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Running a vintage jewellery shop – Bosses

Running a vintage jewellery shop – Bosses

I… always loved vintage and I used to buy when I was young; broken things and try to fix them and make them into something new That’s quite common I guess. And I started making jewellery using original vintage components things like these earrings that I still make now because people still love them but eventually what happened was I went more and more into the bridal market and and I wore a lot of vintage jewellery and always had original pieces on my stand for display and so I started saying to people ‘Yes I can source you one of those, if you’d like’ let me know what you’d like and I’ll find it for you So that’s what I started doing, cause I’d been buying for myself anyway. So what era are they? These are mostly fifties and sixties these larger pieces here These ones I makes with original vintage components Everything else, I source in the UK. I’ve been buying in the UK for about 15 years. But I also buy in Europe – France, or Germany, in Canada and America. But I always tell everybody, you’re always hunting you’re always looking, buy that’s part of the joy of it as well. So does that mean that you have to travel a lot? Obviously it’s more difficult now with the shop. But I do travel. But because I’ve been doing this for several years now I also have a network of people that I work with So they bring me things, I go and see them, so I’ve been buying recently and I’ve come back with lots of lovely new things And how have you found having a shop front? Because it’s a dream for you I love it! it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child But turning a dream in a reality Yes it’s terrifying! Terrifying but really exciting, the best thing I ever did. This is the bridal collection that I’ve got at the moment It’s changing all the time New pieces are coming in on a weekly basis What happens when you’re out buying looking for pieces? Sometimes I close, and eventually I will have to get help, but at the moment it’s me and I think that’s how it should be I
think people should know that I’m the one that
they should come speak to If they want something I’m their point of contact I give people my name, my email, my telephone number If they want something they know that they can just call me and ask me directly I think that’s part of the whole point of buying from a small business An independent person You build relationships with your customers. I already have repeat customers, people have come in several times I’ve already sourced something in particular for someone who saw something they liked but it was a complete set and she didn’t want a complete set She just wanted a necklace or a bracelet so I found her one I like that personal touch, I think that’s really important that’s what I love when I buy from someone independent so I want to offer that And you started online? I started with the market and then eventually went online when it became one other things nowadays you have to be online everyone’s online How does that work with having the shop as well? They compliment each other, they feed into each other, they don’t that work against each other the work
with each other, for example… a gentleman saw a bracelet online that he wanted to buy his wife for her 60th birthday he rang me and said I love this bracelet, can I come and see it? So I said yes of course you can, come to the shop He live in Richmond. So he came all the way over to see it in person, he was probably only in the shop for 10 minutes, we had a lovely chat, I tried the bracelet on to show how it looked on he was delighted, he bought it, took it home to his wife and she loved it and that was gorgeous So it was a combination of having seen it online but also the confidence it gave him when he could come and see it himself Come and see it in real life because there are so many people selling
vintage online but there nothing young quite like actually holding
something in your hand That tangible feeling – Yes! Because jewellery is so tactile as well and it’s so personal I love your tea-set and fan – Oh thank you the fan is beautiful isn’t it. It’s from around 1910 What’s next? What’s your next dream? I want to make the shop the destination for vintage costume jewellery in London I want people to know this is where they should come and this where Iwould like them to come to get that personal service that I can offer and also the expertise I offer and the passion that I have for it So putting this shop on the map is what’s next

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