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Rare Civil War sword ends up in Hawaii jewelry shop

A rare civil war sword ends up in Hawaii jewelry shop. It turns out it belongs to a Massachusetts soldier who fought in one of the most brutal battles of the Civil War KITV 4’s Cam Tran gives you and up-close look at this unique find. It’s all new tonight at 6. 19 155 PKG: When you walk into the Pacific Diamond and Swiss Watch Exchange you can find expect to find unique jewelery and sparkling diamonds but item in this shop is perhaps the most priceless of them all: this 150 year old Civil War sword. IN: 5:15 I BOUGHT IT ON PURE ENJOYMENT, I THOUGHT IT WAS COOL The shop’s owner Ted Gonzalez bought the sword in 2012. IN:4:50 I PURCHASED IT FROM A FELLOW WHO WHEN SOMEBODY PASSES ON THEY DO THE CLEAN UP OF THE HOME Gonzalez doesn’t know how the sword ended up in Hawaii. Despite the fact the owners name: Lt. Ed Coe was inscribed on the scabbard, the shop wasn’t even sure if it was real or not so it sat in his office for years. That is until one of his customers did some digging and found some intriguing history behind the sword. Nat pop here It turns out Lt. Cole served in the 57th Massachusetts Regiment and his friends from Worchester presented him sword as a gift. A National Park Service historian confirms Lt. Coe was shot and killed during the Battle of Petersburg where more than 70 thousand soldiers died He was just 19 years old. 10:27 ON HIS FIRST CHARGE HE WAS ACTUALLY SHOT AND HIS PEERS SEEN HIM FALL THEY THOUGHT HE DIED IN BATTLE, MIRACULOUSL Y HE GOT UP AND CHARGED AGAIN AND HE WAS JUST STUNNED IN: 10:44 HE HAS A PREMINITION HE WAS GOING TO DIE IN BATTLE THE NEXT DAY AND COINCEDENTA LLY ENOUGH HE WAS SHOT IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE HE WAS SHOT THE FIRST TIME AND HE DIED AT THAT POINT 10:57 Though Gonzalez says gotten offers up 20 thousand dollars for the sword he deciding to sell it to the Petersbug National Battlefield in Virginia where Lt Coe’s body lies . 4:19 NOW IT CAN GO TO THE PLACE WHERE IT COULD BE ENJOYED FOREVER. STAND UP CLOSE: CAM 55:00 THE SWORD IS EXPECTED TO BE SHIPPED MAINLAND SOMETIME NEXT WEEK IN THE MEAN TIME THOUGH GONAZLEZ SAYS YOU CAN SWING BY HIS SHOP ON KAPIOLANI BOULEVARD AND CHECK THE SWORD FOR YOURSELF IN PERSON. REPORTING FROM THE ALA MOANA AREA CT, KITV4NEWS. Historians say it’s very rare to have a sword old enough to be inscribed. But the inscription along with the military documentation made it easier to track down the story behind the sword. It’s the 116th Anniversary of the

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