wide selection of lenses, including Pentax 110, Canon EOS and FD, and Nikon F. Now if you’d like to learn more about
Fotodiox products like this awesome little adapter, click here to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. And if you have any questions or comments about this product comment in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. I’m Sean from Fotodiox: thanks for watching.

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