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Oscar The Old Bus Visits Gecko’s Garage | Bus Video For Children

Oscar The Old Bus Visits Gecko’s Garage | Bus Video For Children

Hello everyone. One of my oldest friends is visiting us today. Oscar the Bus works with his friend Bobby,
carrying passengers around town. Here they come! Wow, Bobby is Fast! Oh dear…it looks as if Oscar is having trouble
keeping up with Bobby! Oscar is Slow. Garage Doors open at speed, it’s time to
help a vehicle in need! Oscar hasn’t arrived yet, so let’s take
a look at Bobby first” Bobby is Big…and Shiny…and New. He can carry lots of passengers and they stay
Warm and Dry, inside. There’s certainly nothing wrong with you
Bobby! Off you go and pick up your passengers. We’ll stay here and wait for Oscar. Hello Oscar, you made it at last! Let’s take a good look at you. Bobby was Big and Shiny and New, but Oscar
is Small…and Rusty…and Old His top deck has no roof, so his passengers
get Cold and Wet in the winter. I know you feel tired and sad Oscar but I
don’t think you are ready to retire yet! Perhaps you just need a new job? Why not let Bobby take all passengers to work
and school, and you could become a Summer Tour Bus – showing visitors all of the sights
and sounds of the town!” Let’s get the mechanicals to fix you up,
give you a fresh coat of paint, and get you ready for your new job! Go! Go! Mechanicals! I know you’re feeling old and tired…but
there’s no need to fuss. Visitors to an old, old town…would LOVE
an old, old, bus! You won’t need Bobby’s SatNav…to find
your way around You’ve lived right here, for 80 years…you
know every sight and sound. There’ll be time to enjoy the sights…because
you’re slow, and steady, And what a view, from your top deck…..cameras
at the ready! And when each Summer’s over…and the tourists
go away, Spend the Winter at Gecko’s Garage…what
a cozy place to stay! There we go Oscar, the Mechanicals have fixed
you up a treat! You look very smart and I think you’re ready
to start your new job! And you have your first customers already! The Mechanicals! They deserve a fun trip around the town after
all their hard work! I hope Oscar and the mechanicals enjoy their
tour of the town. Being a Tour Bus sounds like a lot of fun,
and Oscar is perfect for the job! There’s loads more amazing videos from Toddler
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amazing videos. Bye!

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