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Racist Roadshow | February 7, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Racist Roadshow | February 7, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

[APPLAUSE] Welcome back to the show. It’s our favorite time
of year here at “Full Frontal,” Black History Month. It’s that special time where we
celebrate the accomplishments of great black heroes, remind
ourselves that white people may have made some mistakes, and– [NERVOUS LAUGHTER]
we’re still making them. Never thought I’d be nostalgic
for Kindle’s Pepsi commercial. These days we’re getting rid of
a lot of America’s racist stuff like the occasional statue, but
that’s just the obvious stuff. Like glitter after a
bachelorette party, you may think you got
it all, but it’s lurking where you least expect it. [LAUGHTER] So instead of picking
one thing, we’re going to tell you about
how everything you see or use or enjoy is racist. Welcome to the Racist Roadshow. [APPLAUSE] Really, I am shocked. I had no idea. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Suppose I shouldn’t
be surprised. My grandpa was
very, very racist. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Samantha Bee. This is Racist Roadshow. [APPLAUSE] Thanks for bringing
this wonderful record to the roadshow. What can you tell me about it? Well, when I was
in junior high, we learned square
dancing in gym. And my grandmother gave me her
old square dancing records. And was your
grandmother racist? Well, it is a
tradition in our family. Let’s see. There’s no wrinkles
in the packaging. The record has a minor
scratch, but that doesn’t affect the value. How would you feel if
I told you the history of teaching schoolchildren
to square dance is racist? Huh. [LAUGHTER] That’s right. Square dancing isn’t
just the whitest thing you ever durn saw, it’s
actually the official dance of white supremacy. Industrialist Henry
Ford hated jazz. He thought it was
a Jewish conspiracy to use black music to get
good white people into booze, cigarettes, and sex. And was it? No. That is what’s racist about it. [LAUGHTER] Tight. Henry Ford funded
square dancing tutorials, events, and
competitions, sparking a square dancing revival. Then the square dancing
jazz prevention program was introduced into public schools. That’s why you randomly had
a square dancing unit in PE. Great work Henry Ford. And no white person ever drank,
smoked, or had sex ever again. [LAUGHTER] That looks delicious. Can you tell me about it? Yeah. It’s a chocolate cone
with chocolate sprinkles and it’s been in my
family for generations. [LAUGHTER] Now some people say
that the brown sprinkles are called “jimmies,”
which always sounds a little racist to me. The term “jimmies” is used
in some parts of the country, particularly in Boston. So I could see why
you’d suspect racism. But unfortunately,
there’s no proof. Oh, that’s so disappointing. But if your ancestors got this
cone from an ice cream truck, congratulations. Your cone does have some racism. Oh, goodie. [ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC PLAYING] That catchy
little tune you hear as the ice cream
truck approaches is called, well, that. The song was written
by Harry C. Brown, who took the music from
“Turkey in the Straw,” added racist lyrics,
and had a hugely popular minstrel hit on his hands. And you thought
the “Ghostbusters” reboot ruined your childhood. OK, so what do
you have here today? I have this pin from
a popular and litigious talking mouse cartoon. Wow. When I saw you come in here with
this, I lit up with sadness. [LAUGHTER] Cartoons might be one of
the most racist things here tonight. Crikey. One of the first forms
of popular entertainment produced by white Americans
was blackface minstrelsy. White performers, many of
whom had never even met a black person, would
blacken their faces with cork and play super made up
stereotypical characters. Blackface minstrelsy was
invented in the 1830s. And by the 1840s,
it was a phenomenon. It was their NCIS,
wildly popular and went on far too long. [LAUGHTER] If you want to know what
blackface minstrel shows look like, you can find out
by watching cartoons. Ever wonder why so many
cartoon characters wear gloves? It’s not because
they’re fancy waiters. The costumes, character
design, and extreme violence without consequences that
you still see in cartoons are holdovers from
blackface minstrelsy. You know, so kids have something
to watch while they eat their racist ice cream sundaes. Oh my god, I wish an anvil
would fall on my head right about now. I love this game. Lightning round! [CHEERING] A vintage roll of color film. Racist. Color film was
originally only calibrated to capture white skin
tones, like in “La La Land.” Next. My grandmother left me
this antique speculum. Gross. Also racist. The father of modern
gynecology developed his techniques by experimenting
on African-American slaves without anesthesia. I’ve been using it
as a salad server. Next. It’s the lyrics to “The
Star-Spangled Banner.” Ooh, check out the
third verse, bro. Oh my god. Next. A map of the world. Racist. Haven’t you seen “West Wing”? Next. No. It’s the concept of
the state of Oregon. OK. Oregon was originally founded
as a whites-only state. To this day, only 2.1% of
the population is black, so. That’s not just racism,
that’s effective racism. Next. I brought this
precious heirloom in from my actual family. But now that I know the
premise behind this bit, could I not do this
and just leave? Yeah man, do you. Thanks so much for joining
us on the Racist Roadshow. If you find something you
think might be racist, ask someone black. – No, Google it.
– OK. [LAUGHTER] It probably is. [APPLAUSE] So from all of us here
at Racist Roadshow, remember, racism is everywhere. Always feel uncomfortable
for the rest of your life. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING]

