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New AUTOPILOT Kayak from Old Town!

New AUTOPILOT Kayak from Old Town!

so this wintner we got a call from Old
Ttown kayak because they had a new line of kayaks coming out that they were
being super secretive about. They couldn’t tell us anything about them.
They said, “We just need you to report down to Florida, we’re gonna reveal the
whole line and show you what these new kayaks are all about.” So, down in Florida
it was revealed Old Town has launched the new Sportsman line of kayaks. It’s
seven new boats with three ways to travel: pedal, paddle, and power. Old
Town is known for two of their fishing kayaks, the Predator and the Topwater.
the Predator has been around for a while. It’s an award-winning kayak, really
popular with fishermen, very good at open water saltwater fishing. It can handle the
big seas. The topwater is a newer boat. It’s based on a U-shaped hull, very stable, a
little more portable. It comes in a 106 and a 120 size. So, they form the first
three of the seven new boats that are part of the Sportsman line. The Topwater
comes in two models, the 106 and the 120. That’s a 10 foot 6 inch hull and a 12
foot hull. They’re fairly new, so there’s no major upgrades with the new
rebranding other than an upgraded seat. Now, the Predator becomes the Old Town
Sportsman Bigwater PDL 132 . I m a big fan of the Predator PDL kayak, so that gets new branding and the new seat as well and becomes part of the
Sportsman line. Those are the first three hulls. The fourth hull is also a
rebranding of the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman. Now that’s kind of a cross
between a canoe and a kayak. It’s super lightweight and another great boat that’s available in the Sportsman line. So, those are the first four. The other
three are really the brand-new really exciting reveals that are coming
up with this Old Town Sportsman line. The first one is the Salty PDL 120 and this
is a really exciting boat because it’s a great entry point for anybody who’s
trying to get in to peddle kayaks, hands-free kayak fishing with the pedal
kayak. The way it’s been set up is with lots of great fishing features – three rod holders, tracks for gear and things like that, but it’s a simple platform so it keeps the cost down and it makes really
easy it’s something that you want to try and get into fishing a pedal kayak for
the first time. Next is the 106 Powered by Minn Kota,
and it’s based on the Topwater 106 hull but it has a drop-in Minn Kota motor and
it’s a very simple uncluttered platform it’s a great way to get into power
kayaking. It has a boat style throttle on the right side that goes forward and
reverse and then foot pedals for steering. It’s a very easy, very intuitive nice
and lightweight – so for a power kayak this is one that you can actually put on
your car top pretty easily and transport to anywhere that you want to go use this
and go fish it. The seventh boat is the one that got me really excited. This is what this launch is really all about. This is the Old Town Sportsman
Autopilot it comes in a 120 and a 136 a 12 foot boat which I got to try out down
in Florida and a 13 foot 6 inch boat which is the one I have right in front
of me here and what’s so exciting about this boat is that it comes with the GPS
enabled Minn Kota motor so this gives you the opportunity to use spot lock in a
kayak a few years ago it was pretty rare to see a trolling motor on a boat on a
center console or on a larger saltwater boat now you’ve got more and more boats
that are putting a min Kota trolling motor on that boat because it gives you
the opportunity to use GPS enabled spot lock and basically what that means is
using a trolling motor like an anchor so rather than dropping anchor on a spot
you hit a button and because the trolling motor is GPS enabled it just
holds you in that in place in that spot we’ve used it for everything from
striped bass fishing and current to fishing for black sea bass on a rack to
blackfish fishing on a rock pile the spot lock really has revolutionized the
way that we fish in saltwater and now Old Town and Minn Kota have brought that
to a kayak fishing platform it gets said way too often motive really is a game
changer so when I was down in Florida I got to try the 12-foot version I had a
lot of fun just using it to maneuver around the
I was in Florida once I had a fish on and was fighting a fish I set that spot
lock and then I didn’t have to worry about the kayak drifting into Shore and
it boat traffic and I could just stay still and fight fish in one day of
fishing down in Florida it felt like something like from this point forward
it’s like I don’t know how I’m gonna do without this
that was the 12 footer the 12 footer is a great haul for freshwater 4 near shore
fishing inshore the 13 foot six this is the boat that I think in the Northeast
in New England where you’re gonna want to go offshore a bit where you’re gonna
want to chase stripers into bigger water this one is gonna be huge for fishermen
in the Northeast and so before I get into the details on the MinnKota I’m
just gonna talk about the haul really quick and all the great features the
hull itself is based again on that top water style hull so it has a double sort
of tunnel hull kind of like a catamaran keeps it super stable rides really well
in rough water really what you’ve come to expect from the Old Town top water
kayaks now you’ve got it in this 13 foot 6 inch platform so the Minn Kota motor
here 45 pounds of thrust runs off a deep cycle battery that fits under the seat
and it drops in and out really easily the release is on the other side of the
kayak so I’ll show that off in a minute it is GPS enabled it’s controlled with
the remote control and that really is the key to the system is that you can
sit in your seat with the remote control you can steer the end of the MinnKota
itself or you can just set it straight ahead and use the foot pedals to steer
