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looks like I’ve got some people here hello Tanya okay so you guys we’re here
live for live planner piece master class I hope you guys are as excited as I am I
really want to do these live classes more often and I’ve scheduled one a
month for the rest of the year so I’m so excited to be able to spend some
one-on-one face time with you and of course give you guys as much value and
information as I can through this format because I think this is a really
important time of year right like we are doing our best to get organized before
the new year starts so I want to make sure that I’m doing my best to prepare
you guys in every way I can for 2020 and beyond
so first a few little housekeeping things that I always like to do with
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grab your drink I also want to make sure you guys grab a notebook and grab a pen
because you’re gonna be taking a lot of notes okay because this is gonna be very
value packed jam-packed with information so I want to make sure that you guys
will bring in your all to the you know to this event right now
get yourself a drink make sure you’ve got a notebook and a pen to stay focused
and take notes because that is the best way to learn you know one of the first
ways to learn this to write things down so you remember it for later
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swipe up and join me live okay story boom okay so now I think we are
officially ready to go wouldn’t you say okay so just to give
you guys a rundown about the class it is going to be one of those luxury classes
where I put up slides and I do have a like I said I have a lot of information
to share and the slides really do help me to make sure that I stay on point and
don’t ramble because look we’re already like seven minutes in and all I’ve been
doing is rambling so this helps me to stay on point because there’s a lot to
say I get really psyched about this and today’s class are really really
important to me because in a way I feel like this is me being able to merge
everything I’ve learned about the planner world and planner community in
the last few years plus the whole new focus and philosophy that I have on
planning that I’ve been using and executing in my life that I want to
share with you all mmm take a sip of water mmm gotta clear
my throat I’m sorry that’s a little gross but I’m gonna have to do that a
few times I’m gonna be doing a lot of talking so I’m really excited about
today’s content and it’s going to be elect like a lecture style but we’re
gonna come back at the end to do a Q&A but before we do that I wanted to do a
little bit oh let me do my whole intro first huh let me do my intro so we get
that out of the way okay so you guys ready we’ll start that will officially
start now eight minutes in okay we’re officially starting hello my Charmed Ones and welcome back
to my channel if this is your first time with me I’d like to say welcome my name
is Alexis but I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across the internet I’m
an online entrepreneur who designed some sales productivity tools strategies and
skills to help you manifest success with less stress so if that sounds
interesting to you I’ll leave some links down below in the description box where
you can check out more of my work online and fear a few and feel free to download
some latest re productivity tools over at the charm shop.com okay so today we
are doing the planner peace masterclass which is gonna be all about helping you
find planner peace that a very elusive planner piece that we’re all looking for
we’re all looking for a perfect planner our unicorn planner
a ride-or-die planner and a system that we can use that we feel confident in and
helps us to not only manage our lives organize our time organize our tasks but
also helps us to reach our goals because at the end of the day that’s the most
important thing for me is that my planner isn’t just there to like remind
me about another like random tasks mundane life tasks that I’m not thrilled
about right yes I use my planner for that but that’s not the only thing I use
my planner for because if that was it I would be like knockin my head against
the wall so frustrated and let me know in the comments if you feel the same way
my planner is not just about doing my day-to-day stuff that I have to do I use
my planner as well and the most important thing I use my planner for as
well is to keep me inspired towards my goals so that I am creating the life
that I want to live hitting the objectives that I want to hit and living
life being the person that I want to be that I was put on this planet to be and
that’s what I want to instill upon you today is this philosophy of approaching
your planner like this so you can finally find that planner piece so you
can finally find the system that works for you and that you stick to it and it
helps you to really truly improve your productivity and improve your life so
and that is what we’re doing today now I thought it would be really fun for us to
start with an icebreaker for those who were in the comments if you’re
with me live and you’re in the chat or if you are watching a replay please do
me a favor and get involved because I thought this would be funny to do it fun
to do an icebreaker okay so I’m leaving the icebreaker on on this frame for you
guys and the icebreaker is to leave me a comment
sharing your name location and what your first planner was do you guys remember
what your very first planner was I’m gonna go ahead and start first and share
a story of my first planner I have shared this before so forgive me – my oh
geez who may have heard this like time and time again but I got into the
planner community online like officially in like 2012-2013
but my first planner was from like Claire’s or fashion bug
it was either from Claire’s or I think it was flashing bug it was from the
first one I think was from fashion blog the fashion blog fashion bug does anyone
remember that store I actually had a job in college at a fashion blog once but it
was an animal printed little fuzzy planner and it was like a six ring kind
of little Filofax like a little girl version maybe like a pocket-sized but it
was like an animal print faux fur and I have like a million of these little
planners that I would go through like I probably got one like every year but I
distinctly remember buying this one with money that I had gotten my aunt would
occasionally like as like a side job she would clean the house of one of our
family friends who was like this older gentleman who is single didn’t have a
wife so she would go like once a week or whatever and clean his house and he
would pay her and she would take me with her because she was very often the
caretaker like on nights and weekends for what were my parents were working
for me and my brother so she would sometimes take me with her and would I
would clean and she would like you know give me like ten bucks like you know for
helping you know what I mean and so I remember like the first time we did that
together she took me to Fashion Bug afterwards and I bought this planner
like this fuzzy animal print what would I guess it was tiger print
cuz it was orange with black I remember orange with black fur so that
was my first planner and I probably wrote things in it like TV shows and
like homework right but what I felt like darn girl boss like I felt like a boss
babe in that moment and that’s probably the first moment that I fell in love
with planners so I would absolutely love to hear your stories I know there’s a
little bit long but I think you guys like hearing these fun little stories
and I think we each have a fun little story for how we got into planning and
that’s just the one that sticks out in my mind like I said I have lots of
little planners after that from like Claire’s I think there was a store
called icing that might still I think icing still around I think it’s like
eclairs Affiliate I don’t really remember those works but they all had
like those little girl planners right so that was my first planner system so I’m
seeing in the comments here you guys talk from a fashion blog yeah I love
fashion blog I thought it was so it was my favorite I was a little um let’s see
Detroit Oh Donald in Detroit had a Franklin planner in 1985 I wasn’t even
born yet Donald jeez Louise isn’t that cool we
got some real oh geez here and I do see that in the community a lot of people
who have been planner people in my community have been a planner person for
a long time like since the 80s started with a Franklin planner or a Franklin
Covey I remember in high school the mall that was like kind of you know where we
lived had a like Franklin compass it’s a common compass or it was Franklin
planner it had a Franklin store like a Franklin planning store and I would go
in there like salivating over like leather binders and my friends would be
like yeah we’re gonna go like so go shopping for clothes and like makeup
like whatever we’re gonna go to Sephora like you are gonna like salivate over
planners how random but I did I like absolutely was like obsessed with them
but you know they were like a hundred bucks right so that was like way out of
my like high schooler budget so yeah so you’ve got some uh Yvonne from Silver
Spring Maryland has a day timer more than 30 years ago
Rianne says that she’s from the Netherlands hello welcome her first
planner was a simple one in school in 1974 see like I know we’ve got some like
real planner oh geezr which I’m really excited about so okay let’s move on from
this just so we can not make this like a 10 hour livestream which it easily could
be knowing me but I would absolutely love to hear more about
your first planner who you are where you’re from leave me a comment leave me
a message in chat because I think this is really fun to kind of hear people’s
play our stories and I absolutely love that don’t forget you guys to give this
video a thumbs up there’s a whole bunch of you here there’s more people here
than thumbs up that I see and one person unfortunately who just doesn’t get it
and it’s okay it’s okay if planners are for you I still love you and I’m sending
you all my love okay even though you did not give this video a thumbs up it’s
okay you know you don’t have to love planners the way we do okay we found our
people and if you are one of my people you can sit with me boo okay you can sit
with me I just like kissed my hands and got lipstick all over my hands thank God
I had a little okay so that’s the icebreaker thank you guys for humoring
me I think this is a fun way to get to know each other in the comments as well
so thank you guys so much for humoring me on that okay let’s go ahead and I’m
gonna jump into the full screen of my computer and we are gonna start doing
our arch I’m gonna close the chat out actually right here just so I can focus
on the screen share what do we doing here and oh good I gave me the preview
screen excellent and I’m gonna go ahead and pop into the full screen here
excellent I’m pretty sure we are full screen oh and you guys can see me at the
bottom can’t you hmm let me see if I can that’s okay it’s like I can kind of see
it okay hopefully this doesn’t cause problems for me oh you know what let me
can I escape out of the oh I can okay excellent okay so hopefully you guys are
still seeing me and everything I see my little preview okay so you guys actually
have a preview of me on the screen as well so we can still chat and you can
still see me while I’m doing this okay I better not like fidget too much if you
guys are watching me okay so let’s get started with our plan our piece master
class because that is the topic of today’s video make sure you’ve got a
drink a notebook a pen we are jumping in now welcome everyone to class
today first I’m gonna talk to you guys briefly again I know I kind of mentioned
this earlier I’m gonna repeat myself a little bit I tend to do that but please
forgive me let’s talk about why I created this class now I want to be
honest this is not the first time I’ve done this class I did this class I
created this for the first time I think like two years ago but so much has
changed in this time that I’ve been really wanting to update this class so
badly like I said this class is like all of the information that I have kind of
put together over you know the past few years of being in the planner community
working with students working with my communities talking to people about what
their struggles are with finding planner piece and it’s going to integrate now my
new philosophy on planning so I keep seeing more and more women enter the
planner community with high hopes for their planners and goals and spending
lots of time and money and energy for very little result many of us look to
planners and planning for the clarity organization personal development and
success that it can bring our lives but very few of us seem to be meeting those
expectations expectations with our planners as someone who has been a
leader in this community for at least the past five years now I’d like to help
correct this for those of you who are ready to embrace my ideas and I just
want to go out and say I know that this information is not going to be for
everyone I fully know that but I know that there is a segment of the planning
population who desperately wants to reach planner piece in order to feel
like they’re gonna be able to move forward with their goals they
desperately want to have a planner system that works for them so that they
can improve their lives because they know the possibility is there but
they’re just struggling and I know there’s a lot of noise out there in the
planner community and I really want to cut through that noise like perfect chop
through it and set the record straight for those of you who want this
information right not for everybody but I know it’s for some of you and
hopefully all of you who are watching with me today so let’s set some
expectation for today as a class okay because I love setting expectations what
you’ll get from the class if you are open to it again if this isn’t your cup
of tea if these aren’t the ideas that you’re ready for and you’re not gonna
resonate with them no big deal you don’t have to watch this class you guys will
know if this information is for you you’ll feel it and you’ll get a sense of
they’re ready right our renowned why you’re not seeing improvement with your
party to it that’s one of the things that I want to help you with is to help
you get clarity with you know why you’re not seeing improvement with your
productivity why you don’t feel like your goals are advancing like you’re
using a planner but things aren’t getting better right I want to give you
clarity around that I want to help you identify what is holding you back from
finding planner peace in your own life because there is significant reasons and
we’re gonna go through those I want to give you a strategy for how to overcome
those obstacles no matter how many of those obstacles are in your way I’m so
sorry I just backed my mic hopefully that didn’t mess up the audio no matter
how many of the obstacles are in your right you can overcome them and I’ve got
some strategies for you and I want to give you some tools for establishing
planner peace and improving your productivity as well I also have of
course some free gifts for you today so in the description of this video you’ll
see a link for your free gifts I created an exclusive set of planner dashboards
and coordinating iPhone backgrounds so it says good things come to those who
