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PAID $5 MADE HUGE PROFITS! Found JEWELRY ! I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

PAID $5 MADE HUGE PROFITS! Found JEWELRY ! I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

five dollar unit sound jewelry look at
that you know the trunk and then I can finish wrapping this up with you oh yeah
hundred thousand dollars how to make money buying and selling stores ladies
and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages we are here to pick up the
sheena right now we’re actually not even gonna pick it up i’ve bought way too
much lately so we are actually going to we rented this unit 50% off one hundred
and eighty bucks we’re gonna fill it up full of more stuff so we come here to
film this one push everything to the back make room so we can go pick up all
the other stuff we have purchased in the last few days by myself and with storage
doctor a little mama and we have Uncle Mike the mattresses I get to leave in
the dumpster area what did I buy this for Michael Michael no one wanted this unit we can leave the
mattresses up here for now and put them in the dumpster area tomorrow or
something huh what actually good what a coincidence
so I guess we’ll move that out and then load everything the back we can throw
them away but I don’t like dealing that today so we’re just gonna put them right
here at the end and we’re gonna I don’t know I don’t like doing the now we got
lots to do I’m lazy and that’s funny everybody says that I’m I mean cuz I
just film everything and you do all the work there’s so Julie says and they said
I mean to you I don’t want to do that so reason I bought this nobody wanted this
unit at all was a no sale he said you could leave the mattresses best thing I
could think of is that’s that’s a lot of space right there that’s dump money etc
etc but if you look a little deeper is this an antique have an Uncle Michael having is not opening it up there’s
something in that was just trying to discuss the cabinet kind of old uncle
Michaels ruining all the fun while I say it’s right here I see the dust see the
spiderwebs carbon date that it’s sitting here a few years and there is a trunk
one two sealed boxes and nothing with sellable stuff besides giving rid of the
matches we get rid of all this in Stockton let’s go through it and let us
not forget there’s a random chair on the top of the wall you’re not gonna do it
positive affirmation be thankful live simply be kind do your best
I think we have enough of these in the house already Elvis a print of Elvis actually it’s a mirror okay and some not art okay it’s not
quite hard as this Elvis to know but it’s neat it has that Andy Warhol look
to it there’s a wild Apple studio ball floor looks like huh looks like Andy
Warhol though anything we need to look at some close your Nikes
I’ll go Mike we have to look in here alright this was also the first unit of
the day or the second for the second stop first unit here and I didn’t want
to go the whole day thought nothing so I say to by the random unit that nobody
wants the beauty is you know why you also buy units nobody wants Uncle
Michael cuz then they don’t know how to date everybody wants to profile what I
do they want they want to bid on all the units that bid and so if I buy ugly
units nobody wanted then they start to think this guy has no freaking clue what
he’s doing what I don’t think that’s tree climbing yeah prove it I see oh I
see a hook right there nice that’s that’s 30 bucks right there
right that looks like money ooh is that a guitar guitar this one has been
demolished maybe it’s like a guitar somebody famous broke on stage no
stretch you Laguna next good this right here is weird this is like a
coffee table or the some type of surfboard interesting that right there
gets cool but what does it go to hmm maybe though it’s weird though it’s
heavy feel that junk gold his breast back in the day you throw that up there
lickety-split they have to be two pads on it before
bands what is this is penny one yeah back to the day that was it would have
slung now with nobody’s business now he thinks about his back I like funny thing
is uncle Michael these are ones I would like you know why there Marilyn Monroe just go down a price $10 box Jack Daniels would
very intriguing fit can you open this up right here that’s for your hat roadside
reflectors you know I want to say shaving yeah giant poop emoji Oh bedbug
and fleas and that makes me disgusted it in the bombs right there yeah no one touch
nothing I’m over here inspecting stuff now get open box anything good spider on
something the oceans apostle you believe there you go alright thoughts become
things ultimately you pay attention in my videos okay this looks like junk ten
dollars and job what’s in that thing set silver we’re right then don’t break it
off Mike there’s a pitcher plant what kind of watch is that not so what’s in there I feels like a jewelry
box is like a mere Italian grandmom’s are the best there’s a rock collection the homeless
children see Sally other side nothing in that moment when your stomach hurts
because they might be jewelry a jewelry box there is jewelry can you thank you
you didn’t yes I woke up near all the sheets into $5.00 unit found jewelry looking over Michael the possible silver I don’t think any of its silver but it’s
still cool all right whoo look at that unicorn box mind set
that aside I’ll take that come on silver silver gold mmm
I don’t see any possible goal but I see silver on silver piece well she didn’t
say loss but that’s silver gold this one you know okay next draw possibly gold no
just make them nothing almost gold he’s gonna say watch watch citizen citizen
not bad they get the figure listen unit nobody wanted we are not done whoo
what’s in there a snake can you open this up did you open it oh there’s
nothing in it what’s underneath it nothing so negative Nancy well a little bit that’s silver right
there look at that nice all right something to say it’s not marked but it
looked like it could be silver a white Gore definitely have to have this one
looked at we got more stuff here on for mine you’re looking a little bit little
things down there not bad for a five-door unit yeah got some more down
