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Nastik Full Movie | Ajit | Old Classic Hindi Movie

Nastik Full Movie | Ajit | Old Classic Hindi Movie

‘ I went to the jungle
and found trees’ ‘ I went on a pilgrimage
and saw holy rivers’ ‘ In temples,
I only saw stone statues’ ‘ I didn’t see God’ ‘ Along with the freedom
of the country . . . ‘ ‘ the bloodshed that followed
in the name of religion . . . ‘ ‘ killed thousands and rendered
millions alone and homeless’ ‘ The caravan of these
unfortunate men was abandoned . . . ‘ ‘ where life was in tears
and death was laughing’ ‘ This story is of one
youth among those millions’ ‘ Whose old parents were
killed right before his eyes’ ‘ He escaped along with his
younger sister and little brother’ ‘ The sight of such inhumanity
upset him very much . . . ‘ ‘ and shook his faith in God’ ‘ Why was this
happening in God’s world?’ ”See the state of
your world, O God” ”How man has changed ! ” ”The sun did not change,
the moon did not change” ”Nor did the sky” ”How man has changed ! ” ”Real bad times are here” ”Man has turned a ruffian” ”There are fights
and riots everywhere” ”Man has shed all his humanity” ”He is selling his soul
to fraud and deceit” ”How man has changed ! ” ”Ram’s devotees, Rahim’s disciples” ”Are all weaving nets of deception” ”How deceitful, how blind they are” ”I realise what they do” ”It is due to their black deeds that
this country turned into a graveyard” ”How man has changed ! ” ”Had we not fought amongst ourselves” ”Why would matters go out of hand?” ”Why would so many homes be ruined” ”Why would children be orphaned” ”Why would Bapu died” ”How man has changed ! ” This room is the
best in the rest house. – How much rent will we have to pay?
– Rent? We don’t take rent. Thousands of rupees are
offered at the temple everyday. You’ll have to
give Rs. 20 as charity. – Charity?
– The advance. Actually it’s Rs. 20. But for this room,it’s Rs. 30, cause
you get the temple view from here. Here’s the charity. Advance. – Brother.
– What is it? – I want to sleep on the bed.
– Bed? Alright, you’ll get a bed tomorrow. The child looks sick. If you want to make a living,
go to the temple in the morning. Climbing the 100 stairs of the
temple is difficult for many devotees. You will be paid a quarter
to take them up. Munna look, I’ve bought your bed. – Where is ma, brother?
– Ma? She’ll come, you go to sleep. – Have any money left?
– Yes. – Take.
– Offer it at the temple. How will that help? Whenever Munna fell ill, ma
always offered money in the temple. That is why she
left her son so young. The ways of God
are beyond us, brother. We worshipped Him all our lives,
and this is what He gives us? – Go to the temple, brother.
– Go to the temple? – And get lots of oblation.
– I’ll go to the temple. And gets lots of oblation for you. Mr. Laxmidas, what have
you brought for God today? – Here’s Rs. 300.
– Good. You have God in complete control.
Am I right, Dubey? The more sugar,
the more sweet the dish. Sir, this refugee is
staying in our rest house. I have a little brother. Give me
oblation, it’ll please him. Move! You are blocking the way. You people come without a bath
and defile the temple. Why are you staring at me,
you pauper? Take back your money. God is
not dependent on men like you. Move out of the way,
let the devotees glimpse God. Come, sir. How much have you brought? Do you
know how much Mr. Laxmidas gave? – I’m offering Rs. 500.
– Your devotion is incomparable. Brother, Munna is
getting out of breath. My dear Munna ! Call the priest from the temple. If he chants God’s name,
Munna will surely recover. – God’s name?
– Don’t waste time. Munna was serious like
this even last year. Ma had arranged chanting
of God’s name. I’m sure he’ll recover even this
time. Go get the priest. Hurry! Why will the priest come to
save a pauper’s brother? Tell him to help us this time. Tell him you will work hard and
pay him for his services later. Go brother,
Munna’s condition is serious. Priest. . . priest. . Who is it? You have come again !
What is it? My brother is very sick. Please
come and chant God’s name for him. I should chant for your brother?
Are you in your senses? I don’t even go to
rich men’s homes so easily. Go away! I’ll pay whatever money you want. You’ll pay me?
Get lost! I’ll serve you till my last breath,
please save my brother. Get lost!
Go and die with your brother. I will take you with me!
You will have to come with me! Catch him! . . . . Shambhu !
This guy is a thief! This rascal had come to kill me
and steal the money offered to God. – Take him to the police.
– I am not a thief! I had come to take him
to offer prayers for my brother, – Leave me!
– Don’t leave him! You don’t set thieves free.
Take him away! – Brother. . . . brother!
– My sister is calling me. Let me go, there is no one to
even take my brother’s corpse. Don’t set him free. First he caught
my collar, now he’s begging for mercy. Take him away! – Munna, wake up!
– Brother didn’t bring oblation? He’ll come now.
He’ll bring oblation for you. Brother. . . brother! Priest Tulsiram and his men
twisted the facts . . . before the court and succeed. The men who were not even present
have taken oaths & made you believe. . . that they saw me make an
attempt on the priest’s life. The people who don’t even know me
have made you believe . . . that I am a thief,
a bandit, a murderer. But they very well know when I went
to meet the priest in the temple . . . it was not as
a thief or murderer . . . but as a beggar
for my dying brother. I begged the priest
before God . . . I groveled,
I asked for mercy . . . but neither God, nor this devotee
of his heard my dying brother’s pleas. I don’t believe in such a God.>From today, I am an atheist,
a murderer, and a thief! Your Honour, the statements given
by the priest and other witnesses. . . prove that the accused
is no ordinary thief. . . but is a dangerous atheist . . . who tried to commit a
heist in God’s home. The punishment of such a crime, such
a terrible sin, should be so severe. . . that it proves
a lesson for others. The court sentences the accused
Anil Kumar to a year in prison. You may have won this round, priest,
but this is not the last round. As soon as I am released, I’ll
come to avenge my brother’s death. Brother!
In whose care are you leaving me? – Why are you leaving me?
– Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. – Survive these days somehow.
– Brother, don’t leave me and go. – Take me away!
