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Old Gays Look Back At Their Past Careers

Old Gays Look Back At Their Past Careers

– [Producer] What are
your thoughts on work? – It’s a human right. – I like it. – I love to work. – I’ve had some great jobs. – [Producer] Do you
every look back at jobs or careers you’ve had in the past? – You mean to evaluate your experience? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Not that much. – [Producer] Just to kind of think back on all you’ve accomplished? – Yeah, or did not accomplish. – [Producer] I’m going
to show you pictures from your past careers
and get your responses. – Okay.
– Okay. – Sound good?
– Sounds exciting. – [Producer] Great, let’s get started. – Okay. – Oh, that must be Bill. – That’s me when I was 18. I was a model. – You look like a model there. – Thank you.
– Yes. – All I see is your smile. That’s so cute. Look yummy though. – Who’s the other guy? – Another model.
– Oh. – I met a lot of really
fun people modeling. – I bet. – I was making $40 an hour, which would be the equivalent
of about $300 today. – Are you still modeling now? – Every day. That was 1987, and that’s when I was in the
interior design business. – You look so butch. Got your hand around that shoulder. – That is when I worked for
Working Assets Long Distance. – [Producer] Long distance calling? – That’s when they
charged for long distance. – [Producer] Was that a booming business? – Are you kidding? Telephone bills, over half of it was your
long distance charges. – Oh yeah. – You didn’t make long
distance calls that much. – No. – [Producer] What’s the equivalent to now? – There isn’t any.
– There isn’t. – Everything is free now.
– Yeah. – That was a long time ago. – I remember those days. – We all do. – Oh my goodness, that was with a group I
sang with for five years and traveled with. And I must’ve been in the spirit. – I was gonna say, “Hallelujah.” – This is the same group. The gentleman on the
right is the first person that I ever came out to. – Is he straight?
– Yes, daggit. – That was on our bus. I don’t even remember these ladies names, and that crazy person in
the middle, I have no idea. – Looks like you’re caught
in the spirit again. – I’m surprised you got
those eyes back in your head. – I did. It was 11 months a year on
the bus with the same people. And even in the name of
Jesus you got pissed off every now and then. Nashville, Tennessee, on a show called “The
Bobby Jones Gospel Hour,” and they had never had
this many white people in their studio. But we had a jamming good time. – I bet singing really is a good feeling. – It’s healing and therapeutic. It’s mostly all I’ve done
since the age of two. – You’re lucky. – I am very lucky to do what I love. – Uh-huh.
– I really am. What? – That’s me when I was executive
director of a nonprofit. – You look like a part of ABBA. – Yeah, I know who you’re talking about. – ABBA’s here! ABBA’s in the house. – [Producer] Mick, what
do you think of Robert? – Silence. – Best left unsaid. – This was the early ’80s. I was working for the
city of San Francisco. – Who are those people? – That’s him.
– That was you? – That was him.
– Really? – Yeah. – The only thing that looked
familiar to me was the ear. – That’s me in my studio working
on a commission sculpture called, “Butt.” – I couldn’t figure out
what it was at first. I go, “Is that something swollen?” – No, no, that’s a nice
little bubble butt. – No, I got it. – And I frequently work nude. – That’s okay. It’s all contained by fencing. – Yes, it is. But the door’s open. – Sometimes. – Oh my gosh! – Great. – I was just being silly there, and I had the bowl on
my head like a big hat. – Love it, I love it. That was neat. – Oh god.
– What? – That was me in 1980. – That looks like a much,
un-worked out, but firm you. – Yeah, yeah. I chose to become an actor
my senior year of college. I got into graduate
school, I don’t know how. – Now is that a wig or your real hair? – No, that’s my real hair. – That’s your real hair? – Yes, darling.
– Really? – See him shaking it right there? – And that is me Berlin in 1993 for a world AIDS conference. – The one in the shorts looks very gay. – Oh that? – That’s what we did back in the day. Wore the short-shorts,
the collar flipped up, and lookin’ all cutesy. – I took a free day off and I met a guy. – That’s what it was about. – I dunno, some town in Germany. – Who cares? – And we kinda hooked up.
– You? – His husband was doctor. – [Producer] Did he know? – Why did he care? It’s not his problem. – Ah.
– The build. Look at them arms, look at that arm, baby.
– Look at that arm. – I had just entered graduate school to get my second Masters. – Mm, you were lookin’ kinda masterful. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s at a garden. – I didn’t even see the garden. – All I see was the arms. – That’s what I looked like, yeah. – It made a worshipful moment. – [Producer] What did you
think of this experience? – Brought back a lot of
really fond memories for me. – Yeah. And it’s nice to know where
my brothers come from. Who we all are. – I think we’re all lucky we found things we’re passionate about. – Every single job I got I loved doing. – [Producer] Do you consider
this part of your career now? – Yes.
– Oh yeah. – Yeah, it’s become part. And it’s fun too.
– Yeah. – [Producer] What career advice do have to offer younger gays? – Be on time for work.
– Mm. – Don’t play sick all the time. And do your job right. – Follow your heart, ’cause that is gonna be
the most satisfying thing in the world, to do a job that you love and do it well. – Yeah.
– All right, final thoughts? – Thanks for bringing
back all the memories. – Yeah. – [Producer] Is there
anything you wanted to do that you didn’t get the chance to? – [Bill] Yes, I wanted
to be a philanthropist. – [Robert] I think we all
wanna be a philanthropist. You have to have money first.

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