plan and it’s in a beautiful black and white marble which you guys know I love
and they can actually be printed for like a five half letter full letter
planners and personal size and you can you know if you know if you use like a
happy planner and you know like what the dimensions are you can you know print it
to whatever dimensions you want to print it but I have those free gifts it is a
free download get the link go grab those free gifts these are me to you some
beautiful things I just wanted to give you to inspire you on this journey okay
now I have a few questions for you which will write down in your notebook and
your pen to set your own expectations now so first question is what do you
want your planner to do for you have you ever sat down and thought about that
like what you actually want your planner to do for you like what your goals are
for your planner I don’t have talked about this in the past and sometimes I
think it’s silly to say what are your goals for your planner but you know if
you’re someone who wants your planner to be the tool be the personal assistant
for your life that’s gonna help you stay organized and move your life forward and
improve your life and hit those goals and be your dream right embody your
dream I think you should set those expectations for your planner right
because it you can always come back to that information and let’s say you’re
someone who doesn’t want to do that like let’s say that you want a planner
– hobby Crafton to use as an art form like to journal or to scrapbook right
then that’s what you want from your planner and you do you boo but it’s very
important I think if we get clear on what we actually think the purpose of
for our planner is and I will say that for me and I’ve said this already
my planner is meant to number one be like a personal assistant for me right
it’s helped you help to help me remember things that I do want to get done even
the mundane things that are very important and we all know that sometimes
the devil is in the details in life and so it is you know meant to be the place
that holds that important information but more importantly than that this is
where I put all of my dreams and goals and hopes for my life like this is the
tool that I use to help me basically become the architect of my life and it’s
the thing that has helped me the tool that has helped me to hit so many goals
to you know start you know blogging and YouTube to do a business full time to
grow that business to grow my community to even do things like personal things
like you guys know a few years ago I lost a whole bunch of weight you know
using the tools that come in my planner to help me stay focused on what’s
important to me and help me stay organized so I can make room in my life
for all the things I want and kind of get take all those things that you have
to do and kind of minimize them you know streamline them get the job done as
quickly and easily as possible so I can live more of my life doing the things
that I want to do okay so I want you to think about what you
want your planner to do for you it’s question number one and question number
two is what do you see as three obstacles to achieving that end so like
right now why aren’t you achieving that if you are someone who’s using a planner
right do you see obstacles that you’ve been facing well have there been things
is it you know you haven’t found a planner that works for you you have a
hard time sticking so the planner maybe you change planners a lot and therefore
you’re not sticking to the same exact planner and so things are all over the
place maybe you’ve got lots of different planners and you can’t choose which one
so you use all of them and then you’ve got plans everywhere and it you feel
disorganized what are the obstacles that you see to achieving that end for what
you want your planner to do for you okay three things you know if you have more
feel free to write them all down but I think we can probably
three reasons that were not achieving what we want with our planners okay now
I do want to remind you to stick with me until the end of today’s class make sure
you take notes and I want you to write down your questions as we go because
we’re gonna do an open Q&A at the end of the class if I go too you know you know
it’s gonna take me forever to go through this class if I stop to read the
comments so please hold your questions you probably are going to get answers to
them so make sure you write them down so that you can identify when you’ve
actually learned them ago she said what the answer to this is and I’m gonna
write it down here so I know and then whatever doesn’t get answered
at the end I am going to stay as long as it takes to get everybody’s questions
answered okay so let’s get started with the meat of today’s class women and
productivity okay and if they’re any gentlemen with me today excuse me good
sir I do speak mostly to women but if you were here because you resonate with
me you are more than welcome okay but when it comes to women and
productivity I believe that women have a major productivity problem women today
enjoy more power in freedom than we ever have in history but at the same time we
have never had so many expectations from ourselves and others women are still
expected to be the primary caregivers of domestic life raising children caring
for a spouse and aging family tending to the home and volunteering in the
community and at the same time many of us still work at least one full-time job
and more women our head of household or the breadwinners of their families in
comparison to men and yet we take on all of this literally we are running the
world you guys and we still feel like we’re failing we feel like we aren’t
doing enough we feel extreme amounts of stress overwhelmed and guilt that leads
us to continue to sacrifice more and more of our personal energy on
everything else while essentially ignoring our own
well-being to the detriment of our mental and physical health and I really
do think this is a big problem like I really do feel like I see more and more
and more women taking on more and more and more expectations from outside
themselves feeling less fulfilled and yet they’re busier than ever working
harder than ever more successful than ever they’re doing nothing for
themselves they are lack in their self-care lacking in their
health and it’s being it’s doing ravenous things to their physical and
mental and physiological well-being and at the same time they think they’re
failing isn’t that crazy I think it’s crazy and I think the problem is that
the P that there is this specific PR message on female productivity and I
believe the advice and messaging women are receiving to manage the situation is
also skewed so there’s no shortage of advice out there for women on how to be
more productive and make time for everything in their life we hear things
like eat sleep hustle repeat the secret to my success is my 4:00 a.m. morning
routine shoot me in the head you guys know how much I hate the idea of having
to wake up super early so we’re super exhausted in order to be a successful
this is something we hear a lot and you guys if you’ve been following me for a while
my og is no I do not believe you need to wake up earlier to be more successful
another one I love to hear is you can sleep when you’re dead and the bags
under my eyes are Chanel right let’s glorify the fact that we’re not getting
enough sleep right let’s do that because you know sleep is not important or
anything it’s not like the entire reason we stay alive is because we sleep enough
and time management tips to complete a week of work in just four hours right
like let’s do this impossible life let’s wake up super early and only get like
three hours of sleep let’s glorify the fact that we’re working so hard and
we’re so exhausted that we have to like glamorize the bags under eyes let’s
cover our eyes with like so much makeup right like so we’ve got like this fresh
lock right the makeup will cover them right we can we can cover the fact that
we’re not sleeping right but eventually this is going to take at all right take
a toll on our health and our lives and just lead to a disastrous end and I
believe that everything we’ve been taught about productivity is wrong yes
and even I have perpetuated these Citterio types in the past but no more
the truth is that women are the most productive people on the planet but we
need to stop giving away our energy to external expectations that don’t serve
us we need to stop with the glorification of Bizzy and the hardcore
hustle mindset is doing nothing for us we need to get clear on our priorities
and set boundaries around them and we need to focus on the results that we
want to achieve rather than the things that we should be doing based on
external acts patience stop shooting yourself to death
because that’s literally what we’re doing we are doing all the things we
think we should do and running around like crazy glorifying busy right busy
does not equal productive by the way we’re glorifying being busy we are
sleeping less doing more stretching ourselves thin and we’re go into an
early grave for it ladies like that’s what we’re doing it is taking a toll on
our mental and physical health it is causing us health issues I think there’s
no one in this community that doesn’t have a friend know someone in this
community who you know is struggling with something health-related in their
life and a lot of this has to do with the way that we’re not taking care of
ourselves because we’re taking care of everyone else the truth about being
productive is that it doesn’t have to be hard I am living proof of this you don’t
need to wake up early to be productive you don’t need to be busy 24/7 you don’t
need to do everything productivity is a strategy it’s taking the steps you feel
guided to take to fulfill your desired results and I don’t want you guys to
break that like write this down productivity is just a strategy okay do
the things you feel guided to do to fulfill the results that you are looking
for right the results you are looking for right not the results everyone else
thinks you should have right not the things you should be doing focus on the
things that you know feel good to you make sense to you are the actions you
want to take to get your dream life and let me tell you when that happens and
women have that power and take that power back and use their energy in the
right way amazing things happen for this world because again we are the
caretakers this this really is something that affects not just ourselves but
everyone around us the good news is is that when we embrace this there’s no way
to go but up from here right there is a positive way forward there is a way that
can help us heal the mistakes of our past get control of our present and set
a course for a new future a future that includes teaching and setting a better
example for our children and the next generations because like I said this
doesn’t just affect you there is a true trickle-down impact with this sort of
self-care and I think that it’s very dangerous that we are sort of setting
this expectation that you know women have to hustle hustle hustle take on
expectation expectation because it’s a dangerous
precedent piece to be setting for our daughters granddaughters nieces everyone
in our life other women in our life and we’re also training men to expect this
from us as well and it’s just so detrimental and I think it’s interesting
I was thinking about this the other day that every generation toes the line that
they’re working hard to give their children a better and easier life I know
that I grew up with this mentality I had immigrant grandparents that came from
Italy in the 1960s my father’s parents they came from Italy and Sicily they he
has an older brother that was born in Italy my father was born here like as
soon as they got off the boat my daddy was the anchor baby an anchor baby from
Italy and they worked so hard in factories as a seamstress as a machinist
my grandfather for years and years and years and years and years saved all of
their money lived on scraps and this was an order to help my father establish a
career and a foothold for his life and for me and my brother to establish
ourselves because they were able to give us so much they funded my education for
college which was such a beautiful and amazing thing but I am ever present and
ever aware that I my success was built on the backs of them and I know that
this is like I said it’s a line that we all toe that we are working hard to give
the next generation a better chance but why are we setting this example then
because all we’re doing is taking a deeper and deeper hole right because the
truth is is that my generation I’m a millennial is truly the first generation
where things haven’t come easier right I would say that for me I was very
extremely lucky that I think my life is easier me Alexis sitting right here at
miss trenchcoat I think I’m one of the few exceptions within my generation but
I think my generation as a whole the kids that I went to college with in high
school with right they don’t have it easier
they had a tougher time finding jobs even though they all went to college you
know they had to take whatever was given to them they have you know they’re not
buying homes right they say that the millenials don’t buy homes anymore like
all of these things are changing we’re the first generation that doesn’t have
it easier we have less than our parents did at the same age and we seem to be
working a lot more so today I want to share with you the roadmap of the way
forward and the tools and strategies I’ve used to extricate myself from this
hamster wheel of the traditional model of productivity yes we’re going to be
talking about planners and planner fees today and finding that planner piece but
within this discussion of planner as life organization tool and that’s really
what I want to highlight here in the discussion of finding planner piece so
that you find a planner that becomes your life organization tool I’m also
going to be unpacking this new philosophy of productivity that I’ve
been working on ok now there’s one very important thing that I want you guys to
know before we even get into so much of the meat of this if there’s one thing
that you take away from this class today one lesson one tip it’s this finding
planner piece making a change in your productivity and seeing results can only
happen when we get honest with ourselves about our capabilities and limitations
ok I know that for many of you this means being honest with yourself that
you are already very productive and extremely capable you’re just not seeing
it because you’re comparing yourself to others your worth does not come from
your planner it doesn’t come from your schedule it doesn’t come from your
career how many people you help and take care of or how many checkmarks that
appear on your to-do list right that’s not where your worth comes from as a
human being on this planet it just does not I know we as women struggle with
this but you already are enough you already do enough and you are so
worth investing your time and energy into are we clear on that because this
is the most important thing that you need to know and really feel in your
heart and in your mind in order to be successful with this class moving
forward from today you know finding planner peace achieving everything every
objective and goal that you have for your life we really need to be clear on
this because this is the really the most important thing the time and time and
time and time again I talk to students I talk to women in my community and when I