– Brother! – Get out!
– No priest, don’t throw me out. Where does a lone girl go? Your brother wants to take revenge
from me, & I should give you shelter? – What are you waiting for, Dubey?
– Get out! – What happened, sir?
– I felt my sister was calling me. Don’t worry friend,
God will protect her. God? Where is God? Whether God exists or not
is a pointless argument. So accept that He exists. Even if
you know later that He doesn’t . . . it makes no difference. But if you say He doesn’t exist,
and he does later . . . He will ruin you.
He’s quite cruel. You are hungry? Take. – Even I am hungry.
– Let me go! What happened? She escaped unhurt.
Who are you? I want to die.
Why did you save me? You will have to
help the lonely woman. That too, this kind. Come lady,
it’s God wish that I protect you. – Who are you?
– You don’t know Mr. Kumar? He is a renowned philanthropist
and social worker of the city. So many orphanages and Homes
run on his money. – Lalu, help her in the buggy.
– Yes sir. Come. Go. – She’s so beautiful.
– Which Home are you taking her to? To Jamunabai’s brothel.
She is not only beautiful . . . . . . but has a sweet voice too. She will become so popular,
the world will dance to her tunes. ‘ You may have won this round, priest,
but this is not the last round’ ‘ As soon as I am released, I’ll
come to avenge my brother’s death’ – Who is it?
– It’s me, sir. Let’s play.
You cannot escape today. I cannot escape. Atheist, where are you going? No where. What a coincidence,
even I’m going no where. Let’s go. Who is it?
. . . Oh, Anil. – My sister lived here.
– What do I say about that poor soul? After your brother’s death,
the priest threw her out. Don’t know where she went. Priest Tulsiram. Priest! – Where is priest Tulsiram?
– He left for a pilgrimage. – Where?
– He didn’t tell anyone. He ran away. The coward ! He will return some day.
Come, I’ll take you to some place. – I want to look for my sister.
– Do that too, who’s stopping you? Come. – You are a liar, a deceiver.
– Liar and deceivers are in jail . . . like your brother. – People are waiting for you.
– Let me go, you rogue! – I will not sing.
– You’ll have to sing ! – I don’t have time to waste.
– Don’t go against them. They can torture you. You only have to sing.
To save your honour, sing. – Where have you brought me, Joker?
– Look. That’s a barge party.
Let’s go and enjoy. One whose ears echo with
screams and sighs . . . . . . how can he listen to music?
I’m not interested. ”Despite Your existence” ”I am being ruined” ”I am inviting slur” ”O stone hearted God,
where are you” ”May your world burn to cinders” ”Despite Your existence . . . ” ”I feel ashamed to tell You” ”O God, don’t turn a blind eye” ”Look, they have come to ruin me” ”The venomous men of your world” ”O stone hearted God . . . ” ”For a little money” ”A hapless woman is being disgraced” ”O stone hearted God . . . ” ”This estranged sister of a brother” ”How long will you make her suffer?” ”I am living a tormented life” ”All my hopes have shattered” ”O stone hearted God . . . ” Brother! A whore?? My sister is a whore? You were a
believer. This is your belief in God? Brother. . . brother! Brother, after you went to jail,
I was left alone. So you resorted to prostitution? A Mr. Kumar promised me shelter
and brought me here. He kept me hungry and thirsty for
several days, thrashed me. Yet I refused to sing. He finally threatened he’ll disgrace
my honour and compelled me to sing. Forgive me, brother. Don’t touch me with
your dirty hands! If I’d seen your dead body,
I wouldn’t be as hurt. I will kill myself, but atleast
let me take your blessings once. I’m seeing you after so many days. You cannot touch me
until you are alive. Brother! Alright, when I die,
let my hands touch your feet once. ‘ Alright, when I die,
let my hands touch your feet once’ Sister!
I am responsible for your death. I killed you. Meet your brother once. Speak to me.
Your brother has come to meet you. Forgive him, Kamla. Kamla, your brother
is asking for pardon. Where is your love?
Why don’t you speak to me now? Forgive me. It was God’s will. God’s will? Does God only
will to take innocent lives? No. . . no. . Stop it!
Stop it! My ears will burst! – Who’s he?
– Don’t worry, he’s with me. – He want to meet Mr. Kumar.
– But he left for a pilgrimage. Pilgrimage? Yes, whenever the police is hot on
his trail, he leaves on a pilgrimage. What better place for
sinners to hide than holy places? What’s your programme now, atheist? The priest and Kumar
left on a pilgrimage. We’ll have to go after them. You are great, God ! You will make
this atheist take a pilgrimage. ‘ Dwarka’ ‘ Rameshwar’ ‘ Jaggannath Puri’ ‘ Banaras’ ‘ Brindavan’ I am hungry since to days.
Give me a coin. Move away, you untouchable! I am going to offer prayers,
don’t let your shadow fall on me. Devotees of God wash their
bodies with the holy waters. But couldn’t wash off
the dirt on their minds. ‘ There are all kinds
of people in this world’ ‘ Merge with everyone,
like the rivers’ You look over there,
I’ll look here. Is that Rama?
. . . Rama, where is the priest? Father already finished taking bath
and offering prayers and left. Okay. You are offering
prayers to the Sun? Yes, madam. You are a big girl now. Pray for a
nice groom for yourself from the Sun. Pray for a nice groom? I just took a bath
and offered prayers . . . . . . and you let your
shadow fall on the oblation. – I’m hungry since two days.
– You touched me! Manservant! Where do you disappear?
Can’t you see, he touched me! – Thrash him!
– You dared touched madam! You shameless fellow! Don’t you feel ashamed
to beat a child? You ! – Who are you?
– I’m human, which you are not. If you were human,
you would know about class. Instead of a high class Brahmin, you
wouldn’t help a filthy untouchable. The filth is in the mind,
not on the body. You are filthy to have
considered a child filthy. You mean an untouchable touches me,
defiles my religion . . . . . . and I should bless him? A religion that gets defiled
by an innocent kid’s touch . . . . . . it is better to
eliminate such religion. The religion that teaches man
to be cruel to another . . . . . it is proper
to wipe out such religion. You defy what is
written in our scriptures? You rebel against God’s law? I only defy what is
written in the scriptures. But you defy the very
basics of humanity and nature. Following scriptures,
you have forgotten your humanity. What religion is that which
differentiates between people? Open your eyes!
