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Owner Interview: 1955 Whitey Ford & 1951 Yogi Berra Jerseys

APPRAISER: Whitey Ford, 1955 jersey. A home jersey, even altered, I would put an
insurance value of $30,000 on it. GUEST: Oh, my. APPRAISER: That’s 3 0. GUEST: My. APPRAISER: Now we get Yogi’s jersey, I would
place an insurance value of $100,000 on this jersey. GUEST: Oh, my, my, my. My father played professional baseball. He signed back in 1938, ’39. He played in Decatur, Illinois and in Valdosta,
Georgia. When he was playing in Valdosta, Georgia he
liked their ballpark and so when he got a chance to manage in Kearney in the NIL league
he designed that ballpark after the ballpark in Valdosta, Georgia. He hit the first home run out of that ballpark
and won a car radio in 1946. Then, there weren’t many car radios in cars
but that was kind of an interesting thing as well. Our family has always been connected with
that ballpark. I played in it … my father of course played
in it, I played in it, my son played in the ballpark, and my grandson has played in that
ballpark. When my son would go out on Halloween years
and years ago when he was about 10 years old, he’s now 34, he would wear this jersey as
part of a Halloween costume. INTERVIEWER: It’s a good thing you didn’t
get candy on it. GUEST: Yeah, I guess, that’s right. That’s right.

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