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Pawn Stars: Rick Checks Out an Expensive Old Rock (Season 10) | History

Pawn Stars: Rick Checks Out an Expensive Old Rock (Season 10) | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: Rick Checks Out an Expensive Old Rock (Season 10) | History

  1. 🤔 big gem and rock and artifact shop here they sell meteorites like these for around $200, you can buy meteorite slices for $10 or so.

  2. 3:44 He already knew it was a meteorite, he's a meteorite hunter. O.o
    And it was catalogued already… lmao. Plus the expert says $10 a gram if not catalogued, but then just gives a price rather than a price per gram because it's catalogued? wut

  3. Costumer: I have the Sandals Jesus Christ wore. It has been passed downed

    Rick: Let me call a guy who is an expert in what Jesus Christ wore!

  4. I don't understand why people don't walk away once…. the only way to know if you are getting the best offer is to walk away. As a seller there is almost no risk, if they will give you $1000 for something today, they will give you $1000 tomorrow. If the seller attempts to walk then there is a chance the buyer will up their offer. I am sure Rick would have sent $2200 for the meteorite.

  5. Jesus : I have the original cross they nailed me to
    Rick : Well it's old and worn, i have to frame it. I'll give you 6 bucks and a pack of chewing gum

  6. in the start: “The least I’ll go is $2000.”

    near the end: “How bout $2000?” -Rick

    “Nah m8 can’t go dat low😕.”

    His thots, “ This man is really buggin me rn😒 but fine.”

  7. Haggling with the Arabs at the bong shop is so much more animated and entertaining than rick and his dumb jokes and dry wit.

  8. Rick: Can I get the bill please?
    Waiter: Ok so that's 4 dozen honey BBQ wings with 3 extra large drinks, 2 orders of extra large fries and an order of our jumbo sized onion rings and a bucket of ranch dressing, that'll be 543.33$
    Rick: Hey listen, best I can do is a dollar fifty with 96 chicken bones and not a penny more.
    Waiter: I'm calling the cops.

  9. So in 1800 to Maybe 1820
    ( around Their) a metiorite landed near the border with italy in austria in modern day slovenia and the pepol thought it was the italians atcaki g and shooting canons thats how big of a bang it made But it was only like 2 fists big

    Hi from slpvenia im watching this on tw aswel XD

  10. Customer: the other 1/2 is at UCLA
    Rick: How do you know?
    Customer: I went in there and broke off this 1/2 the other night

  11. Customer on the way out: "Thanks again, for the money Rick…Btw…your "expert"? He's my best friend…we're going out drinking tonight

  12. Wow. !!! Rick. I have a bridge you can buy. 3,300 and it’s yours bud. You can fish for more fake space rocks under the bridge. 👉🤝 let me know …

  13. Alot of u are saying that they are undercutting their customers, but they really do have to make money, space is also potential money to them. Often things go much lower than half the price on secondary markets

  14. Some of those experts are tired to came in the shop allmost every day. Just have some kind historical feeling, about that.. 😁 🤘

  15. “About 3 to 4 months”
    ”this is older than the planet” you know that’s a big difference between how long it’s been on the ground and how long it’s actually been a thing.

  16. Ever notice that he always asks "What you want for this thing?…" before calling in the "expert"? So he can tell the "expert"…

  17. Seller: hello their I have a rock from Pluto I want to sell.

    Rick: interesting, I like it , let me call my 👽 buddy for verification!.

    Rick has a Guy for everything !!

  18. The best I can do is 400 bucks, a 1984 Judy Garland doll and a bag of Gummy bears signed by one of the Dodger outfielders in 1994.

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