The world is laughing at you. The world is not laughing at us,
it is laughing at you. Let’s go. It is pointless
to argue with this fool. The angel drove away the demons. – The kid is badly injured.
– I’ll take him home for medication. Don’t you believe in classes? When God exists in all of us, why
will God shy away from touching God? – You also come with us, sir.
– I’ll come to see you. We are staying in
the rest house behind. – Okay.
– Be careful when you come. I will have to keep
the untouchable in hiding. – Found him! – Where?
– Come with me. The priest is
staying in this rest house. – That one?
– Yes. I was helpless before friendship,
God, or I believe in non-violence. Bless you. You have blessed me by
letting me offer prayers. Accept this donation. I knew it when I saw you,
that you were an ardent devotee. It’s very little. It’s enough to please God. Thank you very much, priest. In celebration of your arrival here,
I have organized a show. Whatever the devotees wish ! Your Rama is also participating. My daughter is an ardent
devotee of Lord Krishna. Hail Lord Krishna ! ”Kanha plays the flute” ”His friends
play the drums and bells” ”And the girls dance with abandon” ”The bangles tinkle in fair hands” ”And anklets tinkle on the feet” ”The drums beat,
the bells ring” ”There is rejoicing
on the banks of Jamuna” ”The girls dance . . . ” ”Not aware of the body” ”Nor aware of the mind” ”All the girls
are in a trance today” ”Along with the girls,
the drums beat hard and fast” ”The body dances,
the mind on a high” ”The dancing girls are so lost” ”Their hair flies wild” ”The girls dance . . . ” ”There is a strange gaiety
in Brindavan today” ”The earth is swooning,’
the sky flabbergasted” ”What sight is this,
there is joy in every corner” ”River Jamuna adds to the splendour” ”Every branch is
bent over with blooms” ”The wind blows softly” ”Even the 12 horse
carriage of the Sun” ”Moves slowly” ”The girls dance . . . ” Someone bring a lamp! – Over here.
– What happened? – What happened, father?
– Someone knifed me. He even stole the donation money. – Someone call the doctor.
– Yes. Take him inside. Not to worry, the gash is
superficial. He’ll be alright. Good day. You’ll recover soon, father. Yes dear, God wants this
body to do many more jobs. That’s why he saved me. – Let’s go dear, let him rest.
– No, don’t leave me alone. Don’t be afraid, the police is
keeping guard outside the rest house. Afraid? I’m not afraid.
I have to give up this body one day. I thought I could discuss God’s
myriad ways sitting with people. I’m not afraid. Glory to God ! You are blind, lame, handicapped,
yet you sing praises of God? Our misfortune is the
result of our deeds. Result of deeds?
See these fat rich men. What deeds do they commit apart
from cheating and deceiving people? Why don’t they turn blind?
Why aren’t they handicapped? It is all God’s will. God’s will is that they have
money and you have nothing. That alone is God’s will. Why should you sing God’s praises?
Does a stone God ever listen? Sing the praises of man. Sing my
praises and fill your pockets. – The one who gives is God !
– Glory to you, sir! Glory to you, sir.
How kind you are. – How is your father doing?
– By God’s grace, he’s fine. That means he survived. Yes.
Will you come to the temple with me? Temple? I’m going to pray
for father’s health. If an angel like you prays
for him, he’ll recover soon. Where did you get this jewelry from? You go ahead, I have some work. Some atheist,
said God doesn’t exist. There he goes! Let’s go! There he is! ”O men gone astray” ”Have faith in God” ”One who holds God’s
image in his heart” ”Always wins” ”Hail Lord Ram! ” ”Hail Lord Krishna ! ” ”Who can even touch his shadow” ”The one who God protects” ”Hail Lord Ram! ” ”So many boats
stuck in the storm” ”God has brought them to shore” ”Hail Lord Ram! ” ”When Arjun was
surrounded by problems” ”It was Lord who came to his rescue” ”When Brij was
going through bad times” ”The Lord came to its rescue” ”He even saved the chaste Draupadi” ”He saved her honour
from being disgraced” ”All worries of His devotees” ”God eliminated in a jiffy” ”Hail Lord Ram! ” ”When Prahlad was pushed in the
fire, the fire got doused” ”Meera drank poison” ”God turned the poison to elixir” ”He saved the elephant
from the jaws of death” ”He protected Dhruv in the jungle” ”There is no one in the
world like God” ”Is what Tulsi says” ”Hail Lord Ram! ” My father will surely
recover now. Where did everyone go? Everyone left, but the ardent
devotee was lost in prayer. – I’m going.
– Will you come again tomorrow? Yes. . .sure. ‘ I will avenge my brother
and sister’s death’ No! ‘ I will avenge my brother
and sister’s death’ Forgive me, Anil ! What is it?
Who is it? What happened?
Are you talking in your sleep? Yes, I just had a glimpse
of Amarnath in my dream. Hail Amarnath ! I think this is
a call from Amarnathji. I should leave for
Amarnath today itself. But you are still very weak. No, how can I stay now?
He has already summoned me. – I will have to leave.
– You are right. This incident happened in my house.
If you permit, . . . . . . shall I also accompany you
on your trip to Amarnath? As you wish.
Even God cannot refuse his devotees. – Where is Rama?
– I’m here, father. I’d gone to pray
for you in the temple. These are the qualities of
daughters of high class families. Rama, get ready quickly. We are
leaving for Amarnath right now. Now? But father, I have to visit
Lord Krishna’s temple tomorrow. But I have got
Lord Shiva’s summons. I cannot stay here a minute. Sir, they have left. – Where?
– On a pilgrimage. – Which place?
– They didn’t tell anyone. They suddenly left at night. – Is madam home?
– Even she left with them. He escaped again.
The coward ! But only death can keep him
away from me. My death or his. ‘ Mathura’ ‘ Haridwar’ ‘ Badrinath’ ‘ Amarnath’ Offer your last prayers, priest.
– Who is it? However far one may run,
but you cannot run away from death. – You won’t be able to escape.