help them analyze their productivity situation they come to me thinking
they’re not productive they feel like they’re a failure
geez Louise I talked to women who are so productive are so capable are handling
so many things but are just stressed out they’re stressed out because there’s too
much on their plate so this is the thing that you have to be
honest with yourself about is that most of you I know there swatching watching
today I’m looking at you yeah don’t try to hide behind your coffee cup I see you
I see you you are already enough you are already productive and you are
so capable you already are so capable I just need
you to believe that I need you to believe me okay
if you’ve ever learned anything for me ever believe me ever felt like I had
something to say that resonated with you you need to believe that okay because if
we can’t get clear on this the rest of what I’m about to save you in this class
okay it’s only gonna go so far it’s never gonna solve your entire issue
until you get clear on the fact that you are already a productive and capable
person you’re already worthy right and your your planner is just gonna help be
the icing on top of the cake for you okay I hope you guys feel that and I
want to hear in the comments if you do or not okay so we’re gonna cover a lot
today not all of it will apply to each of you in this moment but I do ask you
to keep an open mind this a class is about helping you get clear on your
journey to plan our peace and really what is holding you back from planning
and executing on the tasks that have priority to you because I want you to
have your dream life and I know that you can do it and I know it doesn’t have to
be as hard as you think it’s going to be I know this because you’re already more
productive and capable than you think and nothing gets the job done like a
woman who knows her worth okay so the first thing I want to do is I want to
talk to you guys about my journey to plan her piece so that hopefully this
journey will resonate with you so that you guys can actually see that this is
possible for you as well I know right now some of you might not be thinking
it’s possible for you but I’m telling you it is so my drain it’s a plan piece
okay believe it or not I’ve been where you are right now
and if I can make it through so can you some of you may remember pieces of my
journey that are shown on YouTube and Instagram but if you’re new to me let me
take a moment and introduce myself okay Who am I who is this crazy loudmouth
Italian Arabic girl from New Jersey it was talking to you right now and
sometimes break to it New York accent strangely because
my cousins and suffer from New Jersey I’m from New York sorry
so hello I’m Alexis I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across the internet
I design and sell tools to help you manifest success with less stress how
productive am I is this productivity guru let’s talk about some things that I
don’t really love to talk about myself and like things that I have accomplished
but I know that it’s helpful to give people some context about how very
productive I I can actually be so I graduated college with two completed
majors in three years okay so JMU class of oh seven go dukes woohoo I’m a little
bit of an overachiever okay I finished college graduated early with two
complete major programs under my belt I worked my way up the corporate ladder at
a fortune 50 holding four jobs in five years and in that time more than
doubling my salary okay kind of productive I guess I’ve been blogging
since 20 2008 I’ve been on YouTube since 2009 and I turned that hobby into my
business in 2014 leaving that corporate nine to five grind for ever and I
replaced my salary in six months okay so I’m someone who has who knows a thing or
two about hitting goals about cutting the corners the right corners to make
sure I get ahead to making sure that I get the job done as efficiently as
possible right I might know a thing or two I absolutely love productivity and
the reason is is that I consider myself the world’s laziest person okay
productivity and planning helps you to achieve more by doing less and I know
people love to like laugh at me when I say I’m the world’s laziest person
because I know many of you look at me I like what are you talking about you’re
so productive but really on the inside I’m productive I’m lazy and I’m only
productive because I’ve been studying productivity and studying the strategy
that helps me achieve the things and basically executing on all the things
we’re gonna be talking about today setting boundaries losing expectations
for other people and really just focusing on the objectives I want to hit
right but productivity can really the study productivity can really help you
to achieve more with while doing less I’m very interested in living a life and
running a business that is as free of stress drama and overwhelm as possible
amen sir that in the comments if you are as well
today I want to inspire more of you to live what I like to call my charmed life
that is focused on manifesting your own version of success by setting the record
straight on women and their productivity and
planning issues unfortunately much to my chagrin productivity is not taught in
schools and I wish that productivity and time management were classes that you
could take in school but they aren’t but the skills of productivity and planning
and time management are strong determining factors over whether you’re
going to be happy healthy and successful in your life
these were skills that I taught myself once I realized that I could be lazy and
successful at the same time mmm and that’s kind of the irony of the charmed
life concept that I have it’s that people think you got lucky right
like people think I got lucky I’ve had people tell me like you just got lucky
but you make your own luck okay and thankfully good productivity skills
means that it looks harder like what I’ve created looks like it was harder to
achieve looks like it was more work than it actually was for me water break take
take a sip you guys I’m only like a quarter away you know through my slides
okay so let’s talk about my planner journey let’s try to like zip through
this section okay so 2014 that’s where I like to say it began for me okay I think
my first planner video was probably in 2012 or 2013 but we’re gonna say 2014
was really worth it all began so 2014 reignited my planner love and this is
where I started making a regular videos on YouTube about planners and how I use
my planner to get things accomplished I also left my job this year that year to
follow my dream of running my own business so there was a lot on my plate
I dabbled with different binders I had Kiki case I had Kate Spade’s I had file
of axes and I used multiple planners at once
I used a collection of inserts most of which I designed in order to develop a
planning system that covered all the bases for my needs
there was lots of pretty planning in my life in 2014 and with stickers and washi
but no peace because I kept changing my system very often in 2015 I started to
identify my plan issues finally okay so I started using a
more complete system that was designed by me I was using my own inserts a
hundred percent of the time project planning became a big focus in my
planner in order to help me manage all the objectives that I wanted to reach
and I was doing pretty planning with a purpose
I used stickers and the washi tape but only to accent my plans and inspire me
mid-2015 the charmed life planner lunches now this is my first functional
planner with what I called my continuous style of inserts that includes calendars
trackers and weekly spreads to plan I removed the excess sections from my
planner I bound my charmed life planner and the
project planning inserts into a DIY disc bound format you can see a little
picture of that maybe you guys can see videos from 2015 plenty of videos on it
from 2015 in my channel and this became my ride-or-die in 2016 I decided to
experiment with bindings a little bit I experimented by creating a spiral bound
planner so I still used my own charmed life planner and the project planning
inserts but I bound them into a spiral style planner the spiral was versatile
but it was not a hundred percent right for me mostly the bulk was an issue in
the planner I still have issues with bulky planners it annoys me it’s like
one of my pet peeves so in mid-2016 I went back to disc found
again still using the same inserts that were set up in the previous spiral bound
planner I just changed the binding and I still use some decor with my functional
planning stickers that I designed and you can buy those and print them on
demand from my shop planner piece seriously started settling in for me
about this time then in 2017 I still was in the discount charmed life planner I
was no longer spending a small fortune on planner supplies or at the target
dollar spot give me an amen if you feel me on that one cuz we all
know we could drop a pretty plenty on the dollar spot isn’t it so funny there
the stickers in the wash you were only a dollar I don’t know why I had a $300
Target bill honey sorry about that stop and I also stopped comparing my
planner to other people’s I think this is a big issue in the community as well
when we’re seeing what other people are doing it can really lead us off-track
and I really started developing this strong sense of planner piece like I
knew that my planner was reliable I knew that I was going to use it I you
did everyday or most days you know in the weekends maybe you get a little
touch-and-go but you know it really was the planner system that was helping me
achieve my goals then in 2018 I launched the bound master planner so this was the
all-in-one bound planner that incorporated my charmed life planner
inserts with my project planning inserts plus a new section called my brilliant
ideas for pre-planning this new three-part system was coined the master
planner because it truly covered every need of a functional planner producing a
balanced IRA planner was highly requested in my community but I knew
that my system in a spiral bounding was just it was just gonna end up being too
bulky like I said I hate bulk so I chose the book binding and I was very pleased
with the compact system so 2019 I continued using that bound master
planner system I made a few tweaks to the layout to make certain spreads more
functional for different users needs but nothing major changed I started the year
in my 20 and nineteen bound Edition but in September very recently I started
playing in my personal size with a six ring binder after I created my twenty
twenty insert bundle and launched that so I’m still using the master planner
inserts I’m just using my personal size print-on-demand one in a six ring binder
so again same sense of planner piece that just always follows me through make
the fast the past few years using the functional planning system where my
planner is more than just a calendar it’s truly a tool for planning in every
way so I went through many different binders inserts and accessories through
the years it cost me a lot of money and I was always on the hunt for the next
best thing never stuck to anything very long until I went back to the root of
planning the biggest thing I learned was that no single planner was ever gonna be
perfect there’s no perfect binding there’s no perfect paper there’s no
perfect single insert but if the system as a whole is solid and you stick with
it you can manage in a tree and achieve great things now if you feel like you’re
in a similar situation next I’m gonna walk you through some of the most common
reasons people have trouble finding planner piece and how to overcome them
okay so we’re gonna walk through the five reasons you are not finding a
planner piece please take a sip before we get through this okay five
reasons you’re not finding cleaner peace reason number one you have shiny object
syndrome does this sound like you if you spend more time setting up new planners
than you do actually using them if you have fallen into the trap of using
multiple planners because you have so many that you need to justify owning
them and if you’re in the cycle of buying a new planner setting it up and
then finding issues with it that mean it’s not for you and repeating that
cycle over and over get a new planner find issues with it oh this isn’t for me
get a new one find a new planner oh this has issues with it try a new one right
if that’s the cycle that you’re in this might be you so shiny object syndrome is
when you keep purchasing different planners and accessories because you are
attracted to what is new this is a very common situation that I see in the
planner community for why people don’t feel at peace with their planner we have
a lot of options for what planners to use and how to decorate and accessorize
our planner and chasing the latest and greatest become something of an
addiction I mean there’s a reason that hashtag planner addict it’s a real thing
you guys it’s not unusual for people to believe that new is better right a lot
of people believe that new equals better we’re trained to think that that way
within a capitalist system that’s focused on planned obsolescence or a
more disposable economy and planners fit perfectly into that system because they
are normally designed for one year of use so chasing the latest and greatest
ultimately means chasing your tail while flushing down dollars down the toilet so
if you’re consistently switching your planner you’re never going to establish
the routine of functional planning and at the end of the day you will be no
closer to reaching your goals and objectives if you use too many planners
at once you’ll end up disorganized with important information all over the place
and no concrete plan of action the disposable nature of most planners means
that once you buy a planner set it up and try it out if it doesn’t work for
you you can’t just return it or resell it in some situations so planners can
easily become a very expensive interest now how do we overcome shiny object
syndrome now I too have experienced shiny object syndrome SOS which is it’s
so pertinent that SOS is the acronym for that because it’s like I’m not
a planner emerges as someone with the YouTube channel and a genuine passion
for planning it’s easy for me to get into this like plein air planner
merry-go-round as well but I reached a point where the waste of it all was
really starting to get to me so what helped me overcome this was
realizing that planners were a thing now right so they’re not going away
brands are releasing new planners left and right so I don’t need to run out and
purchase the newest one that catches my eye
since planners are part of the disposable economy better and better
things are coming out every day so when the year is up and your current planner
is done you’ll have even more options to choose from at the right time heck you
might even find a deal on a planner that you thought you missed out on earlier
right so but this is what I’ve been seeing a lot I say no to a lot of a lot
of different planners when I see them right I see them out who were like
binders they might be interested in I just say just pass on it just pass on it
ultimately I always see something oh good thing I didn’t buy that because I
like this one better you know I mean like an ultimately always see something
I like better so you have to ask yourself whether you’re into planners
for the hobby of it or if you’re into planners for the productivity aspect
because there is a distinct difference if you want to use your planner as a
tool to assist in the attainment of your goals
