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Selling Abandoned Storage finds @ flea market vlog 6 #HustleGrindRewind

Selling Abandoned Storage finds @ flea market vlog 6 #HustleGrindRewind

I want the hundreds that’s what my morning is looking like
regular-sized coffee 32 ounces and we got the big gulp refill it’s gonna be
one of them days it is a Monday and y’all watch me no I say it’s the
greatest day of the week and you know why and a new day and a new start
doesn’t begin unless you make it that way can’t wake up in aberrations you’re
giving off to the universe if you’re doing the same
then you’re expecting different results that’s called insanity so if you want it
to be better you got a do better you got to think better you got to speak better
instead of saying like I don’t like this find something you do like talk about
that that is where it all starts and the change begins is your words your
thoughts your vibrations love y’all blessings have a good day no want you someones kissing uncle Michaels uh booty
this morning butter your mother good job I’ll come right do the man so really the crackheads aren’t even up
and we’re out here in Stockton making money got a half loaded trailer here got
a full load of trailer here we’re gonna do it
that was good George technically speaking you can’t drink there Jo gene
Jo gene Thank You Jo gene almost done here with
this trailer then we got the baby trailer to go I’ve taken that swimming
pool home for pool parties this summer we’re officially set up here at the
market and it’s hectic you can see we’re not even anywhere near like a dollar so
we got good stuff mondays are always busy and look at all of the crowd damn
it this bad boy right here I’ve been half saving my store credit
for a new gold chain but I couldn’t pass this up
solar solar water heater in it 18 foot swimming Porter’s would be in the
backyard this summer quick run through all the stuff we got out here today we
went kind of crazy today 25 foot of a suitcase is expensive
that’s going home with me I want to give that a try
foot rub expensive tools I got uncle Michael out here today got the rugs
first time they’ve been out the Buddha is 75 yes it is a very good luck you rub
its belly thank you just some eggs hand-painted nothing
special they like made in China made to look nice he was statues up $12 I told they do ten
on this what am I thinking what am I thinking eyes know why they walked away
from them there is the microphones I was looking
forward I didn’t see in my unload $20 for the microphone what thing that’s a
good try sir three dollars each on the game’s $1 each on the CDs eight dollars
for that not that I know of the luggage is 30 it’s apparently $130 two case from
when I found out the wet uh you want all of them how many you
want give me five bucks for one morning sir
how you doing I’m doing awesome wonderful day here at the market excuse
me sir the garbage can I’m not going to sell
those are four dollars each yes trying to deal with the million
customers what is that three bucks and fill them all at the same time alex is
in conversation mode you see him over there he just goes and talks everybody
will we work and watch everybody shout out to you Alex love you buddy
don’t call you out every time everybody but you’re so mean to him you’re so mean
to him that’s how you gotta be it’s how you gotta be pirate ships don’t
run off kindness that’s not like everybody’s just gotta be like oh pretty
pretty pretty sometimes you got to keep people on their toes keep them motivated
keep them going I take it upon myself to be that guy all this stuff again what’s this for
what is it three I do not I’ll go mine get change for a 5
he needs two four that’s four bucks washers and dryers that need to be
cleaned up be nice beat up to death nice dishwasher you seen that the other
day nice tools speedos everywhere what is my joke I always say for one of these
when I say a vacuum anybody out there knows comment below what do I always say
about a vacuum how do I describe a vacuum in my condescending sense of
humor please let me know let’s see who pays attention good this guy right hand I already told
my price I think 30 Christmas trees yep that table there
give me 12 middle of February we’re selling Christmas trees
how much anyone know what you selling for that’s not too bad I thought you
were say 20 well Michael actually sold these tables for 50 bucks they’re damn
near brand nice okay somebody just handed me this in the bottom of a flea
market box I think it’s for George you sell this table nice shelf they’re cheap dresser I get
75 for that shelf there sadly these couches here only had the back for one
they have another unit somewhere for where’s your phone number again Alex this is my flea market outfit of the day
right there what’s shelf damn it that’s everything at the flea market we
have selling today all that mess right there money-making flea market junk
stuff in store whoever you want to call it treasure treasure real Gucci right
there Benji’s I just summon Stockton with us
today are you camera shy again Benji’s camera shy can help a little bit
we’re working on sadness here I was gonna film whatever I want is it I’m a pen I’m in a Nam film area
it’s like cannot make this clip was gonna be there’s gonna be a good clip
too but now I can’t make it because I’m in a non film area I’m sorry guys as you
can see it’s kind of died day now it’s like died down now it’s like 9 o’clock
still a lot of customers in here but everything’s kind of gone through so
people are off to the next person getting read comes in – that’s the best
time to shop off somebody’s when they first come in to the market who tried to
steal point him out wait a mount it’s tell you guys right now you sell the
flea market it’s me watching the stuff is Uncle
Michael Washington stuff occasionally Alex the Washington step even with us
three watching the step you cannot anticipate the nothing would be stolen
look at all these people 40 buses this is hectic you have to accept that
something will be Stoli when you’re working at this table period Scott
except this man right here tried to buy us off me wanted to give me five bucks
for it he took it out of the he takes it out of the box brings it to me then he
wants to give me five bucks and said tank he’s beating me down I who was in
the box I know every single piece out here but
the people think you’re you bring so much stuff you don’t know how my memory
is so good for everything total moves in the Box comes back ten
minutes later gives me ten bucks the saw is back in the box again people they’ve been trying it with our
new oor scrubs today all day trying to bring me oh are scrubs out of the bag
putting them underneath other clothes ridiculous oMG yeah welcome to Stockton welcome
that’s the flea market right there I have no idea what that was about eight
eight dollars in represents infinity I don’t know if what though was stealing
was it yeah well we gave me a pack up now give me four dollar sale you ready
for Wednesday market it’s crazy here is having a huge 1 dollar sale other
changes to free you’re gonna see it numbers go up drastically just watch
everything is free now right here we got clear to buy packing up our good stuff
getting everything ready to go everything is free everything is give it
all the way give it a new home with the bed good energy back into the universe
taking away from the bad energy of a lot stores I love it all these people people
for days cheese cookies everything is free please don’t make a mess and more quickly look as the free pile
we got all the trash guys cleaning out get them go here they are was that I
don’t trust you see it I want the hundreds he just stole when I
got on camera why you guys get all the hundreds that’s going right to a truck
BAM right there actually electricity is gonna get shut off first so we’re going
to blech tricity that’s the name we’d rather the Hat this week that’s Uncle
Michael crying in the background seventy day to a Celanese units right day to
Sunday Monday and we got the walkway up like eight hundred each today not bad
yesterday was three hundred two pretty good day for us what was it nine nine
twenty my bad 92018 92019 a Monday less junk oh yeah we made three hundred
thirty three fifty three but yeah he’s but the money that we generated in the
last two days the sister pretty close in sales accumulative Lee but you’re
getting back the money from the unit so you see a bunch of sales at a flea
market but it’s not like hey we just made three thousands no most of that
paid for the storage we each made nine twenty plus 350 carry the two twelve
seventy we got the garbage guys just going heavy
out of here securities on a smoke break from the union five my side hustle game
is strong at the flea market the scrap metal 310 laying in bed after the flea
market damn near 12-hour day if you topped up I
left at 3:30 in the morning got there 4:30 got back here at 2:45 we got a
shower and I’m laying in bed relaxing for a minute it’s a lot of work this
flea market stuff and um a lot of people might uh they always say I can get more
money we can make more things this way and be easier if you do it this way but
it’s so hard to get rid of that mass amount of stuff without storing and you
start storing stuff letting it sit wait don’t forget the most money the money
doesn’t add up all the time and it cost us a little bit to sell the way we do
but at the same time it’s a priceless helping people make money a lot of
people make money off of us V it be our friends who are working for us via B the
customers who are making money in the same manner and that good energy of
making others money along with yourself to me it’s super priceless because I
don’t know I’m a huge believer in energy so let that be a lesson if you want to
do the flea market you either plan to be taking the same stuff out and selling it
so you get those best dollars or find a quick method to turn number and turn
number and turn and burn if you want to buy lots of storage units you’ve got to
turn and burn you can’t bring that same stuff back and buy another unit and let
it sit somewhere waiting for you to keep selling stuff you have to turn them burn
so just want to say that thanks for watching this video this flea market
vlog we’re trying to put out flea market logs lately and home please like the
video or dislike it either way I still love you love you very much and um yeah
thank you peace