– Help. . . help! Even your God cannot
hear your cries here. Have mercy on this old man. I beg you for my life. One day, even I had begged you
to save a little boy’s life. Those who are not kind,
have no right to expect mercy. No! Don’t kill me. I am a sinner.
Have mercy on me. If not for me, for my daughter.
I have only one daughter. I love her very much. She will be orphaned,
she will be ruined. Your daughter will be ruined?
Was my sister spared? Mercy! You don’t deserve to
be shown mercy, priest. Like there was no one
to cremate my brother . . . . . . likewise, there will be
no one to cremate you. You will rot here.
Vultures will eat your flesh. Dogs will chew your bones. – You will . . . .
– Help! – He’s finished !
– Who are you? – My name is Vinod.
– Vinod? Madam’s son? – Yes. You are. . . ?
– I’m Tulsiram. When did you come? I came just now, and saw
this rogue attacking you. God send you to protect me.
Come. – It is better if you don’t
mention this to anyone. – Alright. You will take me to Lord Krishna’s
temple like this everyday? Yes, dear. Sir! What happened to you? How did you come here? – Excuse me!
– What is it? Who is he? I think he’s fallen off
the mountain. He’s breathing.
But he’s badly injured. He survived because he
probably slipped on the ice. Take him to our house. It is very difficult to
carry him up the mountain. We’ll take him to my
home across the river. Lift him. Has he not regained
consciousness yet? God, he is an angel.
Please protect him. Don’t touch me! You don’t recognise me? I’m Rama.
Did you fall off the mountain? I didn’t fall, I was pushed. An angel like you was pushed? Who’s
that sinner who is enemies with you? That sinner . . . Tell me, who is that devil who does
such deeds even at such a holy place. – You know him?
– Very well. I will go and tell father.
He’ll punish him! No! You have no right
to interfere in my matters. No right?. . . . .I have no right. What are you doing, sir? She’s
been taking care of you all day. Don’t worry dear,
people get irritable when sick. I’ll get food and
medicines for you from home. No!
No one must know where I am. I won’t tell anyone. I will come at
night without letting anyone know. The river is often
in spate at night. Crossing the river at
night is very dangerous. But I’ll have to come. When the river is calm,
I keep this lamp in my window. – Look for it.
– Okay. I’ll be going.
Father must be waiting for me. He will get worried if
I am away for too long. I cannot keep the lamp
in the window today, son. The river is in spate.
Even the angel is singing. Angel? He’s a good soul who comes to save
people when the river is in spate. Save people indeed ! ‘ The river is often
in spate at night’ ‘ It is dangerous crossing
the river at night’ ‘ I have only one daughter.
I love her more than my life’ ‘ I’ll be going.
Father must be waiting for me’ ‘ He will get worried if
I stay away for too long’ ‘ I will serve you all my life,
please come and save my brother’ ‘ Get lost!
Go and die with your brother! ‘ ‘ When the river is calm,
I keep this lamp in the window’ ‘ Look for it’ ”The sky is thundering” ”The winds are blowing strong” ”Every wave is in spate” ”O boatman, be careful” ”O Brahma ! O Vishnu !
O Shanker, the all powerful ! ” ”Protect me, save me from drowning” ”Help me keep my word” ”Don’t lose courage,
call out to God” ”He will bring your boat to shore” ”Don’t be afraid,
don’t let fear set in your heart” ”God has a thousand hands” ”O boatman, be careful ! ” ”O Govinda, O Mukunda,
my life is in danger today” ”Protect me, O merciful” ”Help me keep my word” ”O God ! ” You have come!
How did you manage to reach here? You called me, I had to come. But how come you are here?
Oh ! The boatman must
have kept the lamp there. But seeing the storm,
you must have tried to remove it. You were so concerned about
me even in your condition. You really are an angel. People don’t fear committing sins. And you are embarrassed
of your good deed? Come, I’ll help you to the bed. Why are you staring at me? Why did you risk your
life to come here? I didn’t think about my life.
I had to come, so I came. ‘ If I trap her in my love and
separate her from the priest . . . ‘ ‘ . . . he’ll torment all his life’ – Right.
– What is right? – What I thought about you.
– What did you think? That you are very beautiful. Come on ! Listen ! – Priest!
– What is it? They have come. I told you Vinod must have gone
with Rama to Lord Krishna’s temple. You were
unnecessarily getting worried. – I’ll never speak to Vinod now.
– What happened, ma? You met your mother after
so many months, . . . . . . but did even sit
with her for some time. Ma, you are angry? Priest, ask him not to
pretend he loves me very much. – Still angry?
– Don’t talk to me! No? I’ll just take your
blessings and disappear. – You’ll keep looking for me.
– Don’t take my blessings. No? Now that these two Krishna devotees
have met, why will they care about us? Then fix their alliance.
We’ll atleast be at peace then. Father, I’m going to my room. She’s shy. Be careful. – Why do you come here everyday?
– Everyday? Yes, I come everyday. Why? I have never thought about it. Because you have
fallen in love with me. – Love?
– Yes. When you feel like being
with someone all the time . . . when nature’s storms,
and laws of man . . . cannot keep you
away from someone . . . when you seem
to be in a trance . . . it is love. ”Youth is casting its spell on me” ”My eyes lower with coyness” ”My beauty is at its prime” ”My eyes lower with coyness” ”My age has reached a stage” ”Where my life sings,
my anklets tinkle” ”Where am I going all decked up?” ”My eyes lower . . . ” ”My heart smiles,
my eyes feel coy” ”Dreams of love dance in them” ”Someone is
secretly entering my heart” ”My eyes lower . . . ” ”My state is such,
even my gait has turned naughty” ”I sway like a branch
in blowing winds” ”My feet falter” ”My eyes lower . . . ” Rama, will you marry me? – Right now!
– Now? – We will marry now, or never!
– Why? Because your father
will never accept me. Why won’t he? Who can
reject a good man like you? You are very naive, Rama. There is a permanent divide
between the rich and poor. Why will a rich priest get his pet
daughter married to a pauper like me? No! You will either marry me now,
or I will marry death ! Death? No! If you refuse, I’ll jump off
the mountain and kill myself. Tell me, what is your decision? My father will not refuse. I understand.
