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Reagan Signed Photos and Letter | Web Appraisal | Austin

Reagan Signed Photos and Letter | Web Appraisal | Austin

GUEST: Well in 1985, I was selected to run
the presidential retreat at Camp David, which is a military installation, technically, and
served by the Navy and the Marine Corp, so I was the commanding officer there. It’s kinda like being a mayor of a little
city, every service has to be provided, everything from serving the guests to serving the group
that works there, providing all the utilities and everything else that is required. APPRAISER: And I know that you’ve mentioned
that your wife helped run things too, a little. GUEST: Yeah well, you know, it’s interesting
serving a president and their guests, but that’s not exactly the kinda training you
get in the military, so I had to look to my better half to advise me on things like decorating,
and social functions, and things like that, so she was invaluable. APPRAISER: What was it like to work with the
Reagans? GUEST: Well, it was a great experience. They made it very easy and enjoyable, you
might say, because they had such a strong consideration for the staff, people that worked
around them, so they were wonderful, wonderful people. But it’s probably the only place the president
can literally get some privacy. APPRAISER: You brought a whole album of fabulous
pictures, but the ones we selected here are ones that are inscribed to you, and this was
the White House. GUEST: Yeah, that was in the Oval Office in
1988, when I was leaving and going on to another assignment. APPRAISER: And it was nicely written and inscribed
by Ronald Reagan, and the other one is inscribed by Nancy and Ronald Reagan. GUEST: Right, and that was to my wife for
the service that she provided while we were there and all the behind the scenes work that
she did. APPRAISER: So you have original signed, and
there’s no question that they signed ‘em. A lot of times when you see photos and pictures
like this, they’re either signed by secretaries or printed. You were close enough, there’s no question
that they were signed. These would probably, value wise, retail in
the $500 to $1000 range, not to say that sentimentally they aren’t a lot more, but then this other
one that we have in the center tell me about that, I just found the story behind it fascinating. GUEST: There’s quite a bit of military support
for the commander in chief and one of those is obviously the presidential physician. The presidential physician at the time was
an Army officer, and he always made quite a joke about the fact that the Navy ran Camp
David. When I was getting ready to leave Camp David
he had kinda pointed this out to President Reagan, so between the two of ‘em they came
up with a letter that was written to me declaring Camp David as a ship for a day, even though
it was on the top of a mountain, because he just felt like, if I was going to be a commanding
officer, I had to be the commanding officer of a ship, and so they declared Camp David
a ship for the day. APPRAISER: So you had a, commanded a ship
for a day. GUEST: For a day! APPRAISER: One of the things that I would
do with this is, I would write down what the background and why it is, because, quite honestly,
if I looked at it without you giving the background story I wouldn’t know what the heck they were
talking about. But, it’s a great letter, it’s humorous, it’s
not something, I’m guessing, that you would want to sell. GUEST: Oh, no. APPRAISER: But that’s probably $1,500 to $2,000
on a retail basis, because where is anybody else gonna get something like that. Now this is an appraisal that I think a lot
of people will remember.

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