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Restauracion estilo artistico vintage, reparación completa de una comoda antigua.

Hello! We are going to restore in an artistic way this beautiful dresser with mirror. The first thing we see is that this chest of drawers is in conditions typical of a furniture of a certain age But the furniture can be seen to be of quite good quality. A furniture is known if it is of quality or not because of the weight, this piece of furniture, it weighs, it weighs a lot One way to restore it would be to sand it completely, leaving it in its original wood and give it a coat of varnish, wax or wood protector But I think it will not look good, because the mirror is an addition, it is not original furniture, the wood is different, the drawing is different, it has nothing to do So what we are going to do is paint it and strip it to try to make it as homogeneous as possible. In the mirror we are going to remove part of the ornaments as it is not in keeping with the rest of the furniture. We begin by removing the metal handles and clasps. We remove the mirror And we start to treat the wood, first we remove the loose parts, then sanding gently so that the paint strip we apply then penetrate better. Once pickled we cover with some putty mirror and sanding. As we can see the color of the wood of the mirror does not look at all like that of the chest of drawers for that reason we are going to apply a dye to the wood to try to match that color. We let it dry and we can see that it looks more similar. We give a primer to all the furniture, well, only to the areas where the painting continues. Then we apply the base color with a roller. And this is the result, now we are going to pick. Once pickled I see we can do something else As you can see there are different tonalities and I would like to add two more colors that would simulate the different layers of paint that this piece of furniture could have hypothetically had. I give some touches of blue and others of pink Once dry we re-pick with a sandpaper As in some areas we have sanded more, that wood it becomes clearer again than in the mirror so we corrected that error again by applying a dye to the wood area again. We strip the areas that are missing and ready we only have to clean and polish the handles a little put them back and put the mirror … After several days I managed to finish this piece of furniture, we have kept both the handles and the original mirror the mirror can be changed but I think it is more accurate to leave the original this can be changed at any time Regarding the cost of materials has not exceeded € 50 and we have plenty of material for other jobs. I said, I hope this piece of furniture is to your liking and if you have liked to share and subscribe to the channel that will restore more furniture in a homemade way THANK YOU!

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