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put him in a headlock it’s that wengie
bestowed up and i somebody stole my mixer you think you had anything to do
with that we’re here first thing in the morning team West Coast I was getting
his water up jet came out to sell tables this alex has a lovemaking chair where’d
you get this baby yeah it’s a little dirty looks like he turned it out is the
perfect time for us to offer our services for the bet we lost in the
pirate games to help you unload come on we got this I thought it was just one
time when we were all here and had extra time get that it’s incredible hope that
reminds me of Alex poke smash oh this is so cute look at this little rabbit I bet
all the ladies would love that like George and amber and Sarah and Jackie no
150s at least I’m going I don’t I don’t need to go that low she’s gonna pay it
either way she’ll pay us the 160 so tell her 150 it’s a good deal as a Drexel bed
set we tell my jacket and taste wait are you putting this out today yeah
I’d like to say you’re getting tazed I don’t want to put this out before you
announced it right so if I put this heavy too when I flopped it yesterday
well I’m mad though because the unit I didn’t record it was this unit I didn’t
record it right I could have made a video that I could have came out it
wrong I get ahead of it into the back of was so mad I’m mad cuz I could’ve came
out filmed it and use it for my day was after I blew my back – I could’ve put I
gotta put that on the video – you’ve blown your background you’re still out
here because we got this competition and deal with it so tough we are I just took
a video a second ago of some incredible folks and thing and I say that with you any clip I got total eclipse of the
heart go to Google Google Eclipse scream what is big shoes right you see all of
the smack that they’ve been talking especially Jebus didn’t get a chance to
watch it you don’t think he was the one we had like our faces on piece of paper
and he was driving I step over out the car and this little three year old yeah
the three rows the first funniest thing he’s ever done in his youtube channel
I’m shout out to that Jebus appreciate them yeah him and him and baby Chivas
had their little nerf guns oh look at us we got ak-47s and missile launcher from
the west coast Wayne scared of guns but touch you knew that they don’t let us
have them but that don’t mean two people didn’t carry them don’t have them baby
girl you got anything you want to say to the Hales or Jebus no yeah you want you
don’t want to talk right we don’t talk we walk perfect I like you I like what
you’re going with this you ain’t got nothing to say unless you’re face to
face princess don’t talk that’s what she just does this is the difference between
the west coast and this is the beast coast they called himself the Beast
coaster but it’s what they look like this is the West Coast we symbolize she hasn’t even she didn’t even think it
anymore here does it they also asked you to pick pockets they were saying I just
Jesus with the ninja star photon laser you guys need a flashlight when you do
the option were you just to lock up our units I think it looks good right which
one’s this one what do they call these one robotex
this is like my childhood in a box a gun Luke I am your father this is what the
East Coast is gonna look like with when we’re done with them what are you
picking that baby girl here’s some batteries for your flashlight watch this
is the he-man chooses money my daughter would play like this one swings we got a boxing match oh that’s everybody called today
he goes to the officers I don’t know if you guys have seen him at the oxenby
cells next to me him and his wife and children storage by family affair going
through and making videos yeah you go home when you want to but you could wait
till 8 o’clock if you want to get your choice did you guys find Michael
Jackson’s glove that is his bit Wow I probably had that when I was a kid I
swear without like about 1984 I used to have one of those skin tight hundred
zipper Michael did Michael Jackson leather pants and jacket I first see this what Jamie’s gonna look
like in a few days what do you think we clean craps that’s all we gamble don’t
put your life savings uh doesn’t ate the same as a I’m I’m ass off too I also
thought today was Monday they stole my mixer you know the flea market pisses me off
sometimes here we are trying have fun and somebody stole my damn KitchenAid
mixer I would have bought it off me too for that price 100 or best offer and now
it’s gone somebody stole it what do you guys say a
thief Alex thieves yeah don’t let us catch it don’t let it
don’t let us catch you Jebus what do you do if a thief all
right we poisoning them with a secret apples here they’re not gonna make it to
the rest of the competition okay I don’t I think it’s his again he’s got an a K and a bottle of
butane how much is it what about the fishing poles
you had good stuff can I have the trailer I think you guys are gonna need
these buy into this competition that’s the way your legs are gonna look at the
end of this that’s the way that’s what your legs are gonna look like a big baby
girl put him in a headlock put him in a headlock come on chicken
Jebus how much you charge you clean house we got a new employees out here charity work I love it I appreciate that
man yeah I got I gotta ask you a question
real quick jack do you think it’s no coincidence that when G bestowed up
unless somebody stole my mixer you think you had anything to do with that I think
I don’t know if he one of them snuck off and did it he pay somebody steal my
mixer but there might be a might have something to do with that the East Coast
have some power this is ridiculous yeah see you in the morning don’t be late you
know where me now right be ready to represent I guess Jamie made it early
anybody unit


  1. I can't believe someone stole your kitchen aid. That's just bad news. Have fun and keep it real!

  2. Loved the ending, you are too funny pirate. I don't think jebus had anything to do with your missing mixer, that person will get his or hers on the back end. Karma always gets her man or women.

  3. Great video Mike, thanks for sharing man, looking forward to seeing more storage auction videos from the West vs East battle, keep up the good work mate

  4. Jeremy's bringing midget man to the competition. You could always hold him for ransom to distract the least coast.

  5. Look back on your video and see who took your kitchen aid mixer. 🖐🏼🤠🤾🏼‍♂️⛹️‍♂️🐈🐈💝💝💙

  6. West Coast is the Best Coast!! Wish I could be there to cheer you on in person.🙃
    I’ll be waiting for the live stream 💖

  7. At the end when u said Jeremy got a unit and it was guy pullin stuff on bike was hilarious. Like me some hale$ though!!

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