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80 comments on “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Vintage, B-Horror Movie Title Design

  1. When he doubled clicked the smart object, it opened a new file with only the text group…upon using the transform tool on the text, only one text layer appeared afterward…what happened?

  2. Good video Sir.  Thank you for taking the time to produce it.  Standing by for your next production!

  3. Thank you Blue Lightning TV! I am in awe of all the work you put into this! Likewise to all the past tutorials!

  4. Thank you for your great tutorials. Your films are very good. A lot of work you do but we all see your hard work for YouTubers. Thanks again!

  5. Genial como siempre Marty ! Aunque mi idioma natal es el castellano, he aprendido más con tus tutoriales en ingles, porque tienes el talento y la vocación de enseñar lo mucho que sabes. Saludos desde León, Gto. y síguenos sorprendiendo a todos los que amamos el Photoshop…

  6. I know I'm gonna have fun with this one. The thumbnail to the left was my take of your lesson "Photoshop: Make a vintage, JAZZ RECORD ALBUM COVER." The photo was my father in Japan in 1956. He was a jazz aficionado. He passed in 2007. I made a framed poster and gave it to my mom for Valentines Day. She said it was the greatest gift she ever got. Thank you for your tutorials they are awesome.

  7. Excellent and fun tutorial.  I like that you comment on different versions of PS for those of us on slifgtly older veersions.

  8. BLTV can you show me how to rendering a product sketch??for example like car sketch..render it and add up some metallic effect..

  9. Thanks for the tutorial keep them coming I might even use this "movie: title in one of my designs 🙂

  10. Thank you great Tutorial you are easy to follow along with. And that square space really worked we'll for me. Is there any chance you can do some after effects tutorials? Thanks for teaching us the value and the skill of Photoshop. It's is greatly appreciated!

  11. I'm confused. Is Brain-Eating Monster a completely different movie title? Or is it supposed to alternate with Swamp Thing?

  12. Reply to dragonmasterchief79: For anyone to reply to your comments directly, you need to have a Google+ account. "Brain-Eating Monster" is a different movie title used as an example of Smart Objects.

  13. Good tutorial
    I appreciate the quality and professional way you present the video and how you demonstrate it, please keep it up

  14. i love all your videos dude 🙂 you have tech me so many thing,i have become and professionist Photo Desinger now,thanx to you 🙂 Keep Going i will be Like all your videos

  15. Is it just me, or does the word "color picker" sound racist?
    …Iv'e been watching too much of The Young Turks.

  16. Wow, thanks very much for your video. You've just helped me make my project way more professional than it has any right to be.

  17. This was exactly what I needed! I appreciate how slowly you went through the steps, and that you have the files available for use. Thank you for making this!

  18. I know I'm over 3 years later here, but I only just found this tutorial. It is – like all of BLTV's tuts – absolutely wonderful.
    Thank you MG – I'm going to convert a picture of my 8 year old niece swimming in a pond into "Swamp Thing" – and make her laugh her head off!

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