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Nick Grant – Luxury Vintage Rap

Nick Grant – Luxury Vintage Rap

100 comments on “Nick Grant – Luxury Vintage Rap

  1. Cassidy Cyhi the prynce wale stalley rockie fresh Jon Connor locksmith and etc underground // independent hip hop is still alive FUCK THE RADIO

  2. please do another collab with krit cyhi and killer mike so the world can know dat the south got heavy lyricist too

  3. this guy is dope. I feel like the biggest thing for him going forth will be production. haven't heard beats I like alot that he's been on.

  4. Fuck all them ppl who dislike this. Go back to your Young Thug, Desiigner, Kodak Black videos. Its Hip Hop over here.

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  6. Nick Grant – Luxury Vintage Rap | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pctYHGIMBEg | Nick Grant – Luxury Vintage Rap

  7. All 88 of you corny , lame , moist ass motherfuckers who disliked this video need to get the fuck off corny ass drake's ball sack and recognize REAL hip hop when you hear it…💯

  8. FINALLY! REAL NY MUSIC ! Im from Cali Wes'Wes foe LIFE, but NICK got me turnt up givin me Flashbacks when i lived in NY for a year back in 89. Man ya'll had some clubs and concerts.

  9. and yet we have Migos, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and many more of these fuckers playing on the radios, going viral ALL over the internet and getting awards and gold/platinum records and get to be on the fucking billboards

  10. This is real shit. Not like that bullshit some fellers try to call music, when they mumble gibberish into a mic and slap a label on it. This is going in my country playlist right next to Charlie Pride.

  11. No offense to this dude but the "I don't believe the devil came as a snake" line is so dumb. Like obviously he’s referencing the biblical story of Adam and Eve where Satan appears as a snake, but did he never consider that maybe the reason we naturally hate snakes is because of an association that event or story, or just generations of dealing with snakes? I doubt the first man and woman had the same prejudice against a certain animal.

  12. devil came as a snake, and made the snake hated… so, if the devil had come as a frog, the frog would be as hated, and disgusting as the snake is to us now…. i hate frogs as well.

  13. This is Hip Hop. It isn't gonna die, face it that trap shit or whatever you wanna call it is a fad that will die LONG LIVE HIP HOP

  14. he is actually good and ion even listen to new artist. I see some of the hate in the comment section. those same comments are the reason why we have artist in the industry that has no substance.

  15. I come from the likes of vinnie paz, sean price, apathy, celph tilted, elzhi, guilty simpson, you know the deal (atleast that is my hope for you) but this kid can rhym. First time I saw him was in the clip with Jarren Benton C.R.E.A.M. (great WU tribute btw). I know I have been sleepin on him but thankfully not anymore.

  16. Run Simmons leather the mc(dmc) never lost ? Ok we get the wordplay but what are you trying to say how is this a double entendre? Seems like he just using wordplay for no reason are you saying you are rocking leather or are you saying dmc never lost leather ? Somebody correct me if im wrong and let me know what Im missing here

  17. Just heard of this guy and can’t stop listening
    One thing though he mentioned he doesn’t believe that the devil came in the shape of a snake because it’s something we naturally hate
    True but women also have one more rib then men and men have Adam’s apples and maybe just maybe our “natural fear of snakes” comes from god too

  18. So when is the rap game gonna put respect on this mans name! Lyricism on another level he is next up if these wack rap media people would pay attention

  19. I remember last year Nick had 2K subscribers now he at 19K. He's making big moves and he really deserves so much.

  20. For all you young cats out here trying to do it… this is a perfect example of a delivery and flow that will be appreciated and respected by any school…old, new, true … this is how it should be done… Salute young bruh!

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