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Old & Used Book Haul | Library and Used Bookstore

Old & Used Book Haul | Library and Used Bookstore

Hi, it’s Maija here, and I recently acquired a
few older or used books and I thought I’d do a separate haul video for these.
Some of them I borrowed from the library and some of them I bought from
a used bookstore. So this first pile I got from a library
storage basement that you can visit whenever they have an open house and
they have them quite rarely and I have never visited them before. So it’s just a
storage where the library keeps their older books that don’t have that much
circulation anymore, but they are still available for people
to put holds on and read, and I wanted to visit the place. So let’s see the five
books that I chose from there. The first three are historical fiction and this is
actually one book in three volumes, and this is a book from Alexandre Dumas that
I haven’t read before. That’s La Reine Margot or The Queen Margot. I think it is
a trilogy and this comprises the first book of the trilogy. In Finnish it was
translated into nine books, so each of the books in the trilogy was split into
three. These are from the 60s. I think the storage has the whole trilogy, but I got
the books equivalent for the first book. I googled it and it says that the first
volume is called La Reine Margot, it has been translated to English with the
names Margaret of Navarre, Margaret of Valois, and The Massacre of
St. Bartholomew’s Eve. The rest of the books had this cover,
but the first one I only found in this quite ugly greenish-blue edition.
It’s called Pariisin verihäät, that’s like “The Blood Wedding of Paris”, I think
it has to do with the massacre that was mentioned. And then there is Kuningatar
Margot, so “The Queen Margot” and then there is Velisurmaajat, which means
“Brother Killers”, kin slayers, stuff like that. I don’t actually have any idea as
to what the story is, the plot is, I know it tells about Queen Margot and it is a
historical fiction. I have read the Musketeers books from Dumas and The
Count of Monte Cristo, but I haven’t read anything else by him. The next two books
that I picked up from the storage are nostalgia books, and this is Helenan
Oppivuodet by Helen Boylston, and I read this when I was a kid and
it’s about a young woman studying to be a nurse. And the original title is Sue
Barton, Student Nurse. The translation is from 1979, I don’t know how old the
actual book is, it doesn’t say. But I’m gonna read this one day and see what I
think of it now. And the other one that I picked up for nostalgia factor, because
I read it as a kid, is Ylämaan sudet by Kaisa Ikola. So this is from a
Finnish author, the title translates to “The Wolves of the Highlands” and it’s set in
Scotland. There’s a group of people fighting for Charles II – I had to
google that ruler, that monarch.And I remember I really loved this, there’s
three books that the author has written set in Scotland and they’re so tiny, and
I reread this a bunch of times, so when I saw it there I just grabbed it. The text
is very big, it’s not gonna take me– it’s gonna take me no time at all to read
this. So those were the books that I only borrowed, then there are a few that I
“bought”. I did not want to get more TBR books, but I went to take some of my used
books to a used bookstore and they won’t give money because they’re a small place,
they just gave me store credit, I had to check what they had. I didn’t find enough
things to spend all of the store credit that I got, so they gave me like a sort
of a “gift card” that I can use later there. Thankfully that’s a place that has
a lot of English science fiction and fantasy, so I went through their shelves
and saw what I could find. And the first thing is the best thing, because if you
watched my Reads & Receipts, my October Reads and Receipts, you might remember that I
got rid of Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, because it was a used copy, an ex-
library copy in a really bad condition, but they actually had a used copy in a
better condition and it has the best cover. Look at this! Romantic, hazy picture
of a woman, a man riding a horse, and then there’s like a DNA chain and some
scientists here, and I had to have this. I had to have this cover,
so Doomsday Book by Connie Willis is back on my TBR. This is a time
travel story, that’s all I know, and I have never read any Connie Willis before,
this is gonna be my first Connie Willis, I’m excited. And it’s in quite good condition,
like the binding is great, it feels like it has never been opened, it hasn’t
cracked at all. So the first sentence of Doomsday Book is: “Mr. Dunworthy opened
the door to the laboratory and his spectacles promptly steamed up.” I like that.
Then there are three other books that I picked up that I could find that I was
sort of interested in. The first of those is a Dragonlance book, this is Kindred
Spirits by Mark Anthony and Ellen Porath, it’s the first volume in the Meetings
Sextet. I was obsessed with Dragonlance when I was like 12-14, and I read a lot of them. I
have never read this. These are like these backstories written by a lot of
different authors. This is about the meeting of Flint and Tanis. This one I will not
count towards my TBR, ’cause I’m just sort of collecting them, because I’m
having this nostalgia rush for Dragonlance currently, so I’m gonna see if I can
get some of the books focusing on the main characters of the Chronicles and
Legends which are the main books, which I already own, and some of the backstory
books for them. And then if I feel like it, I will read them, but it’s mostly for
collecting purposes for now. The first sentence from Kindred Spirits by
Anthony & Porath is: “The infant’s cry was not the cry of an elven child.” And
then I added two books on my TBR, I bought Ammonite by Nicola Griffith. This
has been on my radar for a while, but I haven’t been like super excited to check
it out, but when I went to see on Goodreads, when I saw this,
should I check it out or not, most of my– people who I know on
Goodreads have given this five or four stars. And this I think is a science
fiction book and it’s set on a planet where like there are only women there,
all the men have died, maybe? And there’s an anthropologist who’s sent there to test a
new vaccine against the virus – so it seems that there’s this virus that kills
men. “As she risks death to uncover the natives’ biological secret, she found that
she-” That she something, there’s a sticker here that I– that’s really old and I
don’t think I can get it out. But yes, a scientist is sent to a planet where only
women are alive to study this virus. The first sentence from
Ammonite by Nicola Griffith is… I don’t know how I’m supposed to pronounce the
main character’s name. but I’m just gonna come up with something. “Marghe’s suit was
still open at a neck and wrist, and the helmet rested in the crook of her left
arm.” Very functional. And the final book that I picked up was Beloved by Toni
Morrison. I’ve never read anything from Morrison, and this book was the one that
I am the most interested in, because it seems like I’ve seen it described as a
gothic novel. Morrison just recently passed away and there is a huge line of
holds in the library so I can’t get this easily from the library, I would have to
wait for a long time, so I decided to pick it up. So this is about a woman who
escaped from slavery. It’s set in rural Ohio several years after the Civil War.
And I found this on a list of gothic novels and the gothic factors seem to be
that it’s set in an old house and in the house the main character is haunted by
her dead daughter. The first sentence from Beloved is: “124 was spiteful.” So
that’s all that I have for now, some historical fiction, a gothic historical,
a nurse book, a couple of science fiction books, and a fantasy book. Let me know if
you like going to these places with old books and sort of scouring around and
seeing what they have and what you manage to find. I know that now that I
have credit to that store I will go and visit it again – well, I have visited it a
couple, many times in the past, but I will go there again sometime and go through
all of their like science fiction and fantasy mass-market paperbacks like I did this
time – they’re like double-stacked – and see if I can find something that really
interests me. So this was my used book book haul, I hope you enjoyed it and I
will see you in my next video.

3 comments on “Old & Used Book Haul | Library and Used Bookstore

  1. I'm equal parts amused and horrified by the unspeakable hideousness of the cover of Doomsday Book. 😂 It doesn't fit the book AT ALL. The book is very low-key and not at all cheesy, although there was definitely potential for that in the story. The cover doesn't exactly scream "understated", though, does it? 😅

  2. I'm impressed your library system has a storage facility. Ours are usually like "this book hasn't circulated enough in the last year, time to get rid of it!" That Doomsday Book cover is the best. It is so inaccurate but pristine condition!

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