get off the merry okra fruit merry-go-round and commit to one planner
reason number two that you’re not finding planner piece you’re relying on
the opinions of others does this sound like you if you’re consistently watching
planner setup videos to see how other people are using their planners even
after you’ve set up your own planner if you keep adding or adjusting your
planner setup it based on photos you see on Instagram or Pinterest or if you’re
trying to replicate the planner setup of your favorite influencer instead of
setting up your planner to fit your needs
you might have this struggle relying on other people’s opinions too much so
relying on other people’s opinions means that you’re trying to replicate someone
else’s productivity success by mimicking their planning style this is a very
common situation as well that I’ve seen in the community where we have a lot of
people sharing their planners publicly and influencing the community at large
there are a lot of planner Browns on the market some like my own run by in
in the community and others the partner with influencers to create content
intended to make your productivity glands salivate at the sight of a
perfectly decorated planner page it’s not unusual for people to follow the
lead of others especially because humans are creatures of consensus the thinking
goes if someone I like or trust uses this planner and has found success with
it then I will to the real danger of relying on other people’s opinions is
that everyone’s priorities and needs vary this doesn’t mean that one person
success can’t be your success but we need to be careful when choosing who to
listen to and ensure that their priorities are in line with our own
needs and that they too are even finding success with their system there’s
nothing worse than replicating someone’s system or methodology and then getting
frustrated with yourself right unfortunately attention is the majority
of influence who you pay attention to really matters okay and I tend to find
that there’s a lot of people in the community that are doing like you know
being planner influencers and they’re always showing you new systems and
showing you things are out there and changing their own system and even if
you look back to 2000 like 14 2015 it for me I was even in this in this right
where it was like I kept getting new planners sent to me by brands – check
this out check this out and I kept changing my system right
like you can’t consistently rely on someone who is also changing their
system as well which is one of the reasons why I’ve really pulled back on
showing you planner setup videos because I’m not changing my planner very often
anymore and I don’t want to send the wrong message to you guys that like you
should be reevaluated your planner system every month looking for new
binders looking for new things because you’re never gonna establish peace that
way you’re never gonna establish functional planning you’re never going
to consistently reach goals if you keep changing things so how to overcome the
influence of others now I too have looked to the opinions of others to help
me decide what planners to buy and how to set up my planner getting excited by
the groupthink mentality but then regretted my decision or found that I
was taking advice from someone who either a had shiny object syndrome
themselves or B just had different priorities for how to use their planner
unfortunately attention is the majority of influence who you pay attention to
online matters and it will affect the way you plan or the way you think that
you what’s that word again should be a planning don’t shut yourself
to death so you choose influencers intentionally and stick to ones who’s
planning methods make you make the most sense for you in your life again this is
one of the reasons why I don’t love sharing inside my planners online
because I know people see the way I plan rather than the grater methodology that
I’m using to plan with and try to replicate what I’m doing to no avail for
their own lives the way I need to plan my day may not be the way that you need
to plan your day and it’s important that you never lose sight of that if you’re
someone who is easily influenced or doesn’t feel like they have enough
knowledge on planning to choose for themselves reason number three and that
you might be finding having a hard time finding planner piece is that you value
form over function so does this sound like you if you are preoccupied with
finding the perfect planner based on its superficial aspects how it looks the
precise size color material and even being very selective about the binding
sorry excuse me guys I got a little bit my girl if the plan with me videos that
you prefer watching our tutorials for decorating with washi and stickers or
even drawing or hand lettering lettering lettering rather than showing you how to
organize information or if you have a mini meltdown whenever you write
something wrong in your planner and need to scratch or white out an entry this
could be you so focusing on form over function means you are prioritizing the
way your planner looks over how you are actually using it to keep organized with
all of the planning content online and so much of it focused on how we can
cultivate the most stylish or aesthetically pleasing planner rather
than focusing on how to strategically use it I see many people struggle with
this and even I have in the past the term planning now refers to scrapbooking
and hobby crafting within a planner as opposed to the literal definition of to
arrange a method or scheme before any work Enterprise or proceeding that’s
literally the definition in the dictionary
so this confusion around the terminology of planning versus scrapbooking or
crafting can obviously influence people interested in the topic of traditional
planning and often has the effect of redirecting people’s attention away from
their original objective I think we’ve all experienced times online when we
went looking for one thing and fell down a virtual rabbit hole of content we
didn’t expect that suddenly changed our perspective and desires this is how
influence works online so it’s no judgment on anyone who falls into the
sort of rabbit hole we just need to climb out for the sake of our
productivity eventually right so focusing too much on the superficial
aspects of planning will be a continual hindrance on your productivity life is
often a messy affair and planning for it can become equally so if you use your
planner to track tasks and events after the fact and not using it to create a
plan ahead of time your productivity won’t improve now if you want to
scrapbook or craft that’s absolutely okay just realize that if that is how
you’re using your planners it’s not planning in the true sense of the word
and you won’t be getting much but personal enjoyment from the process so
how to overcome form over function if you’ve been caught up in the form of
your planner or in the scrapbooking and crafting segment of the planner
community in the past but you want to make a switch for the benefit of your
productivity first just realize that you’re making a choice for your own
personal development no it doesn’t mean that you have to give up one for the
other you might just need to get a second planner for actual planning next
start looking at your planner for what it is a tool like any other tool
physical or digital it doesn’t matter what it looks like it matters how you
use it a hammer doesn’t have to be pretty to be effective it serves a
purpose and that’s the most important thing so start challenging yourself to
get outside your comfort zone by purposefully letting your planner be
messy use messy handwriting use multiple colored ink scratch things out as
necessary the best way to overcome this perfectionist tendency with the way your
planner looks is through aversion therapy exposing yourself to the very
thing you’re afraid of until it no longer affects you okay so this is how I
would recommend getting over this issue if you know you struggle with this
reason number four that you might not be funding planner PS is that you
actually have a Productivity issue right like I said I don’t think this is going
to be most women I really don’t think it’s going to be most of you but it’s
possible that you do have a Productivity issue that’s keeping you from sticking
to a planner and planning consistently so maybe this sounds like you if you set
up a planner and then fail to write your tasks and events into it regularly or
forget to check it for information on what you need to do could be you if you
create a plan within your planner but then don’t finish all the tasks that you
expect it in a day so basically over planning right you list a whole bunch of
stuff out but then you don’t get all of it done or if you’re using your planner
regularly but you don’t see things improving in your life right you’re just
as overwhelmed as ever and you’re struggling to dig yourself out of a
backlog of tasks this could be a Productivity issue when it’s not your
planner that’s the issue but rather your own personal productivity skills it
doesn’t matter how great your planner is it’ll never help right when it comes
down to it the best planner in the world can’t fix poor self-discipline bad
routines and negative habits a tool even a great one there’s no substitute for
the skills necessary to use it I personally believe that a well-organized
functional planner system in and of itself can help train the user to
improve their productivity however if you don’t use it or learn from your past
mistakes it is useless so one of the problems
with planners is that they can make you feel productive and organized even if
you’re not okay so reaches research has shown that simply making a to-do list
makes you feel more organized even if you never take action it also gives you
a 42 percent increased chance that you will follow through but that still
leaves a 58% chance that the feeling of being organized will be enough for you I
believe that this simple fact also explains why some people swear by the
use of multiple planners because the reward center of your brain thinks more
equals better right when in reality more planners can confuse your productivity
when not used under the strictest of circumstances by highly organized and
disciplined individuals at the end of the day it’s up to each of us to take
responsibility for our productivity by choosing to actively use our planners
observe our habits and make the necessary changes to improve our
efficiency so how to overcome a Productivity issue self observation is
key it’s a to really dig deep and understand what
you do and why you do it so you can identify the negative negative patterns
that cause trouble for your productivity I believe that most people who struggle
with productivity have the best of intentions and work extremely hard but
still find themselves behind due to a few bad habits that Furr them off track
knowledge is power but practice makes perfect
learning more about productivity is of course an excellent way to empower
yourself to make changes successfully but nothing is more productive and than
acting on what you learned through trial and error self development is an ongoing
process while you will learn from your failures more so than research or
success ever will so get honest with yourself do you really have a
Productivity issue or do you just think you do as I’ve already mentioned earlier
women especially take on a lot of expectations and often feel like they
are doing a poor job when they are in fact managing an impossible situation be
honest with yourself about how much you are taking on and accomplishing and if
you just feel like you aren’t doing enough and finally reason number five
that you may not be finding Planner peace is that you’re using and you are
not using a complete planning system so if you’ve got an incomplete planner this
might sound like you if you have a planner that you try very hard to use
and make work but it never seems to have enough space for what you need to record
if you have tried numerous different calendar inserts but struggle to find
the layout that works for your needs or if you end up supplementing your planner
by using a second planner or notebook to actually outline plans or projects
before they get scheduled into your calendar disk ABEO
so an incomplete planner system causes disorganization and stifles clarity the
purpose of planning is to cultivate an outline the vision for what you want to
achieve before you take action but if your planner doesn’t have all the
necessary parts for brainstorming your vision fine-tuning solidifying the
process and allocating or distributing tasks all you have is an unpromising the
work of planning they’re simply using their planner
calendar spreads to record data that they’re already aware of which is good
for remembering but not good for optimizing what work you’ll actually do
and the process you will undertake so that your path to the finish line is
streamlined and simplified with no hierarchy in your planner to tell you
what is more important it’s easy to get overwhelmed with tasks easy to get
confused over what you should do first and easy to spend time on tasks that
aren’t as important while other more important tasks are passed over most all
in one planner systems on the market are incomplete systems they give you the
space to enter in appointments and task lists only after true planning has taken
place elsewhere if at all so in my experience this means most people aren’t
doing the work of planning like real planning they’re simply using their
planner calendar spreads to record data that they’re already aware of which is
good for remembering as I said but not good for optimizing which work you’ll
actually do and the process you’ll undertake so that the path to your
finish line is streamlined and simplified
it’s no wonder to me why women in my community come to me frustrated that
they can’t find a planner that works for them or they can’t stick to a planning
system or they try planning but don’t see any improvement in their
productivity because the planners they have been using aren’t functional so how
to find a complete planner system first you need to acknowledge that planning
what planning truly is it’s not crafting it’s not scrapbooking it’s not tracking
tasks and events after the fact it’s not filling in an entire spread of your
calendar with stickers and washi tape planning is listing out the process of
what steps you’re going to take towards an objective and optimizing those steps
into a streamlined process before you ever take any action understand that
there are really three phases to planning phase one is where you identify
and define the objective phase 2 is where you review and solidify the
process and phase 3 is where you allocate your workload by scheduling the
steps into the appropriate times in your calendar to make it easy to understand
what you need to do first and then what the next action is after that that is
what it means to have a functional planning system a planner that gives you
the space to plan start to finish and this is what constitutes a complete
planner as Orson mardan says a good system shortens the road to a goal and
that is my belief when it comes to having
complete planner system a functional planning system a planner that you can
actually plan start-to-finish to all of those planning phases in one place when
you plan like this it shortens the road to a goal with a lot of people want to
know like what are what’s the way to shortcut your productivity right having
