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HELLO WELCOME TO CHANNEL today we will try patina pitch tumbled technique we paint our polyester object with metallic cream color Here you need to pay attention painting detailed parts of the object since this video object is unpainted, we have to paint it once we leave it to dry for 1 hour after painting patina pitch is a dense material can be opened with thinner or turpentine we apply patina pitch by taking care of detail surfaces as if they were painting do not tarry the whole object bitter bitter and wipe with thinner cloth you can delete it at any density you want do a small amount of deletion in places you want to see dark patina is a sticky material to use gloves when working with pitch we painted with light metallic paint to illuminate the relief parts of the object apply the paint with a small amount of sweeping technique and the result is a wonderful antique tumbling work If you like our video, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and like it if you want more See you in our next project

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