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Rothschild treasures: a new home for a stunning British Museum collection

Rothschild treasures: a new home for a stunning British Museum collection

The Waddesdon Bequest is one of the great
collections of Renaissance works of virtuosity. Baron Ferdinand Rothschild wanted to give
his collection to the British Museum, so that it could be enjoyed by everybody. What is marvellous about the new display is its possible for the visitor now to get
closer to these objects. It’s a magnificent room, to be in the British Museum, next door to
the great library, is a huge privilege. It was for many years stuck in a slightly
dusty kind of corner, and actually its fantastic that the British
Museum has now enabled it to sing . The greatness of the British Museum is the
breadth of its collection. The Waddesdon Bequest is pretty ‘blingy’,
its intense. These are not random objects, there an extraordinary way of mapping the
world. A sea shell that had come from the South seas, some geological object that had been found
in a mine and reconfigured. An opal glass tankard with a sea seam molded
on it which looks like its emerging from an Atlantic
sea mist. You get a socking great big emerald in the
middle of a mermaid, or you get some goblets. Crucifixion in a walnut is it? Tiny. There just mind-boggling, there kind of like
freak show objects actually. There are objects made by kings, made for
kings, given by emperors to princes. Now made available to everybody. Ferdinand fell in love when he was very young, with his cousin Evelina. He married her and she died tragically, we don’t quite know why, for complications during child birth and as
did the child. And he never recovered. And that really was a dominating and depressing
factor throughout his life. He found human relationships difficult, he liked inviting people here but they were
not really close friends, and the one absorbing passion in his life
was this property. The great Rothschild house, Waddesdon Manor
became in a sense a suffragette family. He threw everything at that house, and everything
into the house. The smoking room was a place that Ferdinand
would take his male guests after dinner. And it was very important that it was a place
of shock and awe. He gathered together part of his fathers collection
and his own collection to create something that was coherent and
remarkable. He really loved the idea of walking into a
room and being surrounded by European culture,
European history. There’s a very theatrical interior, very much a stage set for a particular kind
of elite corporate entertaining, this is for high politics. You have to imagine these wonderful objects
being shown to you through wreaths of cigar smoke. You wouldn’t need any paintings in this room
because it glitters with these fantastic objects. He left the whole of the contents of this
room to the British Museum. This is theatre. It’s fifteenth century performance. What you’ve got is every single kind of movement
going on here, you’ve got coiling, you’ve got dripping, you’ve got this incredible powerful kind of
transitive pushing, like a thrusting of the great kind of sticky
gobstopper blues and reds actually into the glass. It’s an incredibly complicated object on one
level, on the other level, its just an incredibly
simple way of showing off. You have to remember that only one hundred
years before, they had lived in a ghetto in Frankfurt, where they hadn’t had enough food. If you are a Jewish family in the mid-nineteenth
century, you’re trying to establish yourself, so you collect in order to tell the people
around you that you’re not going anywhere. He was surrounded by Rothschilds, all of whom as soon as they made some money, started to collect rather aggressively. I believe in dreams, don’t you? The Rothschild’s dream clearly have a mania
for collecting. This the Lyte jewel for me as a maker looking
at it, it’s not only incredibly bedazzling, it’s also mindbogglingly precise, in an age before all the high-tech wonders
of our age. For it to end up back in a public collection, in our great museum of record is a wonderful
thing. In these very transparent cases the objects feel so close and seem so close that you could reach out
and touch them. The aim is to be very close to the smoking
room experience in which Baron Ferdinand would of been your
guide. We want people really to slow down, and to look and that demands a degree of calm. The reality is that the more time you take, the more beautiful and extraordinary and actually very moving it becomes as an
experience. So its a very simple thing but slow down, just slow down. In the digital age, the thing is still the
thing. And you can make pilgrimage and be in its presence and see its sparkles
in your eye, and not in a cameras eye and that is something precious.

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  1. Beautiful lighting on the objects and interesting how objects can take the character of their owner when seen in a group. Thanks for posting!