there off to Mike I just sitting outside till we look at
everything the USS Enterprise what are those that’s the special almost
silver what’s in that last box come on then almost like you didn’t want what’s
that one ring right there Bulova rolled gold blue a weave I mean look at this a
little closer this is nice there’s a whole little nice smugglers that this
one aside here nice little trinkets coming out of this five dollar unit but
back to us saying that’s possibly gold and silver right there I’m gonna take a
whole junk box I wasn’t gonna go through little bobbleheads weird a little $5.00
unit I’m starting to like it you’ll see a marking but that has
potential being gold could be soft any white gold doesn’t it doesn’t I don’t
think it is but I’ll have a testing oh yes yes
this right here this is prices Uncle Michael sure it’s freakin fairy dust it
says fairy dust on it that’s not prices to you Wow
you have no idea how and how invaluable and priceless that is right there on a
silver necklace yep like just like that and just like that right we need you yep
we’re making a thumbnail and you have to hold that up don’t drop that and then
just whatever make a funny face and try to point at the other box you know do
some ridiculous uncle Michael there you go that’s what’s up Oh having fun as a
priceless job whoo we had a trunk stock you forget we got a trunk after finding
these things I got magical fairy dust potential gold ring we still got a trunk
in this minute didn’t nobody wanted whoohoo come on hundred grand
ah that was a weird collection whose hearts pounding right now type 17
if you think in the comment section of that Trump’s can have something good
what is this we’re talking about having something good I’ve got a quarter uncle
Michael for that your piggy bank for your granddaughter look at all that
sound coin collection maces nutmeg wu-tang Clan ain’t nothing to with okay
vintage wu-tang clan sure this could be some money right here we’re gonna have
to have this look that could be vintage I don’t know all right I don’t want that
one who is there something there um Michael
making a loud noise yeah I’m hoping to find some a van I want to unroll that
and just see it what do you think that is nice shape I wish it wasn’t uh from
this unit I would keep it does it have a label on it anywhere it has a high KPS
eyes this is a look you don’t know you always pull drugs you roll carpet holes
what do you phone what I think that’s worth over 100 bucks maybe even a couple
hundred let’s set that let’s set this aside for this is we’re making a good
load for our next week Thanksgiving this will go in the good pile one way one way
I’m gonna make the rain bedroom for Michael let’s just stop thinking that
way let’s get through this and then we’ll do the trunk we’re still
manifesting good-looking Uncle Michael he just looks like over here that was
base cameraman films loader man we’re gonna go through this real quick
and I’m not talking how to though you know when I love because it’s nice fine
you twenty bucks there’s actually broken you can see on
the plastic count nothing in there and we just leave this stuff in here on for
Michael we won’t have to so we won’t have to move it all twice we valued over
there Yan still having high hopes still having high hopes for the trunk
I am books liars poker a DVD collection movie said they were give it to a name
he’s good at poker you watch his poker live stuff
Metallica alright nice cabinet through the trunk and then I can finish wrapping
this up with you good giant slam potential
comment out what you think’s in here hats hats hats and clothes
oh you giant fans out there we can still leave it in here we’re just only putting
cookbook paperwork you know you can’t take a personal Mike who found duffle
bag in trunk chess I’ll play chess don’t come on this thing is almost well loaded found back about a hundred thousand
dollars it’s not $100,000 uncle Michael how come
every time we open a bag when we say $100,000 there’s not a hundred thousand
dollars in there damn I saw a video yeah rutaberries harutora yep that is all
right that’s 20 bucks and a good jingle oh
that’s an iPad down there what’s it there’s something in that
blanket yeah yeah open it up sound iPad older one what is it windows 7 core i3 that’s not
bad we find the charger for that that’s a few bucks there too nice out I know
we’re just going what we’re gonna put them in that bag and set that whole bag
of so I think that’s a good bag Class B specifications I don’t know which one
this one is this $5.00 unit is paying out how to make money buying and selling
storage unit I don’t want to hold it I want to see what’s in there I can’t do
the camera I can’t film and hold it this stuff that’s why we’re a team local
Michael and n65 I don’t know if that has high value what’s important though at
that point is these right here Nikon 702 300 millimeter this could be a 100
hundred 50 bucks right listen definitely goes in the good iPod 4 and we have a 20
to 80 millimeter nikkor that’s probably that could be like 200 bucks right there
I don’t think that’s the good body and we got one more box left one more box
left we we you and me me and you come on
you’re quiet today we’d like to say anything to the whole world
you wouldn’t ah so we it is a we at the games yeah we
use don’t sell very well anymore but yeah we’ll set that aside all right I’ll
come I glad to rap on this no I don’t want nothing at it from this at my house
not after seeing that spray so what do you think over Michael you’re a wise guy
five dollar investment on this unit nobody wanted and we got to take the
mattresses and throw them away even though we’re gonna keep hell don’t you
think there’s probably at least a hundred there yeah maybe two hundred
does it say there’s two hundred right there by Kim stings then you look over
here this rug is guaranteed 100 bucks right I can promise I can get a hundred
for that I might be able to get more that’s probably 40 50 bucks do we build
$20 is 40 I foresee maybe $400 out of this $5 investment and we rented it back
to attempt to move in and we got to leave the mattresses oh yeah at least
$400 coming back oh it’s time to get to work on my go stop horseplay all right
on to the next one

