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“Reclining Nude” Oil Painting | Web Appraisal | Birmingham

“Reclining Nude” Oil Painting | Web Appraisal | Birmingham

GUEST: This painting is by Guy Pène du Bois
and he was an artist that my mom and dad knew and he gave this to them for a wedding present
in 1945. It’s hung on the wall in our family home my
whole childhood and I looked at her every day and they told me her name was Stephanie. APPRAISER: And do you know where the name
came from? GUEST: I do not, I don’t know anything about
her. APPRAISER: Well he’s quite a fascinating character. He’s known as an art critic as well and his
father was an art critic. And he studied with some of the most important
painters of the time in America. He studied under William Merritt Chase. And then he followed that up, among others
he studied with Henri. And I think that’s where the sort of social
realist aspect of his work comes to play. He spent six years in Paris and in 1930 he
came back to the States. And I think that this work is certainly after
that time frame. Now how close it was executed before it was
gifted I couldn’t say for sure. The work is oil on paper, which is why you’re
seeing the sheet buckling in the surface of that. GUEST: It is oil? APPRAISER: It is oil but it’s on paper. So that heavy pigment on that is what’s causing
that rippling look in the surface. And can you tell us a little bit about this
photograph? GUEST: Well all I really know about the photograph
is that this lady playing the piano is my mother. And I don’t know who the other two people
are in the photo but I had a suspicion that that man in the back there may have been Guy
Pène du Bois. APPRAISER: I think you’re exactly correct,
It is Guy Pène du Bois. And this all adds to the provenance in the
story behind the picture. So the photograph is a fascinating part of
what we’re talking about. It in and of itself doesn’t have a lot of
value. But it should stay with the painting. It adds to the value of the painting. At auction right now, 2014, I would set the
value at $6,000 to $8,000. GUEST: Oh, nice, great, thank you.

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  1. why did all the artists of that era paint the women w/out pubic hair? was it because it would be considered to pornographic to do so or did they all just like the little girl before puberty look?

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