You won’t leave your father for me. And I cannot live without you. If that’s your decision,
I’ll kill myself right now! I accept whatever you say.
I’ll always belong to you. I’ll marry you in a temple
in God’s presence today itself. In God’s presence?
Alright. Who can be a better witness
to our marriage than God. – I’ll be going.
– Where? – Home.
– You have come home. Come. Which God had you gone
to meet all day? What right do you
have to sit in my room? I’m going to get a right
over you too, lady. You are mistaken.
Get out of here! Insulting me will
prove disastrous for you. Get out! – What happened, son?
– What happened ! You upset Vinod? You have fixed my
marriage with Vinod? Is it wrong for a father to think
in the interest of his daughter? No father, this marriage
won’t be in my interest. I cannot marry Vinod. Why? Because I already
belong to someone else. Who? Father, you have
never refused me anything. I was confident
you will not refuse me. I cannot live without him.
He’s an angel. You’ll be pleased to meet him. Who is he?
What is his name? Name? I didn’t ask him his name. – I call him angel.
– Where is he? Across the river, in a hut
near the Krishna temple. It would have been better
if you’d told me this before. Yet, I am confident
you can never take a wrong decision. I will go to meet him right now. If the boy is good,
I’ll never break my daughter’s heart. Father! Is anyone in? Anyone in? Come priest, I’ve been waiting
since very long for you. Who is this?
Where are you? – Scared?
– Who is that? Anil? Your old enemy. – You are alive?
– I won’t die so easily. – Open the door.
– Don’t worry, I won’t harm you now. Are you the one about who Rama . . . Yes, I am your
darling daughter’s angel. Your daughter loves your sworn enemy. – See how I took revenge!
– No, this cannot be! I will never let this happen.
I will tell her everything about you. What will you tell her?
That you sent me to jail . . . . . . and caused my brother’s death? That you caused my
sister to become a whore? Go ahead, tell her, so that she
begins to hate you and leaves you ! No, she can never leave me.
She cannot be in love with you. There is no scope for that now.
She already belongs to me. I will separate her from you. I will take my brother and
sister’s revenge from your daughter. Like my brother and sister’s
cries echo in my ears . . . . . likewise, even your daughter . . . No! You will kill her.
You will ruin her! – I will never let that happen.
– Go stop her if you can. – I will separate her from you.
– I will never let this happen ! – Father. . .
– You cannot be in love with him. I won’t let you go.
I don’t like him. Father, don’t say that.
I belong to him. Never! You will marry Vinod !
We will leave tomorrow morning. – But why, father?
– That’s my order! – You will have to abide by it!
– Don’t say that. It’s not possible. It will happen !
You cannot go out of this room! That’s impossible!
Father. . .father! – Why doesn’t father like you?
– What did he tell you? – Nothing.
– He didn’t need to say anything. I already told you.
You are a rich priest’s daughter . . . . . . whereas I am a pauper.
How can he approve of me? But you belong to me.
I’ve come to take you. You’ve come to take me?
But father . . . No one other than me
has a right over you now. You will have to come with me right
now. You belong to me, Rama. Yes, I’ll always belong to you.
But how can I leave my father? Like every girl leaves her
parents and goes with her husband. But . . . My father will be heart broken. If you care more about your
father than me, then stay here! – Listen !
– We cannot live without each other. You will have to come with me.
Come, Rama. I’ll come with you. I’ll leave
the world and come with you. Priest! – What is it?
– Rama is running away with someone. Shouting won’t help.
Come with me! Wait! We’ll plead with father.
I’m sure he’ll relent. Let’s wait. Father! Father! Stop the boat.
Let me meet my father once. This boat will never stop.
I will not let you meet anyone. – Daughter!
– Father, don’t step in the water. – Stop the boat.
– Never! Rama, he’s not a nice man.
Don’t go with him. He hates God. No father, he’s an angel,
you have misunderstood him. Did you hear that, priest?
I am an angel. Anil, kill me if you like,
but please let my daughter go. Spare her.
Show some mercy. The same mercy that God has shown
me? I will do as I please today! Call out to your
God for help, priest! What are you saying !
Fear God’s wrath. I have seen enough of His wrath.
He’ll have to see my wrath today. You don’t believe in God?
You are an atheist? Yes, I am an atheist! Let me see how God saves
his devotees from an atheist. – Go away, priest!
– Rama ! – Father! Let me go! You have cheated me.
I have nothing to do with you ! You atheist, sinner!
I won’t go with you ! What are you doing ! Rama ! I killed you !
I killed you ! I didn’t want to kill you. I have taken an
innocent girl’s life. Forgive me! Take my life God,
but please save my daughter’s life. Wonder what’s
happened to my dear girl. No medicine is working on her. Medicines work on sick people.
She has no ailment. Come with me. – She’s pregnant.
– What are you talking ! – Think before you talk.
– I’m stating a fact. – She’s unmarried.
– I know. Rama, is this true? I have committed a sin,
please forgive me. You’re asking pardon
for such a sin? ! ! Can such a grave sin of being
pregnant before marriage be pardoned? You are mistaken.
I am married. I. .I. . .could not tell anyone. Don’t try to hide
your sin behind lies. I never lie.
I married him in a temple. I swear by God I married him. But my husband is an atheist. – An atheist?
– Yes. He cheated me. I considered him an angel
and surrendered myself to him. Think of your father.
When the world knows of your sin . . . . . . the whole world will make
a laughing stock of your father. They’ll taunt him that being a
priest, he preached others . . . but didn’t
watch his own daughter. The unwed daughter of the
keeper of religion . . . . . . got impregnated by an atheist. Will your father be able
to take this shame? Never! He will have to atone
for your sin with his life. I will myself atone for my sin. I
will not bring disgrace to my father. I will commit suicide.
But give me a promise. Don’t tell father about this.
It will hurt him. Don’t defile me, you sinner! I will never come to
this house of sin again. I belong to the high caste! It is a sin for me even to look
at sinners and low caste people. God saved me and Vinod in time. ‘ Father, I am going
to atone for my sin’ ‘ Don’t try to look for me’ Stop the carriage! She’s gaining consciousness. Vinod, why have you brought me here? To marry you. When pleas don’t work,
one has to use force. Marry? A corpse? I am a living corpse.