a good plan having this planner that gives you the ability to create that
system for yourself is the shortcut there’s no shortcut for doing the work
but you can shortcut things by having a good thought-out plan ahead of time so
let’s get some more clarity around planning okay because I’m hoping at this
point you have gotten some clarity about planning so I want to see now get a
little bit of test in the waters here do you clearly see now what obstacles are
holding you back from planner psi we wrote down those three obstacles in the
beginning do you guys have more more clarity now please leave me a comment do
you clearly see now how most planners on the market are incomplete and therefore
make it harder for you to reach your objectives you guys see that now do you
clearly see how functional planning system and how a functional planning
system is a tool to improve your productivity and help you achieve the
life and goals that you want if so I have the perfect solution for your
planner P struggle the master planner as I like to say one year one life one
master plan the master planner is the system I’ve been using and developing
through the latest scientific research into productivity and success it’s the
most functional versatile and streamlined all-in-one system for
planning it’s the only planner I have ever seen that takes into consideration
the three phases of planning and gives you the space to do it all
phase one remember is defining those objectives and that’s found within my
brilliant ideas spreads which are the brain dump which help you clear your
mind to process the plan and organize tasks by priority before you act and the
brainstorm section where you define the problem and outline possible solutions
to prepare your plan finally I’ve got some notes in there for you to keep
track of additional reference information and take notes to help you
take all ideas into account for your plans now I want to make one point very
clear like I said in that last slide every every
spread everything in my planner is backed by scientific research so this
phase this defining objectives phase brain dumping is an important part of
your planning process to get everything out of your brain and onto paper so that
you can then organize and prioritize because a prioritized task list is more
effective more effective than a jumble of information that you’ve just written
on a page in a weekly spread like I need to do this this is this there’s no
prioritization there’s no organization there’s no nothing right brainstorming
again an important part of the process for specific objectives you’re trying to
reach it gives you an ability to outline the problem that you’re facing or the
thing that you’re trying to work on the thing you’re trying to create the
objective you’re trying to really to you know hit and give yourself an
opportunity to brainstorm different solutions so that you can find the best
best path forward for you to make a plan and then notes right keeping track of a
digital reference information that you need not all the notes in the world but
you may need different notes right information things that you might need
to keep in mind right those sorts of things are very important taking notes
is very important so that’s all found within the brilliant idea spreads that’s
phase one of planning so I’m gonna give you a look here at the brain dump this
is my brain dump spread with the organize and act this is what’s known as
the Eisenhower matrix if you’ve ever read seven Habits of Highly Effective
People by Franklin Covey this is not something that I have made up you guys
this is something that is very old tool very well researched very effective
right listing things out and prioritizing them by important see and
urgency brainstorm this is my brainstorm and plan and prep sheets on the right
side you can you know kind of do a little bit of a mind mapping right this
is a little bit more of a structured mind map where you can define your
problem or goal or objective and then use the additional boxes to kind of
create a map of your thoughts or list out different categories of information
however your brain works right because this is the thing this is why I get a
little bit jittery about sharing exactly how I plan because people think that
they need to do the exact same thing not all of our brains are wired the same way
you guys like you might do a mind map completely different than mate and
you’ve been a hundred or less in the room and you’re gonna have a hundred
different mind maps but if you have me sitting on stage you know showing you
guys how to do everything I guarantee you guys are gonna try to do what I’m
doing and it’s not going to be effective for
you Doosan saying because we all have different ways of getting to our own
objectives so this is where you’ll be able to kind of do this pre-planning
think about that plan before it becomes a saw a solidified you know sort of
project and then no it’s pretty simple self-explanatory right phase two is to
solidify that process right once you’ve gotten this everything out of your brain
you’ve done the brainstorming you’ve got like you know you’re thinking okay I
want to go this way with this project you use the important project section in
the master planner this has the yearly project tracker which is where you
outline your plan to work on each objective throughout your year to
balance your workload and expectations this is one of the biggest things that I
see is a problem for people when it comes to planning is that people try to
do too much at one time do too much too soon there’s this great quote that I’m
gonna botch right now by Tony Robbins because I didn’t write it on the slide
but it says people overestimate what they can do in a month and underestimate
what they can do in a year something like that people overestimate what they
can do in a day in a week right this is why a lot of people make a to-do list
and then like only half of it gets done and they’re like oh no now this has to
move on you know now I’m behind right we overestimate what we can do right now
but we underestimate what we can do in the long term and that’s what the yearly
project tracker is all about correcting that by giving you the opportunity to
map out where you’re going to be working on certain objectives and then of course
we’ve got project plans with notes you solidify the process that you’ll take to
reach your objective through a step-by-step plan so here’s what the
yearly tracker looks like we’ve got short mid and long term goals so we’ve
got boxes for every month for short-term goals midterm goals are what I consider
quarterly and then long-term is like half a year or the whole year like
things that you just want to need to get done
you know maybe throughout the year and then this is what project plan with
notes looks like identifying the project description due date very important
resources that you’re gonna reference the tasks right so the actual step by
step process and then a place to note or add extra things so useful I use my blog
I use my project plans all the time like I love turning things into a project
plan it just really helps organize information then phase three of this
planning is to allocate your workload so in here
I’ve got calendar spreads yearly trackers which provide a big-picture
overview for planning and tracking key information throughout the year monthly
calendars and trackers where you can schedule events and track tasks for
completion while integrating non project related tasks remember the everyday and
mundane things to ensure that all areas of your life are moving smoothly and the
weekly plan where you solidify the process that you’ll take to reach your
objectives your objectives through a step-by-step plan day in day out week in
week out here’s yearly calendar example 2020 a yearly tracker the yearly
overview okay my monthly plan and I always get a lot of questions about the
this week everyone’s like if that’s what saved this week or this month yeah it’s
supposed to say this week and this is part of allocating tasks in that this
week section you have for every week across in the month you have the ability
to write in three prioritize tasks the things that are most important for that
week this is how we allocate successfully so that we say okay it’s
not just about having a whole to-do list it’s about allocating okay this needs to
be done this part of the week and then I can work on to this phase at this part
of the month sorry and I can see that I have time to do everything in my month
monthly tasks and the new-and-improved a monthly tracker monthly tasks is where
you’re gonna put all the things you need to do for the month right come from your
project plans come from your Monday and life tasks it helps you to have one
focused to-do list for the entire month and then the monthly tracker is awesome
I love this new design this is perfect for anyone who wants to track expenses
like in my original design or still wants to track habits you can track
habits with this I have been doing money manifestation with mine I’m gonna show
you guys that in a future video how I’m doing like this money manifestation
through my tracker but you can track a lot on that tracker very versatile I’m
so pleased with this and then the weekly plan right so we have this is the weekly
plan that comes in the bound planners or in the a5 half letter digital right so
it is that vertical week on two pages top three to do is for every day a space
for you to write additional to dues or to create a schedule of tasks and then
that open boss box at the bottom so you can put like what you’re doing in the
evening what you’re having for dinner whatever it could just be more
information something I actually use those bottom boxes to like organize
information throughout the infer that apply to the whole week so I might put
like all dinners and one or habit things that I’m tracking in wine and and maybe
like I’ll break down a project that I’m working on in one so that I’ve kind of
like see that information for across the week okay so this is the weekly plan for
a five half letter this is the weekly plan that you get in the letter size the
a4 or letter size this is optimized all of my weekly plans are optimized that’s
the only difference across all of the planner sizes is they are optimized for
the space you’re getting so when you’re using a full sheet of paper here per
page right so these are two sheets of paper you’re looking at the left-hand
side is about creating those priorities right there top five projects for the
week the tasks that you need to do assigning your top three for everyday
writing down something that might be very important to remember about that
week and then the right side is what I call the dashboard where you can create
a schedule in that OpenCart chart you can create a schedule if you’re someone
wants create schedule you can add additional information you could take
notes in there you can map out a little plan for how every day is gonna go for
yourself you can even track work hours I know people do that like people who work
hourly for different things they kind of go in there and create little boxes
where they can track lookig I worked for this amount of time for this company and
I did this for this you know it’s a good way for tracking things you can also
track your own physical symptoms of ailments or anything that you need to do
like that you want to keep track of personally you get a market list because
we all go grocery shopping and shopping eventually you know throughout the week
and I’m weekly meal plan as well and then here is the weekly plan in the
personal size so again like a truncated view of what is in the a five half
letter this is what I’ve been using I really love this for people who just
don’t who are just more task focused then schedule focus and want to use a
smaller planner I’ve been using it in my own Kate Spade and I love it again this
week a whole bunch of tasks top three for everyday and then space for you to
put in anything additional as well now again master planner is comprised of a
total of 12 unique functional planning spreads that all work together to form
one cohesive planning process I’m hoping you guys can see how all of the sections
of this planner work together too like I said a good planning system will teach
you how to plan so that you can become more productive it’s I’m going to do the
work for you and it’s not a substitute for bad habits and bad routines
neglecting the planner but when you do use it actively you can see how a good
functional system actually helps you to increase your productivity by giving you
the spaces that you need to allocate and prioritize tasks so the printable bundle
which is what you can see here the charm life master planner 2020 printable
bundle comes with three sizes personal a five half letter and then letter which
is also a four plus some awesome bonuses when you purchase this month only okay
so let me tell you guys about the phone is’s that are expiring at the end of
this month bonus number one in this bundle is the master print planner
printables tabs okay so I’m giving you a set of master planner tabs and I think
you guys can see I’ve got these hopefully you guys can see it I can’t
really see I’ve got these tabs in my planner that marked off the months and
the different sections of the planner right so this is a print on demand
printable tab set yours free with this bundle for this month bonus number two
let me see if I can play this yeah is the mini calendar printable journaling
card so you guys can see this is a set of my beautiful journaling cards for
2020 look how lovely they are I love them so if we can get it to stop on my
birth month oh no just went to the next one
okay well bonus number three is the master planner printable sticker set so
this is an exclusive printable sticker set just for master planner users that
puts together some of my favorite sticker designs my most used designs in
one sheet and again bonus number three for you but that is not all okay so
these are three great bonuses that are part of the master planner bundle for
this month only but I got one more thing to show you guys today okay I’ve got a
fast action bonus if you guys hear in the next 48 hours purchase the master
planner digital bundle you’re also going to receive like a drumroll please for
this one the master planning digital master class okay so this is a master
class that I’ve created to help people learn how to use their master planner
and to maximize functional planning and maximize how they’re using their planner
how you get the most out of it how you learn the routines what my exact
routines are etc so this is a $97 class that I’m giving to you for free if
you buy the bundle in the next 48 hours okay but you’re going to need to
purchase from the specific link in the description of this video so there is a
link for the fast action bonus which is you can get the whole digital bundle
plus the three bonuses plus access to the master class which one of the
reasons I’m doing this right now is because I’m going to be updating this
class in the next few weeks just to give you guys some more additional examples
I’ve had this class I think yeah since like last year for like a year and a
half and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and since I’ve changed parts of
the inside mostly just that tracker and I’ve changed that tracker across all of
my planners now I want to update the class
so you’re basically getting the whole like under construction right now for
free it’s under construction but you guys will be able to access the class as