63 comments on “Racist Roadshow | February 7, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. See. In my middle school years I remember doing line dancing in PE. Like the electric slide and the everybody clap your hands one. It was actually really fun! But I’m sure it’s related to square dancing in some way 😟

  2. This comes uncomfortably close to the genetic fallacy at times, though it's undeniably powerful and disturbing how insidious racism is.

  3. Where does trying to stop black kids from being bussed into your kids school rank on the spectrum of racism? Ms. Bee, do you have an answer?

  4. Could someone from the Northeast back me up here: We call both colors of sprinkles jimmies. "Chocolate Jimmies." "Rainbow Jimmies." It's a thing

  5. I always suspected that those square-dancing classes in middle school were racist. It was particularly uncomfortable at my middle school since nearly half of the student body was not white. I wonder what it's like there now since the demographics to that area have now shifted to predominately Korean and Indian.

  6. oh the ice cream truck song, it once brings me joy, now it just makes me wonder if i feel happy when i hear it, does it make me racist?

  7. Henry Ford is a Jewish Conspiracist!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I was actually just recently wondering what that famous icecream van music peice ("do your ears hang low" etc etc) was originally called and about and where it was from and now I will literally never forget. Thanks for that!

  9. My (all-white) school did have square dancing units in PE. It never occurred to me that square dancing was meant to keep us away from jazz, but that’s exactly the kind of scheme my school’s administration would have gone for.
    Now I live in a town that is styled, bizarrely, as “the square dance capital of the world” by the local Chamber of Commerce. The population here is about 85% Latino, and I’ve never seen anyone square dance here, or even heard anyone here talk about square dancing.
    People are strange.

  10. In regards to the cartoon claim about the gloves, the real reason they had white gloves was because they wanted silhouettes to be seen clearly and that wouldn’t be possible with black hands

    Although for the rest of it I definitely agree that most cartoons back then were racist

  11. Sorry… the next time I hear "Turkey in the Straw", I'm going to think of "Turkey in the Straw". Something that has been adapted to be racist is not intrinsically racist.

  12. That is BS, the reason "so many" cartoon's are wearing gloves is actually because gloves were way easier to draw than hands.

  13. Something once being racist doesnt mean it always is or will be. If you don't know the history of the ice cream truck song. Never heard the lyrics, and only think of icecream when you hear it…not racist. Intentions matter. As does perception.

  14. I call bull on the Ice Cream truck thing. I was always told it was just Turkey in the Straw. Just because a racist song uses that tune doesn't mean all uses of the tune are racist.

  15. Not to take away from the obvious point of this segment but did anybody notice Urkle in the background toward the end? check out the guy with the green jacket.

  16. –> thinks white people are genetically superior
    –> wants white people to stop spreading their genes

    umm… okay… sure…

  17. So sick of this subject. Who gives a flying [email protected]#. Don't like racism? Don't practice it. Too sensitive about everything? Stay home. Don't like racists? Ignore them. But if you honestly think that racism is going away anytime soon, you're just fooling yourself and your fighting a battle you can't win.

  18. racists love to race bait.

    I'm curious why Samantha and her husband don't want minorities to attend their child's school???

  19. I love these lib.tards who say "America was built on racism"…and then they vote for Democrats

    How was slavery ended in this Country? because it wasn't the Dems who did it.


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