I am just waiting to breath my last. How innocent you pretend to be!
Poor hapless woman ! I won’t get into your talks. Give your consent,
it is in your interest. I cannot belong to anyone now.
I want to die. Let me die.
I cannot belong to anyone now. What you want doesn’t matter now,
what I want matters. Yet, I give you
some more time to think. It is better if you don’t
bring out the demon in me. Have mercy on me, Vinod.
Let me go. – I want to die.
– It is easy to ask for death. But difficult to actually die. What have you done! – Yes sir?
– Get first aid. Priest! Who are you? You !
You ruined my daughter! Where is my Rama?
Why don’t you tell me where she is? Tell me! Took your revenge?
Happy now? Kill me! You killed my daughter.
Now why don’t you kill me? I didn’t want to kill her. You had alomost killed her. By God’s grace, I was close by,
I saved her. Or she had almost drowned. Does that mean she is alive?
Is she alive? Yes, she is alive,
but she left me. My daughter left me. I have been
looking for her like mad. The light of my eyes
shed away like tears. Where is Rama?
Tell me where she is! Why? Do you still have to
commit some atrocity on her? My sorrow has made me turn mad.
I have no anger against you either. I don’t know where she went.
She liked you, son. She feared I may
get her married to Kumar. – Who Kumar?
– Vinod, madam’s son. He was Kumar? ‘ Brother, a Mr. Kumar
forced me into this life’ Vinod is Kumar!
Could Rama have got into his hands? No, I even checked in his house. No, he won’t take her home. I know where he will take her.
I’ll kill him! You are fine now, Rama.
See, my love gave you a new life. I have a right over you now. – What are you thinking?
– Of how to end this life. Silly girl !
Sorrow always makes one afraid. I have organized a dance show of
a famous dancer to entertain you. – Come with me.
– Don’t touch me! ‘ My love angers her,
her anger makes me love her more’ Don’t act adamant. – How dare you !
– Sir,the guests are waiting for you. I’m coming. I am going to announce our
marriage after the dance. It will be nice if you give your
consent, or I’ll force myself on you. ”What unpleasant days are here” ”My beloved has turned away from me” ”What is the reason why
he is so angry with me” ”My beloved has turned away . . . ” ”What mistake have I made” ”He is as far from me
as I am close to him” ”Look at his airs! ” ”Unbearable! ” ”My beloved has turned away . . . ” ”This is the time to enjoy
our youthful nights” ”Will these moments
of love simply pass by?” ”Someone make him . . . ” ”see sense. ” ”My beloved has turned away . . . ” We collected a lot of money today. People’s faith in Mother
is increasing by the day. But when Mother comes to know the
truth about us, we’ll be in trouble. She’s a devotee of God.
What can she do other than curse us? Gather the money,
so that we can leave. Let’s go. Will you also take oblation? Mother,a criminal came this way just
now. We want to search this place. This is God’s home, son.
Man’s laws cannot be enforced here. But God’s home cannot
be used to shelter criminals. If some sinner has
come to God’s home . . . . . . he has presented
himself in the highest court. You should not worry about him now. Alright, let’s go. Chant Lord Ram’s name,
it will do you good. Does good happen if one
chants the lord’s name? It certainly does.
There is immense power in His name. Even Valmiki was a bandit
before he became a sage. Sage Narad asked him
to Chant Lord Ram’s name. He kept chanting
Mara ( reverse of Ram ) for 12 years. Yet he achieved salvation. These stories are for fools. You have lost faith in God, that
is why you are blind to the truth. Chanting ‘ Ram’ can enlighten you. Go. God be with you. What happened to him!
Someone do something. Sage, save my husband ! Sage, my husband is dying. I don’t
know what has happened to him. Please do something.You pious souls
can even make dead men come alive. Please do something. Come lady, I’ll see him. Come soon, sage. Come sage, save him.
I don’t know what’s happened to him. He doesn’t seem to be breathing.
I have tried every medicine. I beg for my husband’s
life from you, sage. I beg for my husband’s life. Calm down, lady. Lord Ram will bless you. My husband has recovered !
The sage has done a miracle! Glory to the sage! He is omniscient. He is God !
He brought a dead man alive! You are great, sage. ‘ There is immense power
in the lord’s name’ ‘ Sage Valmiki chanted
Mara( reverse of Ram ) for 12 years’ ‘ Yet he achieved salvation’ Immense power in the name
of the lord indeed ! The fools thought an
unconscious man to be dead . . . . . . and started singing my praises. – Where do you live, sage?
– We sages have no fixed place. We keep wandering. Sage, there is an ashram close by.
You can rest there for a few days. It will be a blessings for us. As you wish. Glory to Baba ! Lady, who is this sage? He’s great.
He gave a new life to my husband. Is it? Then I must meet him.
Maybe even I get something. What an enchanting image Baba has. It’s like he has
come straight from heaven. Even I have come in his refuge.
Let’s see what I gain. – You will gain.
– I will? – Yes. You were right. Just seeing
Baba has fulfilled my desires. Hail Baba ! Calm down. Mister, where is the pearl
necklace you were wearing? My necklace! It’s lost!
Someone stole it. Have patience, you’ll find it. – Devotee, come here.
– He’s calling you. – Me?
– Yes, you. – You must be mistaken, Baba.
– Come here. – Give the necklace.
– Some evil man stole it. I know that evil man.
Mister, take your necklace. You are great, Baba !
Hail Baba ! I’ll take you to the police. No, he is my culprit,
I’ll punish him. As you wish. – Yes Baba, you punish me.
– Take a mantra from me. – Don’t you recognise your friend?
