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Pawn Stars: 18th Century Tibetan Buddha | History

Pawn Stars: 18th Century Tibetan Buddha | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: 18th Century Tibetan Buddha | History

  1. All World invaded my mother land india ..and thefted our idols and artifacts ,gold and diamonds and making bussiness…
    One day all will return to india sure.

  2. Expert: This is 10 dimension Buddha with affection to humanity. Very sacred form and someone who is sent back to help people

    Rick: Yeah! How much is it worth!

  3. 1752 that cheap brass statue?If punks thinks like he dresses I see scam here coming.
    I would place that brassie thing between 1950/1970s😅😂😅😤

  4. what a weird acquisition story. His friend gave him a 15,000 dollar statue that has no meaning to him……. not for his wedding, not for some important landmark in his life, but because he moved.

  5. It’s unusual for people to have that type of enormous statue unless if they knew someone who had some connection with a temple or bought it. Otherwise suspecting it could had been stolen?

  6. He's going shopping for items that will come and go over time with money he got from selling a cultural artifact piece that has meaning and will last forever. I don't get it?

  7. The guy said he could get 10 to 15 thousand 🤔 baldheaded pawn shop owner scammer says, the guy just said i can only get 10k 🤦‍♂️

  8. Expert… worth estimated 10 k… RICK… I’ll give you 75 dollars… and I’m taking all the risk with auction fees.. and haven sit here!

  9. This doesn't looks like 17 century, the artwork looks like modern Nepalese.
    Avalokitasvara, paying attention to the cries of the world.

  10. Fake show fake experts fake deals but entertaining ricky has a smoker's laugh heard it many times he even laughs fake 👎👎👎

  11. What a fool pawn star. You should have call Tibetan antique dealer from NY. Structure of statues isn’t that good.

    Not even worth of $1000

  12. normaly he should fly to tibet and give that buddha back that has been stolen from there. thats so sad for my buddhistheart

  13. there is something fishy about that story… a 10 000$ buddha as a housewarming gift from a friend who got it from a garage sale? something doesn't add up

  14. "House warming gift" yeah the house he broke into. I don't believe half the stories these people come up with.

  15. Rick was being duped. These statues can be found anywhere in the street market and flea market. The experts can even turned new silverware turned into antiques using chemicals.. Rick is foolish to listen to that moustache guy who claimed that the statue was from the 1750s. Where is the proof? Rick, u are duped!

  16. Rick and his Jedi mind trick-my expert said $10,000 at auction! When the customer just heard the expert say just 30 seconds earlier between $10 & $15,000 at auction!

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