it is now and then you’ll get continued access to it after after I do the update
as well so you guys can get this class go through it now get through get the
update when that is ready to go as well it’s all in the class page right so you
have like access to a private class page or you can watch this get additional
downloads I’ve got a lot of stuff on that page for you guys just different
things to help you maximize you are planning so that is what we’ve got right
now for you guys okay so I’m gonna go back to me and let me see my scenes yeah
so I go back to you and I got a message to I want you guys know while I was
filming here that I thought when we were in that screen that that camera was live
but it was really this camera here so if you guys had seen me in that but we were
in the full screen with the with the slides if you saw me going looking that
way looking here instead of I mean you’re not gonna tell us if you see me
looking away it’s because I was in the wrong here I was in this camera I think
that camera and I was like looking like that like talking you guys over there
thinking you were over there but you weren’t I couldn’t see it was just so
small my little preview window so let’s see – can I double with you it doesn’t
really matter I don’t think but let’s see if I can double this screen can I do
a split screen with I don’t know if I can okay maybe I can
kami kami hmm no I don’t think I can put both of
these on actually okay so we don’t need to have that slide up if you guys need
information on that feel free to let me know we’re not well and I’ll let you
guys know okay so let’s see what we got going on here let me take another sip of
water please make sure you do as well keep hydrated hydration is important hmm okay so does anyone have any questions
about the presentation I want to go through I know there’s lots of comments
that happened while I was not able to see them so let’s see what you guys
think and um let’s go ahead and if you have any questions like I said that were
written down before go ahead and type them in the comments so we can get this
going you know I guess I can talk forever and it’s 2:20 right now so we’ve
been on here for an hour and 20 minutes and maybe we can just wrap this up
within two hours who knows we could be magical like that today let’s see hmm
trying to see where we’re at Lynne landed here hello who and let me say
hello again to anybody who may have jumped on while I was doing my
presentation part hello welcome thank you for being here with me I hope you’re
enjoying this class today please give this video a thumbs up I can see a lot
more thumbs up and very happy with that if you did learn something if you’ve got
a takeaway if you had some inspiration if you loved the freebie that I made the
free gifts for you guys thumbs up you guys
a lot of work goes into this stuff I love giving you guys presents um let’s
eat my one of my um you guys could probably tell that my what’s a cotton
looking at the wrong thing at the wrong camera him one of my what’s a called
love languages is gift so I love giving people presents so that’s why I’d love
to be you guys for yes and I know you guys love my designs so because you have
such great taste Oh someone said their first planner was a Lisa Frank zipper
planner you know it’s funny I used to like Lisa Frank but I didn’t get a like
I remember the Trapper Keepers that people had in school that were like Lisa
Frank but I never had one I think maybe I had some stickers Lorelei says that
her first planner may have also been a faith faith bake for
print from 92 that would be about right that would be about right I would have
been about six years old in 92 so that absolutely could be it hmm Oh
today is area 51 invasion day excellent welcome to the aliens or whoever’s here
to see us I’m not sure the invasions about but welcome planet Earth um
someone’s Carla says she had a dollar planner out of necessity I guess that
was her first planner Lisa Frank was that where it’s at first planner I was a
happy planner so someone who must be ninja planners more recently Hassan said
they spent so much babysitting money on Lisa Frank that’s so funny you guys love
that Lisa Frank don’t be the unicorns Tanya says that she and Kristi Bell
Kamino have gone through a million planners as authors and this is the best
one for all areas of productivity and peace that they found I think they’re
referring to my planner because I do know that Tanya and Kristi who are
authors are both users of the master planner which is awesome a little bit of
a testimonial here for you guys out here Kristi says so true and I checked out so
many this past year and both came back to the master planner hello hello Robin
is joining me hello sue some like friends here and stuff
let’s see how Jenna says we set men up to expect it from us off see this goes
back to the beginning what I was saying at the beginning of the of the
presentation that this is a thing like not only do these expect expectations
fall on us we we now make let other people expect it from us as well
so this is like a problem with taking on too many external expectations and not
setting enough boundaries as not only are we doing it to ourselves we’re
conditioning those around us to treat us the same way to throw more stuff on it’s
like come on like how many of you out there or like married have kids I don’t
worry mom we’ll take care of it right that’s an expectation that someone
is sending because you did not set a boundary around things you know what I
mean that’s exactly what I’m talking about someone said the download link is not
working yet well can you see if I can I don’t know if I can fix it while I’m
live but we’ll see I might not be able to if it’s not working um I tripped on
what my cell phone if it’s not working I will fix it right after I get off and it
close out of here what was not working I’m going to the
page oh is it not linked let me just go I think it should be though I’ll go into
my account and just really just really quickly see if it’s LinkedIn because I
do see the page working on my end and it’s possible that I totally didn’t like
the gifts though in which case you do get an email though you’ll get an email
too oh and Jenna Oh Jenna says you’re gonna make me cry Alexis thank you so
much for carrying upon us that is so sweet
yeah this is the thing you guys like umm a lot of this work that I’ve been doing
over the past few years like really diving deep into
productivity and just like totally different ways has really been around
solving this issue for women because I mean for me like when I got into the
planner community and I found my people and everyone was like oh my god planners
are awesome I thought everybody kind of knew this information but I realized you
know what this is information that’s not taught in schools and it’s information
that would be really helpful for it to be taught in schools I’m sure that back
in the day maybe when there were some home economics classes and I know that
some colleges you know a long time ago used to focus on you know women and
organizing home things and things like that but I just don’t think that that’s
prevalent anymore right like I just don’t think it’s prevalent anymore I
realized that I’m kind of an outlier when it comes to women my own age like I
see this with a lot of different things I you know there’s a lot of skills that
I feel like I have like I can you know I can cook I can sew I know how to keep a
house clean I have and I’m really good at interior decorating like when people
come to my house like even when I was like first out of college people would
be like this is your house like you this is your apartment like it looks like
adult like it looks like there’s furniture places like a lot of times and
you go to like even like a grown person who’s gone to college goes to work you
know they don’t have like a kitchen table you don’t know how many of my
friends like didn’t have kitchen tables and I’m like urging them please buy a
kitchen table because it’s just like these are not priorities that are put in
our mind these are not skills people think that these things are hard like
running a life right being the CEO of your life being the editor of your life
if you joined me for my last live class these are just not skills that
shared they’re kind of assumed right and the prop we all know the problem with
assuming things right is that it does not go well right when you just make
assumptions so I really feel like from hearing for my community community and
seeing that women wanted so much and so desperately to kind of follow my lead
and be productive and be successful but they’re not getting the right
information and then in the planner community it’s wonderful we have so many
different diverse opinions we have so many great people out there so many
people doing so good but the prevailing message that we get from the planner
community is that this is for stickers and writing down to dues and that’s what
planning is and I will have to respectfully say if you go to the
dictionary we are using that word wrong oh you know I’m saying it’s like Oh
reminds me of Oh indigo well it’s not indigo my – it was it it’s like
inconceivable right I don’t think that means what you think that means right
I’ll think that word like planning I don’t think it means what you think it
means like just some people like and I see this out there right where people
think that planning is one thing it’s not it’s not it’s okay it’s okay for it
to be scrapbooking it’s okay for it to be hobby crafting but it’s not gonna
make you more productive it’s not going to make you a more successful person
you’re not gonna get more organized when you use your planner like that and
that’s the message that I want to make sure that I at least am a voice that’s
resounding this loud and clear and I know I’m not the only one who is saying
this but you know I want to help like I really do want to help if you guys
didn’t know a little bit about me and my back story you guys know my name is
Alexis for those of you who do not know the name Alexis means helper of mankind
so I have since I ever learned when I learned that like I think you had to
like research her name when you were in grade school what I learned that I legit
like it flipped a switch like Alexis you have a purpose in life
you are now intended to help people so I am naturally like this like this is what
I want I help everybody in my life my girlfriends are all the ones who come to
me and ask me for advice and like how do I get organized with this Alexis what
should I do about this I want to do that like people ask me everything edit kick
things like I’m going to a wedding what should I wear I’m going to I have a baby
shower should I be buying this like Alexis what is the etiquette because I
like I said I’m an outlier I feel like in my generation where I have prioritize
this sort of information I was raised to kind of seek out this information and
was taught this information but it’s not the way
everybody was taught and this is why I think that our generation the
Millennials is the first generation where we don’t have it as good as our
parents did right we don’t like I said I’m an outlier right I definitely did my
grandparents put in the effort my parents and family put in the effort I
am at a place in my life where a lot of people like my age would wish they could
be right and that just makes me a liar unfortunately and I really want to help
like raise the bar as they say a rising tide lifts all boats
I would like to lift all of us up to this level right because I think the
only difference between me and you right now is that I know the information and
you don’t and I’m hoping that hearing the words vibrating out of my mouth
flips the switch with you and helps you to understand what your real problem is
because so many of us go through life thinking our problem is one thing and
it’s really something else and I want to be really crystal clear about that
because I do care about you and I know it’s really funny to say this but I even
think that me caring for you like do not even think like Oh Alexis you’re so
sweeten you’re amazing I think it’s selfish for why I care
about you I care about you because I want this world to be better her like I
want this world to be better for me and my family and like my children and my
grandchildren like I think it’s selfish you know I want to make the world a
better place so that it can be a better place for me and the rest of society and
the rest of future generations right like I’m not just doing this out of the
kindness of my own heart I feel called to do this but I think
that when you do better I do better that’s the thing right we all see how
this happens this is one of the things that like is you know the double-edged
sword of capitalism capitalism on one hand can make people very greedy and it
becomes very money-hungry but then a capitalist society also helps people
right like it when people have money when people are being able to start
businesses you know sell things and and their access to money and and their
achievement of their status and their goals isn’t withheld from them the whole
rug benefits from that so like this is very much what I feel like my purpose is
and I felt very called over the last few years to do a really deep dive into this
and really dig into a lot of science and a lot of neuroscience and a lot of brain
stuff you guys can go back into my videos last year I’m talking about
productivity alchemy we’re gonna get to that and all of the sort of esoteric
ancient knowledge that has kind of just been a really just
I think it’s common knowledge that was just been like wiped over and you know
there’s so much about this that is you know neuroscience and like a lot of
magical sort of manifestation these sort of things that magic is just science
undiscovered you guys like there’s very real reasons for a lot of the way that
these things happen and when it comes to your productivity so much of this
science is showing me like the way forward and I’m trying to my I see my
role as someone who is to research it to learn it all digest it and to give it to
you guys that’s kind of gross a common mama feeding baby bird
I want to process all that information and synthesize it and hand it to you so
that you don’t have to read like the 20 to 30 books that I’ve already read this
year and a lot of them are very heavy boring psychology or I mean I don’t
think it’s boring but you guys might find Carl Jung boring and and science
and things like that that are all being put together by me too you know not by
me like I’m not doing the research I’m taking that information and synthesizing
the research and putting together in a beautiful packaged Bo that you can just
take this and say okay Alexis did the research we can trust this now I’ll take
this and I will I will run with this right and then you take that information
and make your life better please so we make the world better so as they say in
the new AG community we wait raise the vibration of the planet right so that’s
what I’m trying to do here so a lot of other people here are saying that yep it
should be something that kids learn about productivity it just isn’t which
is really really unfortunate oh let’s see
a lot of comments here about you know not trying to buy all the things in the
planner community I totally have lived through that you guys let’s see but I
try to pull okay so someone asked a really good question what about work
planner and personal planner okay they said I do not want my personal info
in my work planner and they think it looks unprofessional so this is a
