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Occupy movement reaches downtown Springfield, Ohio – #OSOH #FEB3 (closed captions available)

Occupy movement reaches downtown Springfield, Ohio – #OSOH #FEB3 (closed captions available)

We have had a tremendous assault on our civil liberties. Whenever you get people afraid of everything we begin to lose our civil liberties. And there is some fear, there is some real fear, but mostly its manufactured fear. I’m very concerned about our loss of democracy in this country, and this is one of the ways I can participate, as small as it is, making a sign facing the public, to try to get people a little more aware of whats happening in this country. I think that we have the best democracy money can buy, but you cannot have a democracy when a few people own all of the wealth, and so this is just one thing that I do. I write letters to the congressman, I do support organizations that are more effective. It was a group decision of several other people, Friday from 12 to 1. And it’s better when it several of us, then it is an individual effort. Because I have done things as an individual level, its easy to be called a crackpot or a really weirdo. Usually it takes one person and I’m not sure you can find one person who would say who calls another person, who calls a third person, and thats how it comes about. It’s very grassroots. We’re talking about 1 person, we don’t get reprievals from any national organization. And the people who are working at the ski resorts are losing their jobs and I feel guilty because we have been very blessed for those of us who do believe in public demonstrations. We’ve been blessed this winter.

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