  2. Now this is the sort of videos I expected to find at The British Museum Channel. Great to see you finally show off some of your beautiful collections.

  3. Each one of the collection pieces, is a part of History, one of a kind that will take you to a place in time, that can never ever be repeated, and Ferdinand Rothschilds Legacy will live on forever.

  4. I find it strange how passionately these people talk about objects. imagine if our species could put the same amount of care and passion towards helping others?

  5. Lovely- now make sure we get our greatest treasures back, the NHS, and democratically controlled rentier free schools.

  6. I love collecting. I have all kinds of goodies. I love the old stuff to! My Aunt& Mom's the same & It's funny when I have got something early on in my travels I keep it for life because it was something special that happened& it's a part of my story& journey. #Hairlooms love them! Beautiful treasures presented here!

  7. Min 4:03 "you have to remember only one hundred years". Lady one hundred years is alot of time. I guess she is used to abundance.

  8. This is pale comparison to the 7 mile long 'library' of the Vatican. Where Incas gold is stored right up to the ceiling. Where stolen wealth during the time of queen Isabella were brought to the poop. Where the entire treasuries,including the Golden Menorah of the Temple of Jerusalem lies, sealed, and refused entry to Jewish scholars.

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  10. These ppl family have been here rich for so long if there is hidden knowledge and crazy shit out there these ppl can get their hands on it smh.

  11. Como siempre todo lo referente a esta gran familia son maravillas en lo referente a obras de arte y como han compartido todo su patrimonio con museos de Europa y para que decir de Waddesdon Manor , la quinta esencia de LE GOUT ROTHSCHILDS" . Grandes banqueros y filantropos.

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  13. This is not "rothchilds" property, its all stolen goods, a bounty to chronicle a life of thieving. This family is the reason for suffering and mass poverty throughout the World. They stole billions from the world banks to facilitate the "credit crisis" in order to force Governments throughout the world to buy more debt from them. Then you the British museum choose to reward them. Utterly disgusting

  14. F” the Rothschild! The World is Wacking Up! Soon Its over for them! We As Humans Can Ban The Central Banks!

  15. they robe the hole german and the european and the russian countrys this things are all robe by killing

  16. Muy emocionate la historia del Barón Ferdinand Rothschild, me encanto toda la colección y especialmente la Crucifixión en una nuez!!!

  17. Lucky he's just a Banker and not an artist he has such poxy taste even his fake Israel looks cheap and tacky.

  18. I wonder how stupified Duke Maximilian of Bavaria was when he realised he hadn't enough carriages to transport late Emperor Rudolphs enormous collection from Prague to Munich…

  19. All the Rothschild stuff should be sold and the money given back to the suffering people there, that is was stolen from.

  20. after clearing the smoke of "omj rothschild global conspiracy" and looking at the rothschild family. they are the most successful family in the world, and everyone hates winners. especially people in youtube comments, bunch of victims and people that point fingers instead of looking in the mirror. get off the internet and build your wealth and future. the same people that say "omj datz all stolen treasure" are the same people that live off my stolen money for their welfare checks, section 8, and food stamps, or steal from walmart. hilarious.


  22. Amazingly advanced tech, from our current point of view, created some of these items. About the comments here, note that having a ruling elite fully depends upon a population being of a certain level of consciousness. We blame them while not seeing the cause, sort of how a cat will look at the laser dot on the wall but never wake up to what's really going on and who is shining it. I'm not writing to condone or condemn anything here, but just trying to describe, as I see it. Videos like this can really give a more rounded view of what the third dimensional reality we're coming out of was really like.

  23. jesus, who gives a fuck? what kind of idiot slobbers over a bunch of *stuff*? the rothschilds are genociders and thieves. they'll be done for soon enough. 🙂

  24. They are a family of pedophiles who once attempted me to bring young girls to their motel room to meet & molest. Both Jacob & Evelyn Rothschilds are Evil Corrupted people who have been hiding behind their money for centuries & it’s not time it all stopped & the wealth returned to the many countries the Rothschilds family have robbed.

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