question by MJ can I share this how does this work
oh I can you go hopefully you guys can see that
how do I take it off now Oh over here okay so maybe you guys can see it maybe
you can’t I’m sorry but this is the question I can highlight things to
answer so the answer to this question is this is one of the few situations where
I say it’s okay to have two planners there are situations where you like some
people have jobs where they do the work at work and it stays at work and that’s
one of the situations that I say is a good excellent reason to have a planner
for work and a planner for person okay that’s fine because if you leave your
work at work and you don’t bring it home with you no big deal right because you
can have a planner for work and a planner for your personal life and those
things are clearly separated also people who work in certain industries and
certain professions where for legal purposes they should really kept it
separate or for professional purposes you want to keep it separate do it these
are one of these are some of the few examples though because I don’t want to
you know I don’t want this to be like an easy out for people like oh I can use
two planners because the truth of the matter is is that you have one 24-hour
day to manage right that’s all you got you’ve got one 24-hour day to manage
over and over and over and over and over and having two planners and separating
information means that you’re not gonna be able to create one cohesive plan
that’s gonna make everything easier for you now like I said if you have work
that stays at work and your home is home no problemo because they’re clearly
separated but a lot of times I think we get overwhelmed because we’ve got like a
planner for let’s say our personal nights got a planner for work we’ve got
a planner for our side house so that we’re doing we’ve got a planner for
church right and it’s like all this information is all these different
places and even if you think you’re remembering it all it’s very hard to
come up with one cohesive plan when all of your information is in all different
places right so we want to make sure that’s why I think it’s very important
to have one streamline system for most situations okay so thank you very much
for that excellent question MJ so let’s see mmm I’m trying to get through questions it
looks like there’s you guys are talking a lot which I love to see that you guys
are interacting and talking okay so Christie says Alexis I would still like
some more hands-on stuff about different ways to use the brilliant ideas section
one day that is coming in the master planning master class update I’m going
to show you guys some examples for how to actually execute on that stuff give
you something and there’s a thing it says like it’s taking me a long time to
even think of lots of ways because remember like I said I have my way of
using the things and it’s even a struggle for me to like look outside my
like look out and see like what other ways people could do things so that’s
one of the things that I struggle with and I totally know that which is why I
came in updating these things so that is coming in the update I’m gonna give you
guys some like examples of different ways that you can use the brilliant
ideas a couple of different ways you can use the project plan and even different
ways you can organize like your monthly information or use that new tracker or
use your week so that you can understand how to manage information in a few
different scenarios right I think this is great
Tonya says I use the master planner for all of my life and I have four kids
can I change its format here let me see oh yeah let’s take the background and
make the background white background white can do that does that make it
better oh you guys they fixed it now you guys can see these things better
there’s right here Thank You Tonya I’m so glad for this excellent
recommendation of the master plan are you guys I’m being serious here the
master planner really is I’ve been working on this since 2015 slaving away
really trying to make this the most optimized system and this is the one
thing I want to say about the master planner that you guys might not really
get at this point is I know that it’s very important to find a system that
works for you the purpose of the master planner right is to give you a system in
which no matter how you want to use it and how you need to use it you can use
it because the problem with a lot of the planners on the market is I’ve already
said is that they’re incomplete they’re just calendars they’re not places that
really do true planning and that’s fine but if you’re someone who is using a
planner in order to progress their life and goals
not just as a reminder system then you need a complete system it can be used on
many different ways and I know that I’ve so far only really been able to show you
guys the way that I use it but like I said there is gonna be updates that
master planning master class where I go in-depth a little bit more into some
different things because I’ve gotten some wonderful inspiration from the
community which is really what I needed to see how you guys are gonna use it
right that’s the thing that I think is so great about the system I think a
wonderful system gives you the framework and you can personalize it the way you
need and that’s what I think the master planner does better than any other
planner on the market point-blank ok that’s my opinion so
let’s see love the mini journaling cards already printed them I think they’re so
cute do you guys love but I put like icons on them this year finally I don’t
know why it took me so long to do that to this design I just I’ve just been
feeling like in such a decorate thing’s mode I guess let’s see oh I think I have
a question here about people who okay I’m gonna assume here because I can’t
say if you already bought the planner right earlier on during a different
special then you’re not it’s not included right now right so this is a 48
hour special right now but I can’t if you guys are someone who’s bought it
send me an email and I can send you a link to get it like discounted okay but
only if you’ve bought the twenty twenty master planner bundle okay so like no
other things count just this bundle and I’ll give you a discount on it but like
in August there was a discount on the planner itself so this is a special
offer for the next 48 hours only okay so if you want the master class and you’ve
already bought the bundles send me an email and I will take care of you but
there were different offers that were made at different times to sweeten the
deal in different ways oh I hope you don’t mind I’m gonna add
this to the broadcast cuz I think this is really important okay so this Comcast
CMT said I really appreciate that you talk about this stuff honestly a lot of
the stuff you talk about at the beginning of the video or things I talk
about often with my therapist so this is the thing right I think and I’m hoping
that you’re talking about the worth right the worth and feeling like you’re
not doing enough even though you are if this is you right and I felt this way
too in the fast as well you have to realize you have to get honest with
yourself that you are you’re likely already a very productive person okay
like I understand that there are women out there who think they are not doing
enough though they come to me in the like Alexis I need to be able like I’m
the unfailing at life I’m not doing well i’m i suck at productivity and then they
tell me all the things they do in a day and i sit back and go i got whiplash for
how fast you have to be moving through your life and how busy you’re keeping
yourself and you are achieving so many things like you are achieving so many
things why don’t you realize that and it’s because we compare ourselves to
others we get this message from the world that like women are supposed to do
everything and take care of everything and be all things to all people and it’s
just a it’s just a lusion it’s just other people’s opinions it’s like stuff
we really need to reprogram ourselves to cut ourselves out from those beliefs
that are really causing us to have a lot of issues in our own lives and like I
said the biggest issue for me is women’s is honestly women’s health okay in
college I was in a sorority okay and the are what’s it called are oh
geez Louise can’t think of its colorful Anthropy right the the the philanthropy
that we supported right was for women’s health okay like women’s heart health
and this is something that I think I definitely want to talk to you guys
about this because I think this is really important and this is one of my
very motivating factors for why I talk to you guys about this stuff is that
there is a common misconception that men are the sufferers of heart attacks that
men that heart attacks kill more men and the reason we think this is because when
we look on TV and we see in ads and we go to you know doctor stuff right
they’re always talking about men signs of heart attack for men like men like
take an aspirin if you feel tightness in your chest the pain
down an arm you know I’m saying like a men of a certain age go talk to your
cardiologist go get the things right because we have to prevent you from
having a heart attack the PR on heart attacks is that they
happen to men that heart disease is a male thing but it’s not true women
suffer and die from heart attacks at the same rate or even greater in some
instances depending on their demographics than men do and yet our
symptoms women’s symptoms for heart attacks are never talked about as much
as men’s are did you know that women and in many cases right and I’m not a doctor
but this is from like the research I’ve done things I’ve seen you know working
with a philanthropy in college that was very tied to women’s heart health is
that and that’s a red dress for women if you guys like know that the red dress
the whole campaign is all about the fact that women suffer from heart attacks and
there has to be an entire campaign to talk about it because we only ever talk
about male heart attacks but stress affects women too just like men it’s
women are really doing more I think you know in some ways the men are you know
in a me in like that’s my opinion so I the point I want to make is that a lot
of times women have completely different symptoms than men do in their heart
attacks like we don’t have like the pumping heart being grabbed arm down one
side a lot of times women have a more generalized tingling sensation in our
body it’s because our physiologic our physiognomy or the way we are inside is
different than men’s are so are symptoms of a heart attack are different and
guess what ends up happening because women are always putting other people
first right we see our you know we see our husband or a boyfriend or like some
man in our life grab his chest our dad and we’re like oh my god are you having
art attacked a woman sitting there and going oh god I just feel a little funny
that’s all I’m getting lightheaded just need to sit down right these are the
beginning stages of science of a heart attack could be right could be right
doesn’t have to be and what do we do we sit there and go don’t worry about it
I’ll be fine I’ll just give me a glass of water I’ll be fine just let me sit
down for a little bit I’ll be fine mom do you want to go to the hospital no
no no no no I’m fine I’m fine don’t worry about me I’m fine right
because this is what we’ve been conditioned to think right and then the
unfortunate thing is about women and heart attacks too is it’s not just the
general population that doesn’t know how to really tell if a woman’s having heart
attack but even health professionals because when many women go to a
like a man versus a woman going to the emergency room grabbing their chest a
man they will rip you open they will put you on a machine they will check to see
if you are having a heart attack a lot of times women and specifically women of
color go to the heart go to the hospital because they’re experiencing signs and
symptoms of a heart attack for them and they are ignored okay and I’m saying
this very generally I’m not tacking hospitals or the healthcare system at
all but because these systems aren’t as prevalent because we don’t push this
information on what women with experiences for women right because the
stereotype is that men die from heart attacks not women even though it’s not
true there they do it the same rate you know a woman will go to the hospital and
she will complain of a heart pain or chest pain or whatever I just feel
different I’m not sure what’s going on and they will not consider it an
emergency at the same right now if you go to a good hospital and so like that
like I’m sure they’ll take care of you again like I’m not saying this is not a
blanket statement but science has shown time and time again research has shown
time and time again that more women and more women of color end up going to the
hospital and dying of heart disease because people are not acknowledging
their symptoms and this is a problem this is a societal problem about the
views of women and expectations and we are not taking care of ourselves and the
rest of the world sure as hell is not going to take care of us for us because
the expectation is women will take care of themselves and they’ll take care of
their spouse and their aging parents and their community and their church and
their kids school and they’ll do all of these things and they’ll do so with a
happy face and their house will be perfectly and beautifully organized all
the time and they’ll have dinner on the table every day at 6 p.m. and they’re
gonna have the most well-behaved well-dressed clean children in the
entire world and they have their lives together and they know what they want to
do and all they want to do is be housewives and stay at home like they
don’t even want to be working like you know a woman’s place is in the home and
all that other mumbo-jumbo even though science says we the breadwinners we the
breadwinners we the breadwinners we have better jobs now we go to college more
than men do like we’re just more successful now like we’ve run the world
who found the world girls right like that’s the way it is we have to start
acknowledging these new facts right this is new facts we got the science they got
the data they know it’s true why are we not acting on it ok you’re important
this is this is why I have to undo this one okay so this is thank you so much
for that comment you are right these are very prevalent issues that I think a lot
of us are under psychologically so I’m saying it’s
Oh stress as well you said you know being with the therapist very prevalent
you’re not alone do not feel like you’re the only one doing this you’re not oh
your sisters here on this on this live stream have probably felt the same way
at one point or another doo doo doo doo doo doo okay let’s see what else uh here
this is a good one is this one the broadcast I like this LG says that she
uses the plan and prep pages for project planning but also for savings debt
repayment moving yeah I mean I’m telling you I track a lot of different things in
my projects I consider a lot of things projects right I consider projects any
sort of multi-step activities right that I want to keep track of so good point
LG let’s see what else we got going on here okay here’s another good question by LG
can you clarify more on the part using it for planning and not for reminders
okay so there’s two different ways you can use a planner right you’ve got a
planner it’s got calendar spreads in it right
it’s got places for you to put things dates and things like that so one way of
