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Rain Proofing Vintage Hair [CC]

Rain Proofing Vintage Hair [CC]

Hello lovelies! Now for those of you who can’t tell… I am, indeed, British. I live in England, uh, which is a country full of rolling green hills and beautiful buildings and… POURING rain And quite occasionally, intermittently… evil wind. It just likes to ruin your day. I also really like having very pretty hair. Which the weather does not necessarily agree with. But here are my top tips for keeping your hair very pretty even when it’s raining and windy and everything’s going wrong. I love a vintage scarf. Just as much as the next vintage girl. But really… I mean, is this going to do anything to help? Against the weather? No but it’s very cute. Now here are some products that should help to protect your hair. If you’re facing a breeze that’s ruffling your curls, then do like the queen and protect your set. Just a little scarf and a pin to hold the front in place. If the rain has become more of a shower then you’re going to need a bigger scarf. Pop it over your head, protecting the curl at the front tie and hold down with a pin on the same side as your parting. If it’s decided to tip it down and you’re facing damp from all corners then you’re going to need to protect your hair from all angles. This is where the turban comes in. Or what I like to call, the backwards turban. Sounds kooky, really looks a little kooky, but it works. Tie once in the back, tuck the excess under your curls, then around to the front. Fix in place. When the rain and drizzle are horrific but you have somewhere to be and want your hair to stay looking perfect, then this look is vital. Don’t be afraid, just go with it. Grab one of those special hair ties that leave no mark in your hair. We’ve bought 20 for 20 P in Malaysia and I use nothing else. Tie your hair up but avoid pulling. Get a sandwich bag or a dog poo bag. Don’t judge, it works. And pop that over the curls. Twiddle the handles until your hair poof is completely enclosed and tie. Fix the front curl in place then cover the whole thing in a big scarf. Excellent! And no one will know your secret. I hope you found this video really helpful. Let me know down below in the comments. Especially if you have some other really amazingly great ideas and tips for protection against the elements.

36 comments on “Rain Proofing Vintage Hair [CC]

  1. I think your 50s look is beautiful and wish more women would have the same look!!! Perhaps you could make a video on how to get a 50s look for men to?? Please!!! Love your videos and keep doing what you do!!

  2. I was watching your videos and got confused about the signs and the I realised, Duh! you're not using ASL, haha. wonderful video and great tips!

  3. when using the sponge rollers for your hair how many do you use? love your videos by the way keep it up 😊

  4. Thank you so much for this video!! It was very informative and attainable, your content is always so good! You and your style are lovely, by the way 🙂

  5. You are sooo beautiful!! I love you!!! You're now one of my favourite YouTubers and I'm just obsessed with you!! I also just love the fact that even though you get a lot of comments, you take time to reply to us and make us feel happier! You put a smile on my face whenever I watch you and you are a great role model and an inspiration to others. I also live in England and I know how much it rains!! Do you live in London?

  6. Loved this!! Especially the plot twist w. the bag. 😉 In winter I try to do the same type of scarf/up do's you showed, I wish it was more accepted – I tend to get people staring at me a lot…

  7. I use a Bonnit to keep my vintage hair dry. They are a modern company based on vintage hair coverings.

  8. I love you and your style. I don't know why I am watching this video because I wear hijab but your videos are still fun to watch.

  9. My whole though during this video, as bad as it is, is that I could never do this because it looks like a hijab and I would get harassed. And here in America, a lot of ignorant people don't like people who wear hijabs. Again, it's an awful thought and I certainly don't ascribe to this backwards way of thinking, but I've seen women wearing scarves bullied and harassed on the street because people thought they were Muslim. Sometimes I hate people.

  10. Lovely video as always 😁 The only thing I do to protect my hair, is to stay home on the couch 😂

  11. You're deaf so you should know that you should add captions, I'm deaf but still feel oppressed while watching videos from a deaf youtuber, thats hurtful mostly from a deaf youtuber

  12. good to see yout hand is a lot better ,,, jesscia x its a great video I really think you give something speail when you do these thankyou jesscia for the videos x

  13. This video is perfect and come just in time since we've had terrible weather lately! I'm so excited to try some of these. Thanks Jessica! Much love xxx

  14. Does anyone have recommendations for the material the scarf should be made of to save your hair and not damage the scarf?

  15. We should convince the non-retro people too to use scarfs when its rainy. And I should push myself to buy some cute scarfs

  16. Hi, first of all thank you for your videos. They are so helpful! Now, where do you get your beautiful headscarves? They are enchanting

  17. I do this sometimes when it’s raining but I put a plastic rain bonnet on over my scarf for extra protection and to protect my scarf.

  18. Lovely lady and i really like your style, silk scarves are so elegant and feminine it's a shame headscarves are not as fashionable as they once were.

  19. I'll always remember going to the store with my grandma and her putting her plastic scarf over her head to protect her curls

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