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Real Paranormal Videos! Creepy Antique Store Haunting! (DE Ep. 34)

Real Paranormal Videos! Creepy Antique Store Haunting! (DE Ep. 34)

39 comments on “Real Paranormal Videos! Creepy Antique Store Haunting! (DE Ep. 34)

  1. Thanks Sonia! It was fun to go somewhere were you wanted to play with everything. We pretty much stopped investigating the last hour and looked at all the cool stuff!

  2. awesome video and very creepy location, and it is nice to see someone do EVP sessions in another language. Personally, I have done EVP sessions (or attempt to do EVP sessions) in Spanish, French, Latin, and Welsh.

  3. Thanks. Texas is only a couple of generations removed from being in Mexico. We use Spanish from time to time just to see if we can get a response.

  4. Having a terrible time trying to leave reply…sucks. frustrated.
    Google A True Story (Disappearing boy) by Alfred Santos in Uvalde.

    I would love a follow up. Intriguing story. XoXo

  5. Thanks, I almost feel like we could had gotten a louder recording, but what matters is that Jay heard it out loud. We live for those real experiences.

  6. The EVP was captured with my Olympus VN-702PC Digital Voice Recorder. We also use The Sony Alejandro mentioned, but in this video I was using the Olympus. Both are great devices. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  7. Thanks for clarifying that Jay. It is always a pleasure to work with Shadowlight Paranormal and you on investigations!

  8. This location reminds me of a walk through we did at an old factory converted into a museum in Parkersburg, West Virginia last year. It was four floors and a basement full of old collectibles and items set up as if it being used still today. We plan on doing an investigation there this summer.

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