84 comments on “PAID $5 MADE HUGE PROFITS! Found JEWELRY ! I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

  1. I love the larger units but boy is it difficult not to love a smaller $5 unit full of *cash! Seize all the opportunity you can.

  2. That's really not true climbing gear . It's a harness for claiming concrete forms and safety harness hooking of in boom lifts ect. I'm a Union Carpenter i use that type for claiming concrete forms on some jobs . Ive payed New 100$ used 35$ to 50 most of the time big contractor supply gear though .

  3. Wow! What a score for $5 bucks! I guess it takes a Pirate to pull that one off! Uncle Mike looks great with rose colored glasses! You two are funny!17 Tyfs.

  4. I have not been watching your channel long and enjoy it but please keep uncle mike to the background or not in front for long sorry I find him boring I am NOT being unkind WE all can`t like or love everything or everyone

  5. All the NIKON camera gear at 22:04 in this vid is all lower-cost amateur stuff. A reliable place to find value on used camera gear is http://www.keh.com see what you think when you check them out. Cheers

  6. Love this locker – and I love the $1, $5 and $10 locker videos, feels like real treasure. I also want to say I really appreciate how respectful and nice you are when commenting on people's things.. you are genuinely curious and kind.

  7. hoping goodies in the trunk but you guys are really working as a team and no stress is the best I have laughed a few times thank you

  8. that unit would have gone for $500 where I live in Canada, almost no flee markets either, hard to re sell so most are buying as a hobby. Cheers eh!

  9. I just really enjoy your videos.
    Uncle Mike move it!!! Lol
    Keep on rocking guys.
    I hope you will still have videos this Thanksgiving week.
    Love ya,
    From Memphis TN.

  10. Not gonna lie, you freaked me out when you said "bedbugs and flea's." I would have gotten out of there quick! How do you keep your trailer free of bugs? Do you have to spray in between loads?

  11. Посмотрите фондовый рынок России,и вы поймете что, в это трудное время,заработать можно только в России

  12. Why not use a stand and give Uncle MIke a hand?
    Lots of great stuff.
    Old Nikon lenses can be used with new digital cameras…great find.
    Old phone bundles can sell for 100 or so for parts on ebay, but you know all that already.
    Stop searching for the cash it will be there or not… just enjoy the ride!
    Rik Spector
    Why not breed bedbugs for fun and profit?

  13. I like this unit- looks like “tea with Mary Poppins” on the ceiling. Happy unit and some good stuff…. Good blessings for your good heart in helping that young couple with their unit !!!! LOVED SEEING THAT VIDEO !

  14. My class ring was white gold–not silver. Did you double check?

    Cute clip about Bulova watches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss6v5bpxODo

  15. 10:16 some of those beads could be silver. Aside from Pandora, there are some other popular brands – Trollbeads, Ohm Beads, etc. I froze the frame, but I can't see clearly enough to identify any of the beads.

  16. That rug is VERY expensive. You can always have it professionally cleaned for about fifty dollars and keep it. It retails for about a thousand dollars.
    I'll take all of the things you call junk. I could make a good living selling it.
    A lot of that jewelry was silver and two gold rings. Man, your good karma is definitely visiting you now. Congrats.

  17. Your Uncle Mike is your best co-worker. I had an Uncle. who always had a toothpick in his mouth. When he passed, his son was sure to place several in his suit pocket!

  18. So sorry (for me) that I missed this live❣️ I'll catch you tonight. Can't believe no one wanted that unit!!! Good score 👍

  19. That rug is beautiful! The coloring is amazing! Please clean it and keep it. It needs to be in a positive home full of love!

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  21. Hey, how’s it going Mike? Hope y’all are doing well. Playing catch up on some of your videos. Sending love to you, your family & crew..

  22. That's a nice little rug, probably a Persian commercial piece from the 50s or 60s, some sort of Hamadan or Kashan. Good condition, not to many synthetic dyes, probably $200-300.
    Liar's Poker is a book about being a bond salesman at Salomon Brothers during the 80s.

  23. Love investments like these; good deal!
    Before you said Andy Warhol, I instantly thought the same. ☺️
    I miss my grandma SO much, Italian grandmothers ARE the BEST!! 🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹

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