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PICKING THE FLEAMARKET! How to make money! I didn’t buy an abandoned storage unit

cheeseburger we tell the world how you
almost found $100,000 in 2000 ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages we are here at Saturday morning today and we’re gonna shop the flea
market look for suey Bay items see if we can make a flea market blog not sure
because sometimes those don’t work out well
but nonetheless we’re gonna shop we’re gonna pig we’re gonna see their storage
buyers check out what they bought see if we can make some money on eBay because
at the end of the day that’s what this is all about how to make money here we
are then arches look there’s people selling in there’s customers here we are
at our good buddy cheeseburgers booth and his great storage pirate time I love
it Jack’s video and he gotta cook of you doing that nice I like it look at this
antique furniture ladies and gentlemen this things are nice right here east-asian
you get them checked out those are nice what do you sell them for 300 that’s not
bad I know I just show me and when you got em I like solid brass head maybe
it’s wood with the panel’s bead around it yes I like this table though I
thought you had benches for it no benches
why would you sell benches without the table what is wrong with you doesn’t it
these teach you better look at this nice stuff where you look at stores my oldest
storage stuff look as these bought a fishing store look at this everybody
it’s not sure who can forget nacho this guy over here didn’t invent the cell he
just showed Mikey what’s up what’s up say good morning to the whole world guys
how you doing my able to not just so happy all the time that’s the
inspiration to see you guys know yeah I always be happy and I like my old tools
if you got any dog tooth send it to me please how they gonna get ahold of you
nacho cheese what that come naturally is that calm you got a website skater what
is it a bad one let me see he wants me to show you guys
this one you know I don’t do politics I’ll let them roll with that cuz I don’t
do politics but don’t do politics on my channel no because we give people the
freedom of speech and how they oh yeah I know I just don’t like choosing sides
I’m not about love I’m gonna mind then yeah never mind not gonna buying tools
my goal is to spend like five to get a $20 item spend 20 to get like a 40 $50
item that is my basical obviously like a higher profit margin but don’t be too
spoiled to at least double your money ask the biggest problem in the resale
everybody wants to make four or five eight twelve times their money just be
happy with double why would he do away back here you’ve
had it up there alright fair enough too many people over there there’s a
snake in your box how many people got scared by that another one of my fellow
auction buyers Paul I think he’s camera size so I don’t fill them a hard part
about this YouTube stuff sometimes you got to be careful who you fill a lot of
people don’t want to be on camera in respect to that receive mark it’s dead
out here I got said for a while dead markets making it hard to sell because
that is the most eccentric part of buying a storage unit say it’s all time
anybody could buy a storage unit would actually sell it get your money back and
make pop it that’s where the real art comes in that’s the way you see
everywhere tools you always follow the crowd and crowd is always where this
stuff that’s just coming out it might be cooler so you follow that and this is why picking ain’t easy
because people don’t really bring out lots of just extravagant stuff it’s
really just your everyday basic stuff that’s the average thing in a storage
unit that is the average thing at the flea market bar none
tools Rick what up buddy what are you up to trying to make you got all sort of
stuff out yet you don’t need to with all this stuff you got plenty to sell oh you got on display that’s always fun
I will find out tomorrow how the auction did I will in fanned out live and I will
announce it then doing well doing well what about you livin swords neat stuff everybody fighting to
find the same and not just guy this stuff out see what he’s got not you
saying anything good today yes we’re stupid guys a nigga anywhere high chance
for twenty two pence you will be on YouTube not really
they have over the whole world say hello whole world hello what made
you presume I was filming okay yeah I’m always filming it’s not working well
good luck to you yeah it’s hard everybody gets all the good stuff before
you get out there good morning sir do you have your check in the dumpster pile
are you really there really come over here to see just in case I don’t know because Harold couldn’t
throw anything away nowadays he the oldest British man in the world he’s
also the cheapest and British man in the world hey any sound militate rum I bought an
abandoned storage unit is found true I’m willing to guess it’s just full of
reproduction no it’s pretty much empty so this or I would say save this till
the end of the video but the fact is I’m not that way
because I know it’s empty so I wouldn’t do that to you guys got to keep it real
rubbish is in this garbage look at this now I see why you’re throwing stuff away
he brought a dump run he basically came here to do a dump run today you see that
he’s supposed to throw these radios away we discussed this a couple weeks ago
daddy’s still out here I sell these all the time I’ve tried them on eBay try
them on Craigslist the average about 20 30 40 bucks at the flea market in a
perfect world for the most part they’re they’re not cool no more herro would
never sell a repop Herald sell something thing I would never guess that where’s