– Anil ! Glory to Baba ! You are great, Baba ! Hail Baba. Baba, you did me a great
favour in saving me. But I don’t understand the miracle
of bringing alive a dead man. The miracle was
people’s foolishness. Since I was dressed as a sage,
the man’s sudden consciousness . . . . . . made them believe
it was my miracle. Whether you believe it or not,
but to make you believe in Him . . . . . . God made that
miracle happen at you hands. But anyway,because of this pretense,
I can fool the police . . . . . . and look for Rama. But where did
Vinod’s corpse disappear? As soon as you left,
someone hit my head. I fell unconscious. When I came
awake, I found the body missing. The one who got him murdered
must have got his corpse removed. Mr. Kumar did such superb
acting of a dead man. The moment the gun was fired,
he pretended to fall. The bullet didn’t hit him,
but the police thought he had died. Mr. Kumar, you are great! Thank God the fool
wasn’t a good marksman. Anyway, thinking I am dead,
he will hide himself from the police. Son, listen. A beggar woman
is about to deliver a baby. The poor soul is alone.
Stay here, I’ll call the midwife. Alright. These devotees of
Ram are very adamant. They cry, they hurt,
yet they believe in God.The fools! This lamp has gone off. Give it to me,
I’ll light it again. – Look, heat some water.
– Me? Yes you, who else? O God. Don’t worry, your husband
is standing outside. My husband?. . . .I have no one
in the world, but God. Light the lamp. What a beautiful baby. Yes, very beautiful. You are God’s favorite, that is why
He gave you such a beautiful son. – My son? He is not my son.
– What? If he is not your son . . . . . . why did he stop
crying in your arms? You can cheat man, but not God. God?
I said he is not my son ! Hail Baba ! – We want to meet Baba.
– Patience! He’s in meditation. I’ll bring him. Strange man you are! People are desperate to meet you
and you keep hunting for Rama. Go and see them. But what will you do today?
You cannot perform miracles everyday. It is not difficult
to fool these fools. Talk senselessly,
so that your words mean many things. They will think you are wise. Shun them, abuse them, and they’ll
worship you as knowledgeable. Baba has come.
Hail Baba ! I don’t like so much noise.
I don’t want you to sing my praises. You are great, Baba !
Glory to Baba ! I have no magical powers.
I cannot cure any ailing man. – So don’t bring anyone here.
– Glory to Baba ! See how great Baba is? He doesn’t want money or fame. He
only wants to chant the name of God. Hail Baba ! But without telling anyone anything,
he helps thousands of orphans & widows. Give as much donation as you can,
to help those needy people, ‘ Kabir says,
everything is in God’s hands’ ‘ Those who do, will pay,
so why do you worry’ Sir! Why are there no
earnings from our ashram? It’s not our fault. A new Baba
has opened an ashram near our ashram. That is why our
ashram is no more popular. – Who is this new Baba?
– We don’t know. – Find out who he is.
– Yes sir. And you, ensure greater
earning in our ashram. Or I’ll skin you alive!
Go! You are simply great! – Hail Baba !
– Who are you? – A disciple desperate to meet you.
– What do you want? What you want. Like you,
even we are worshipers of money. One sage should share
his spoils with another. One up on us?
Anil, don’t give them anything. How can one thief harm another? Don’t fight. Now they know the
truth, they can put me in trouble. Give them the money. Take! Baba is a wise man.
We came to close down his ashram . . . . . . but now
even we have faith in him. – Get lost.
– We’ll see you again. Hail Baba ! Why is the baby’s body swollen?
He even has fever. I think a poisonous
insect has bit him. What if anything happens to my baby? Don’t worry,
I’ll call the physician. – Throw this woman out!
– Who is it? Throw this sinful
woman out just now! Why should I?
What has the poor woman done? – She’s an unwed mother.
– She’s unchaste, a sinner! Throw her out,
or we will burn down your hut! – Don’t you dare move ahead !
– Stop! They are right. I am unchaste.
I have no right to live here. Who says you have no right? God
has created this world for all of us. If the men have
become it’s bosses, . . . we women will have
to fight this injustice. No madam, don’t stop me, I don’t
want to cause you any problems. Your baby is sick. Where will
you take him in this condition? I will keep him at God’s feet.
The baby is his. Then whether he cures him,
or takes him away. You don’t have to
go to Baba’s ashram. Mother’s miracle
will cure your baby. Look, she saw you and came running. Mother! Save my baby. The baby looks sick. Yes Mother. Give him new life.
I won’t be able to live without him. Have faith in God.
He will surely hear your prayers. He doesn’t listen to me. I have
committed a sin, so he is angry. No one understands a mother’s pain. Govind, go and call some physician. If physicians could help,
why would I come to you? Apart from praying to God for
your baby, I cannot do anything else. Go Govind, call a physician. No, return my baby, I’ll take him
to Baba. He will save my baby. What will you
understand a mother’s pain? What is the point in crying now?
If you’d done a miracle, . . . . . . we’d be loaded with money again. If you don’t have the power to
perform miracles, go away from here! We will run the ashram without you. You are right, son.
I am leaving. God be with you. You won’t get this chance again.
You will reap as you sow. – Baba, my baby is very sick.
– Who is that?. . . Rama ! Cure him, Baba ! How did you know my name, Baba? – Name. . .
– Baba is omniscient, lady. He knows everything.
Hail Baba ! You are great, Baba.
My baby will surely get cured now. Yes, he will get cured. Lady, take rest in this
ashram for a few days. You are kind, Baba. You have
given refuge to a hapless woman. – Where is your husband, lady?
– Husband?. . .What do I say? I don’t know where he is. Is he so bad that just the mention
of his name made you so sad? – Hail Baba.
– We have come again. – You !
– In Rome, do as the Romans do! – What do you have for us today?
– I can’t give you anything. Get out! We have seen you getting
attracted to that lady. If you mess with us,
your love affair will be exposed. Don’t trouble me.
I cannot do this sin everyday. If you cannot do it everyday,
make a deal. Give us Rs. 10000
and we’ll stop bothering you. – Rs. 10000 ! – Yes.
– How can I give Rs. 10000? Say you want to renovate the temple.
You’ll make millions in moments. Even we will stop bothering you.
Or else. . . Hail Baba ! I have decided to
renovate this temple. Please donate as much as
you can for this good cause. Baba, I will donate Rs. 1000
towards the new ashram. – Baba. . .
– Lady, hide this money somewhere. In some place,
where no one can find it. – Not even me.
– Why, Baba? This is the wealth of the poor.
Someone may steal it. But these are donations.