using this could be the reminder thing which is like I put in that I have a
dentist appointment at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday right my kids are off from
school this day this is my husband’s work schedule right we’re just inputting
information for reference things that we need to remember things that we know
that we need to act on and you know even tasks to do is I need to get the car
fixed I need to go you know renew or registration for this
I have a doc I need to you know make a doctor’s appointment for this I need to
take the dogs to the groomers you know I need to do this now the other I have
this is my house clean schedule that I do I clean this on Monday Tuesday even
that’s a little bit of planning actually but there’s an idea of your planner can
be used to just input information for you to remember so you can reference it
right because you shouldn’t be holding information in your head this is the
point of the brainstorm is that you don’t hold your information your brain
your brain is not a storage system it’s not a hard drive it is RAM it’s a
processor it’s supposed to be processing ideas and information so and if I’m
talking too fast for anybody feel free to hit that button that says like slow
down and you can actually change the speed at which I’m talking but I am
gonna start talking fast probably so that we can go through some questions
and get some information so hopefully that’s not too troublesome for too many
of you but essentially there’s using it for recording information there’s using
it for planning a lot of people come to me and say Alexis I don’t know how to
make a plan and I’m like okay so you’ve got an objective that you want to hit
yeah I want to do X right and it’s like okay so how you gonna get there you know
like I don’t know what on how to get there and I’m like okay so you’re gonna
do research right you’re gonna go research talk to experts you’re gonna
google it you’re gonna figure out what the steps are you’re gonna list them all
out you’re gonna look at them you’re gonna think what makes sense to me right
and this is where like the brainstorm and the brain dump pages will come into
play right you’re gonna take in front you’re gonna have to you know if you
don’t know how to do something this is why we plan it out right is because we
want to know we need to be able to arrange the the plan in such a way that
it flows simply for example when you’re building a house right first thing you
usually need to do is dig Foundation right you dig a foundation
out then you pour the foundation and then on the foundation then you can
start building and putting up walls whatever the process is right and I
understand that in life very few things are as straightforward as building a
house or another good thing I got thing I’d like to use as an example is recipes
right when you’re cooking a recipe usually especially baking baking is the
hardest you have to follow a very specific set of tasks in a specific
order usually in order to get the result right if you miss things or you skip
from one part to the other things aren’t gonna work out right because a recipe
has to be built step by step and a house has to be built step by step but outside
of that example most things in life have a little bit of flexibility for example
I want to start a blog I want for the business I’m trying to lose weight right
there’s lots of different ways you might be able to get to that goal so the step
number one is defining the objective step number two is coming through and
outlining what makes sense for you like I said productivity is a strategy it is
doing the actions you feel called to take the things that make sense to you
in your brain visualizing part 1 part 2 part 3 point 4 like this is what I’m
going to do this step this step the step step this stuff and there are going to
be steps where it’s like it doesn’t matter if you do this part of the
project before this part right there’s always things like that in a lot of
different projects right you can choose you know I’m going to work on this right
now and it’s not gonna have any bearing in
the flow but when you look at a lot of people that they end up doing when
they’re not really planning right is that they just think okay I’m gonna do
this first okay and then what I have to do from here and then they just kind of
like wing it each time but when you’re able to like see through the entire
project start to finish right I like to say start with the end in mind and then
work backwards because that’s what they call um not gonna think of the word
right now right working backwards from the from the goal right and kind of
filling in the blanks right though this is what I want it to be last so what’s
the next step gonna be backwards backwards backwards or starting from
where you are and kind of seeing like how you can merge those two through
tasks so that they meet right like okay I’m gonna start with this and I want to
end with this you know this is gonna require these things you literally need
to brain dump all the steps research all the steps that are possible and then
what makes sense to you you know when it comes to
you like for something like starting a business right or yeah cuz stones are
starting a business you need a product to sell before you start marketing the
business right so you wouldn’t like just start making marketing things like oh
because you don’t know what you’re making marketing for right makes sense
right so that’s the idea with planning is getting all of this information out
so that you can see it all and you know this is one of the things that I like to
do is and I’ve showed you guys this before is all you know if I’m planning
out a difficult project that has lots of different steps I will use sticky notes
and I will put each step and I will kind of like rearrange and then I’ll go okay
once you have all the things then the next thing I normally do is that 80/20
rolled a Pareto principle and go okay what can I take out right now and say
well let’s focus on these things first and then I can add in these things like
icing on a cake what are the what’s the bare minimum I need to do and then what
can I add in if I have time right and this is also something that’s talked
about in a book called scrum if you’ve never heard that book definitely
recommend it who wrote it JJ Sutherland something like that so
this is the idea of like project management so that you’re moving things
forward to completion you start with what’s the minimum framework that you
need to do to complete a goal and then you can add things in as you go so
that’s the difference I hope that makes sense I don’t want I could talk about
this for three years so I hope that gives you like a sense of those two
concepts let’s see that see let’s see another
question do you get the class if you bought the bound planner no this is just
for people who have the digital get the digital here’s a good question very
common question I really want to purchase the bundle but I’m not sure the
right type of paper to use yes so I would recommend anywhere from I think
it’s 24 pound to 32 pounds it depends on how much ink you use when
you’re right okay so like 32 pound papers were really great paper really
great paper most planners on the market don’t use that that’s what I used to
print on but it makes the planner very thick now what I’ve been using is like
24 or 26 I don’t have my won’t do this once a hold on 24 I’m using 24 pound 96
bright which is a nice bright white but you choose what brightness you like I
just like bright white and that is what I print on
so usually planner just plain copy paper that thin stuff that’s just like for
junk is I want to say 20 so 24 is pretty good like I still think that’s pretty
good 28 is it really is really like a nice
happy medium and then 32 is like I use markers to write and so you probably
need a thicker paper you know name so that is what I would recommend crystal antique good you guys are coming in and
jumping in with your responses excellent reverse engineering is the word I was
trying to look for LG thank you reverse engineering wiggles okay so I am now
here so she’s gonna hear me put this on screen so you guys can see but LG uses
dom tar first choice 98 white 24 pound paper please mind because that is the
one I’m using is what comes on it’s over here I can go get it this one is Office Depot laser print
paper 24 pound 96 bright yeah you can get this you don’t buy the Office Depot
one you just look for this weight is really what you want to look for
the weight is is 24 pounds I think that’s great yeah anything less is too
thin absolutely okay okay so let’s see anyone else have any questions we still
have plenty of you here on oh I’ve got some like reoccurring fours so excited –
thumbs up this video thank you guys so much for coming I’m so happy you guys
were able to sit and talk with me today we’re getting up to 3 o’clock so are you
gonna are we gonna say adieu for now are we gonna say are we gonna be done are we
good I mean I’ll be here for as long as you guys need I’m committed to you today
and of course if you’ve any questions if you’re watching this in the future in
the replay please go ahead leave a comment down below and I will absolutely
do my best to address every comment you can also email me if you are interested
and my email is Alexis at strange charm comm let me go ahead and see if I can
pop that up on the screen actually hmm no not that so it is No
so I’m trying to add my over here go window in this window I got lots of
windows here I can add oops Oh
Lexus I’m just gonna add it to the springs you I spelled this right ah here
we go look you guys it’s my email it’s my email if you want to email here
questions you were absolutely are welcome to oh it looks like we’ve got
some people here or two that are talking about my planning class okay so let you
want to know about the plan class real quick in case you don’t know um as you
and I’m let me tell you guys about the rest of the live class schedule too I am
holding some more free live classes one every month plus in December we are
doing a ticketed of three events of it three ticketed it’s one you buy one
ticket and you get all three events planning New Year’s goal goal setting
and planning classes okay so let me go through my mat planning here my
handy-dandy planner okay let’s see let’s go to October okay Friday because these
live ones these free lives are gonna be on Fridays just an easier day for me to
do this I hope you guys don’t mind that Friday October 18th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Time we are doing a live money manifestation class I’m so excited about
this I got this idea because I was thinking about like holidays are coming
up and I it was like holidays are coming up you should really manifest more money
from your business so why don’t I teach everyone how to manifest you so that
they can get all of their holiday money and order a because it’s a very
expensive time for me usually as q4 because I’m usually having parties
dinners presents all that jazz trips go and visit people all that stuff very
expensive time of year so in October let’s learn how to manifest money
together so that we can get that under our belt check that one off our list and
it’s like a life skill it’s a good life skill to have let’s see so that is
October’s free class November’s free class is Friday November
22nd at 1:00 p.m. and that’s going to be more of like a business class for
creating passive income streams so if you’re anyone who is a business owner
even my author girls Tanya and Christy on the call today if you’re someone who
wants to be an influencer wants to your blog or wants to add or YouTube wants to
add passive income streams to their life even if you don’t run your own business
you just like you know I want to add some passive income how do I do that
I’ll be talking about passive income streams and how to grow that sort of an
income on that class on the 22nd in December the free live class is on
Friday the 13th whoa another Friday the 13th it’s awesome I’m so excited all
these Friday the 13th so Friday the 13th there is a live planner set up at 1:00
p.m. so we are going to set up my planner for 2020 to get alive so that’s
gonna be a nice long one I’m gonna try to have some things prepped but you guys
will get an overview of my desk we’ll put things together I’ll explain what
I’m doing and why and you guys can literally set up your planner with me
hopefully you have bought the planner master planner bundle taking full
advantage of all these bonuses I have for you guys in the free class and
secured that bundle for yourself and then we can all set our planners up
together but no matter what you’re using you are absolutely more than welcome to
join me and get some inspiration and ask me your questions about planner setups
and even setting up a functional planner if the master planner is not right for
you so absolutely I’m excited about that one
and then we have those three classes for the new year school setting that is a
ticketed event on Wednesday December 18th at 1:00 p.m. Saturday December 21st
it wait did I say for 8 1 p.m. on the 18th 8 p.m. on Saturday the 21st and
then 1 p.m. on Saturday the 28th so I hope those were enough like classes for
you guys we’re just trying to fill this in to my schedule as well and we’re
gonna be goal-setting for the new year so I would absolutely love to have you
join me for the New Year’s goal-setting class as well that’s maybe great I’ve
held a lot of you know cool fun printables and things
like that worksheets that are gonna go along with that and if you were if
you’ve joined me for in the previous years we’re gonna be doing kind of
similar to last year I just I always want to make things better so you know
I’m gonna of course update it for this year I hopefully add some more cool
stuff to it but I would love to have you guys join me for that hmm okay so I think this is probably all
the questions we’re gonna get for today I’m very excited
we had a great call this was two hours pretty good I’m impressed
thank you guys for joining me let me go ahead and give you guys all the things
that you guys can do after this of course make sure you get your free gift
down it’s the first link in the description box free gift if you want
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    I'm so excited for this class again! I remember doing this class when you first had it, and I was struggling so much with my planner because all my rolls in life were changing. Asking myself all the prompts you gave really helped me decide what I wanted. My size and binding have changed over the years some, but once I knew what I wanted my planner to do, it was just changing the seasoning and not the meat. Currently, I am using full letter-size #printondemand inserts. I never thought I would be in a planner this huge, but that is what this season of life needs and that's ok. I'd love to be a little Andy Saks with a cute tiny notebook I pull out of my bag but as a wife, mom and student whose entire house is in school I need a lot of space, plus I got big goals I'm working on. Big Ass goals sometimes require a big ass planner, and that's life.
    Thanks for offering this class again! ALWAYS enjoy your content, and its always a great reminder to look at my goals and ask if what I am doing is getting me there!

  8. I started working with the Passion Planner 3 years ago, I haven't stopped with them since. I feel like I need more notes spaces did To Do's and that's why I'm watching this now.

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