this from Muir Island oh there you go that’s a few but there’s a bunch more
these in the car how do you know because he got them from me
you you got them from their Island I got him from a storage unit and that’s where
I know they’re from I used to look out my office window at the window this guy
worked in are you working here Island all right that you should want that
because that’s your homie he knows this guy this is his homie
this person was his homie don’t be silly you knew the individual Oh
now many people would help you out in this stuff for free ya know only a good
friend right hope we put the video of that long what
will you open the video not every good spread posted no every good you write
but good friends will yep this is gonna friend yeah that’s what friends are for giving stuff away for free are you
feeling all right today are you feeling all right today you never give nothing
away for free I think I think you messed up a line this is my IMI’s cheeseburger
nice this is over there Macy’s babies over here all right dang
you want to say hello to the whole world this will be on YouTube the whole world
over see this then I make the video I will put it on
YouTube soon thank you I look old too no thing yeah we don’t talk about
people’s names on here oh we don’t say people’s names then I’m
scared of nobody you making any money out here no I know
we don’t simply don’t say people’s names oh we can’t the world knows that one
person has my heart and we don’t say that who it is we don’t say their name
no no we don’t say her name okay out of respect anyway now that’s where you’re from
right yeah people watching me in Thailand and Wow yeah yeah I get people
to China yet idea long in the to people in the bad weather
yeah Lao Cai or some people to be is some people big money some people don’t
have money a lot Italian T on American soil so I couldn’t I see contain allow
Tom took one the man took one of the ship to volunteer like a samurai back in
with me Alliance and cool out young me Michael now mrs. Duncan
come I will allow me to live in either my missile Sun and Kumgang Banda Sam boy
bar Ealing hopefully the subtitles will say in
English so everybody could see what you just said yeah well can something they
have a translation on YouTube so when I but even people still hear homeless
people live under the bridge the people in America underestimate how much time
it takes to make money and compared to other countries to put a stem everything
you know and my friends town in Mexico people who make bricks they make the big
bricks to build houses one week seven days that pays 80 bucks in America
moment eighty one eighty dollars for what do we in America people are seven
day of year Monday to Sunday 277 there being only count at least
eight about 270 daughter yeah $75 you making any money out here
today yeah not too much the markets are dead you know
say bye-bye everybody happy I love you cool Thailand
cup good now okay hi Dan don’t do too much love you too
mother love people you make love people service not night you have to pay more 5
500 baht for one day okay this is Chang one of my favorite people
in the world everybody okay first time you wanna see fun ba la me love me Laura
let me know when bottomless yeah Lewton why let me get my key somewhere at fifth
thing I’m gonna give you five right now I have plenty cheeseburger we tell the world how you
almost found a hundred thousand dollars and find it
he saw it how did that how does that make you feel to know if you would have
bid a little more it have been yours really bad I don’t sleep three days
three days you don’t sleep does that make you want a bit higher on every unit
now yep I don’t you buy for you need big you that’s what happens you see that and
you go crazy you want to buy more units between that go
this man was this close he was the under bidder they found a hundred thousand of
voice oh I met that we’re gonna scratch that out oh I messed up it’s a great not
sure where’s all the good stuff I already sold you saw this morning
you’ve got nothing good to show us yes we’re in my house oh gold coins
everybody say goodbye to nacho looking like this is turning out to be a
disappointing shopping day again why is this over here now he’s delivering it oh
my god oh my god you can’t afford to be buying stuff Harold he’s having paid all
your nails oh I have I stand how much you pay for this stuff for what this this what else that coffee table sucks
those right there Scott all from him these are the best item oh
yeah these are included in there these two and that chunk we don’t contend that
sucks I need to live it the whole night to me I mean these are nice and what you
can do if all this stuff Michael you harder holla me too buddy what did you waste your money on right
here can you please explain this to me this is Alameda purchase what is this
that’s not cause Wald or no was that Griswald this is not so very old though
looks very reproduction I know you don’t want to hear that
what does say though says New York it’s got the same brand and what you pay for
that what are you gonna sell it for my
storage gonna be there I gotta go get ready for Monday where the real money is all right want to compare sales charts you go to the high-end market I go and
Marcus and I bet I make more hundred everybody say bye to Harold and that’s a
wrap every time we come out here to try to make some money all we get to do is
hang out with our friends spread the love say hello get a hug
start our morning off and then go about our day I would have preferred to buy
something to make some money but nonetheless I love life and I love
everybody so mission complete thanks for watching I love you

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