Who will steal it? There are all kinds
of sinners in this world. Heed my words. As you wish. Baba ! – What happened, lady?
– His condition is worsening. Give me the baby.
I’ll sit in meditation with him. Please save my baby, doctor. His condition is serious.
Anyway, I have given medication. Have faith in God. Faith in God? ! ! Give something to a lame man. Give something to a lame man. – Is your baby sick?
– Yes. – Going to doctors won’t help.
– Then? Take him to Baba, he’ll be cured. Even my son was
cured with his blessings. – I don’t have faith in Godmen.
– That’s where you are mistaken. If you have faith even in a stone,
it’ll become your God. You saved my child, God.
Accept my offering. ‘ There is immense power
in the name of the lord’ ‘ Even Valmiki was a bandit
before he became a sage’ ‘ Sage Narad asked him
to Chant Lord Ram’s name’ ‘ He kept chanting
Mara ( reverse of Ram ) for 12 years’ ‘ Yet he achieved salvation’ No, I won’t believe in Him. Is the baby alright, Baba? – He still has fever.
– He will be alright, have patience. My baby has to suffer
for her mother’s sins. Are you Baba? Despite knowing I am an
impostor, you are saluting me? I am saluting the power in you which
is doing good for so many people. You are mistaken,
I don’t have any powers. You don’t realise.
You have closed your mind to faith. Have faith,
and look for God. I tried, I looked for Him
everywhere, but didn’t find Him. You did not look hard enough.
Pray, pray ardently. So ardently, that the temples
reverberate with your prayers. . . and it’s echo
spreads in the whole world. And all the powers in the world
get compelled to answer your prayer. So that the earth and sky
begin to vibrate, your fate shivers. And God himself comes to you
and asks what you want. Baba, that lady’s baby’s
condition is very serious. – What!
– Come quickly. – Baba !
– What happened? My child is getting breathless,
do something ! – Do something !
– Don’t worry, I’ll call the doctor. What can the doctor do?
You do something, Baba ! O God ! – Hail Baba !
– I have urgent work, go away! Even we have work with you. We’ve heard you collected
more money than we expected. I won’t give you a penny now!
Let me go! – But where is that money?
– In a place where no one can get it. – Not even me.
– Oh ! The consequences will be bad ! I don’t care!
Let me go! – So Baba refused to give money.
– Yes, he’s given it to that woman. – Who is that woman?
– We don’t know. But Baba is nuts about her. If that’s the case, we’ll have
to deal with that woman first. Come soon, doctor. I’ve brought the doctor. Save this child, doctor. I’ll give
you all the wealth in the world. Baba, why don’t you
do something for him? You. . .you were posing as Baba?
You ! ! The doctor is examining our child.
Doctor, please save my child. He’s alreday dead. My baby! No doctor, please save my baby! My baby! Don’t you dare touch my baby
with your sullied hands! You caused my son’s death.
You are his killer! How can an atheist’s son survive?
An atheist, thief, murderer! O God, why did you punish me so? What had I done that you ruined me
at the hands of this atheist? My baby, I am your culprit. Me alone, who loved an atheist. – What happened?
– The lady’s baby died. What are you waiting for? Take
Baba’s blessings. He’s your Baba. He is your God, your saviour.
And his son’s murderer! His own’s son’s murderer! Rama, gather yourself! My baby is sleeping.
Don’t shout, he will get up. Son. . . – Where are you going, you fraud !
– Let me go! ‘ When there is darkness all around,
light a lamp of faith in your heart’ ‘ Pray, pray ardently’ ‘ So ardently, that the temples
reverberate with your prayers. . . ‘ ‘ . . . and it’s echo
spreads in the whole world’ ‘ And all the powers in the world
get compelled to answer your prayer’ ‘ So that the earth and sky
begin to vibrate, your fate shivers’ ‘ And God himself comes to you
and asks what you want’ ‘ Look, God is calling out to you.
Move towards Him’ ‘ Take one step towards Him, he will
take a thousand steps towards you’ ‘ Call him, and he’ll come running.
You’ll salute Him, he’ll embrace you’ ‘ See the light in the temple.
The bells are calling you’ ‘ Chant Ram! ‘ Even your God
cannot save him from me. Vinod, leave the
hapless woman alone! Get out of my way! Save Rama ! – Vinod, open the door!
– Why have you come here, mother? – Go away!
– Open the door,or I’ll break it! – I will not open the door!
– Alright! I’ll have to break it open. Vinod, my son ! You killed me, mother. Why did you do such
an evil deed, son? Vinod, my son ! I used to think high caste
people cannot commit evil deeds. God has punished me for my mistake. God, will my Rama never recover? ”All the atheists of the world” ”Are so very ungrateful” ”They don’t see their faults” ”And defame God instead” ”Do whatever you like
try however hard” ”God’s flag will always fly high” ”Glory to God ! ” ”One who criticizes God
will never rise” ”God’s flag . . . ” ”There never was, there never
will be, a endower like God” ”He gives the whole world
wind, fire, water, for free” ”He sustains everyone” ”And doesn’t take a penny in return” ”Who in this world can give
away all his wealth like that” ”God’s flag . . . ” ”So many came, and left this world” ”They enjoyed their happiness,
and suffered as per their deeds” ”Since aeons,
the sun and moon are witness” ”To God’s undiminished glory” ”He has no soldiers, no army” ”All His jobs are done with a nod” ”This is the infallible truth,
no one can deny it” ”God’s flag . . . ” ”God’s miracles are marvelous” ”His glory incomparable” ”The one gone wayward . . . ” ”has come around” ”His glory is incomparable! ” ”The magician that God is” ”I witnessed His wonder” ”He united me
with my long lost mate” ”Kneel before God” ”He will steer your life to shore” ”God’s flag . . . ”

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  1. excellent film Hindou, très vieux mais très actuel. C'est un film Hindou sans âge…car toujours d'actualté. Ce film ouvre esprit…l'Houduisme est universel…L'Inde a beaucoup de chose à partager avec le monde…Vive l'humain!!!

  2. I have enjoyed the move a lot! We need such movies even now to make the people realise that it is not the money alone that makes our lives. We need GOD / GOOD also in our lives to be happy and also to achieve our ultimate goal!!

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