69 comments on “Selling Abandoned Storage finds @ flea market vlog 6 #HustleGrindRewind

  1. Did you know that DID YOU KNOW has a video saying you are the one who found the 7.5M in a unit? If its true congrats!!

  2. Love ❀️ the video !! Old lady from Iowa πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ½β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  3. I did a garage sale a few years ago, had some nice dress πŸ‘  marked ten cents and a woman stoled them! To this day she still tries to be my 'friend' LOL

  4. LOL I just got my medicine box down as I started your video and you almost fooled me into taking MONDAy'S pills, but it is not it is Sunday and publish date 3/3 is Sunday too what up? Gratz on the pool good plan for summer.. Do you say it sux? if it is deeper talk than that about a vacumn I wouldn't retain it. Suinshine on all that beautiful junk what a day cu next time

  5. Love your positive messages to the world and tell Alex it's not that cold lol he's dressed for the artic lol

  6. A lot of hard work there. I like the "turn 'n burn" analogy. Can't have merchandise become stale.
    Look at all the Vultures come when it's FREE! Lol! Love your channel my friend. Keep it up! πŸ’•

  7. wow man, that's a LOT of stuff! Thanks for walking us through it. Great vid. About to do a flea market myself. What makes you choose which one you're gonna go to? Stockton/Colesium/etc? U ever sell at Berkeley Flea or u too big (stuff-wise) for that?

  8. Y’all had some great tools that would have sold quick and high down this way in South Alabama. Good luck on your next unit . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Another good Vlog Mike. Good video like seeing all the people buying your stuff. I was going to ask how do you watch for thieves but you already answered in the video. Keep going strong you're headed in the right direction. Positive vibes. Much love and respect from a very big and forever fan. Love you and Alex to bits.πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š

  10. What do y’all do if you catch a thief red handed with your stuff and won’t give it back like this guy did ?

  11. Mike, you killed this video. The video itself was awesome, but your words were everything – it’s about the β€œturn and burn.”

  12. Great video! Looking forward to seeing lots more flea market vlogs. I feel like everyday at the market is an adventure, with lots of stories of events to tell. Your vlogs are capturing some of that excitement.

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