the rudder in the back has the anchor symbol right on the remote so you hit
that and that’s your GPS enabled spot lock it’s gonna hold you right in place
right where you want to be also has an autopilot feature too so you can set the
direction you want to go hit that autopilot and then you’re just
Confession entire shoreline just letting the autopilot carry you along so the
boats also loaded with lots of fishing friendly features like we’ve seen on the
predator and the top water it includes Evi a floor foam padding this makes it
really easy to stand up makes it four makes a quiet boat which is important if
you’re fishing shallow water flats and things like that you’ve got these
adjustable steering pedals so you can use your feet to steer and again you can
use your feet to steer with the rudder while you let the MinnKota run straight
ahead or you can use the bolt to steer at the same time gear tracks
super easy now you want to mount a fish finder you want to mount a rod holder
other accessories very easy to just drop them into
this track allows you to adjust and remove when you want to it comes
pre-drilled so you’re not drilling any holes in this to mount a fish finder so
if you put your fish finder screen here you can run cables to the transducer and
to the battery right through this hole so moving back you’ve got here this is
the kill switch so safety here this is a kill switch it also doubles as a prop
wrench it’s got an extra pin here so if you have any issues with the prop out on
the water you got a prop wrench always handy
magnetic kill switch snaps in there other side clips to you and so if you do
go over cuts the motor off good safety feature the seat is a big upgrade it’s
similar to past old town seats and that it has high low adjustment but it’s a
big improvement it’s ventilated it’s got much more cushioning again I got to fish
for this from this for a full day in Florida the seat is great the seat is a
big upgrade very comfortable and then again with the hull being as stable as
it is you can set this seat up a little higher if you want to be able to see
better or you can set lower if you’re covering ground and want to keep moving
faster and of course the seat not just comfortable very adjustable easy to
adjust with straps easy to remove also when you’re traveling and so we lift
this up here’s your battery mount for the trolling motor deep-cycle marine
battery goes right in there plenty of power if it’s a good battery and you got
it charged up you should be able to go all day with this with this setup now
the tank well on the entire sportsman line you could tell that old town paid a
lot of attention to this tons of room so what they’ve done is they’ve opened up
the tank walls on every kayak in this lineup and it allows you to drop in big
crates if you’ve got lots of tackle that you want to take off or big coolers so
you’ve got to say you’ve got like a big Yeti cooler that you want to be able to
bring fishing with you you can drop that in here you can see plenty of room back
here you can do cooler and maybe alive well if that’s something that that makes
sense for your fishing tons of options and again two more gear tracks here so
you can do two more mouths do Chrome out back here to film you while
you fish do an extra rod holder plenty of options that’s the whole idea very
customizable and super easy to customize for how you fish the squared off Stern
it’s got two molded in handles here now this is a big kayak but it’s a little
easier to move around because of the molded in handles and smart things like
these handles in the back here so it allows you to lift it and move it when
you need to there’s a shallow water anchor mount here if you want to mount
right here you can do one of the pull anchor mounts not really popular yet in
the Northeast see that a lot in the southeast fisheries but who knows maybe
there are some applications for it here in the Northeast
so in the stern of the boat you’ve got this extra large rudder this is also new
that we’re seeing on the sportsman kayaks and this is necessary for that
foot steering so when you’re using the MinnKota motor to power you along your
foot steering and you’re controlling this extra large rudder no dropping the
rudder same as we’ve seen on other Oldtown kayaks you got a lever on the
side right here real easy to just pull that up and that drops the rudder down
the MinnKota unit it’s all one piece when you arrive where you’re gonna fish
it’s pretty easy to just drop it in there it clips in the front and then
there’s a plug on the right side to plug it in to give it power so once you’ve
arrived at your fishing spot and you’ve dropped this unit in it’s very easy to
bring it up and down depending on what you’re doing if you if you’re coming
into Shore or shallow water you just release it and it automatically Springs
right up to drop it down easy enough just pull the handle and it goes right
back down and you’re ready to get fishing again so overall I think what’s
most exciting about this boat is that you now have this marriage between the
MinnKota spot lock and a fishing platform this one 36 which really is
ready for anything you can get into in the Northeast from inshore shallow
fishing to taking this offshore into bigger water we’re chasing stripers
doing bottom fishing so all that type of stuff where you really are gonna want to
use something like a min Kota spot lock to hold you in a place in current in
strong tidal current to fish certain bottom structure I’m gonna get this
rigged up next with a hummingbird helix unit then I can use that as well to to
have that fish finder capability to really find hot spots and then you
Kota to lock in spot lock on those spots and really target my fishing so stay
tuned and hopefully the next video you see is me getting this boat out on the
water and catching some fish you

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