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Selling Abandoned Storage lockers at Swap meet FLEA MARKET VLOG 9 #HustleGrindRewind

dollars in sales I’ve been on a complete
path of living life with no regrets lately because scary
maybe but life it is do it risk it live it no regrets Monday morning it’s 5:20
2:00 in the morning on a Monday Monday morning I’m here at the market didn’t
want to get out of bed I’m a little bit tired hustle and grind on wine in that
process it will wear you down trust and believe it like that I seem like I got a
lot of energy but the amount of time and hours I spend working I couldn’t even
fathom I work like the entire week seven days a week 24 hours a day I’m working
in my sleep I literally don’t feel like a clock out I get exhausted sometimes I
woke up today Alex texted me at 328 the morning I finally woke up at 342 in the
morning to his text responder with the high and at 406 I climbed out of bed
hurry up and got dressed and drove all the way here one hour 57 miles gates
closed Monday morning and we’re here to grind and rewind our hustle
oh well it’ll open up we will get in we will work we’ll make money things will
be alright don’t those setbacks stop you keep going the car over right in the
cone over slow for calm down see how it’s up there everybody see hell
except that he beat me today now after sitting outside of the flea
market for a good portion great is that chewy that is not chewy
ooh yes Alex quit already he drove off he’s going home he’s done for the day
we got a flashlight on you can see everything dumping in this fridge for
once it would be like a gold mine this is where they kept us safe the money the
guns no nada one could hope got a nice desk here for
sale it just needs to be assembled and maybe I think it’s missing a screw at
you flea market is getting busy it’s 10 o’clock we’re finally done unloading
today this place is hectic finally done
unloading 1002 we got 40 bucks 40 bucks now will get me to have a dollar so we
just finished getting loaded to full trailer’s junk gets the baler as a mess
I’m just like over this this is the art of the week all this junk kind of make it disappear
it’s a magic trick give me four and they want to wait a minute see the rain
clouds out here and see those rain clouds what two straws I don’t do
suspense well Alex where’s electricity green boxes at Christie 5100 the one dog
everything when the ground over here is a dollar or dollar dollar dollar yes give me like five the holler sale time
is about done with time for free sale ascertainment choice of $1 for something
we talked about hey Monsieur I got to see me in my straight Roughness you’re always in your reference heavy
stressful very business is stressful business this business can be are you
stressed out right now no are you sure we always doing something on the camera
having a free sale over there free sale free stuff ain’t granger in the house
theoretically everybody would even gonna get it that’s the thing that most more
about less box and there’s people here now we’re done with the pre-sale this
was left every video who me
you’re my first dish I really hate you sir look how you get upset look at it a good time to go to the bathroom is
always when we’re almost close to done so they can wrap it up without you as
you can see right here and this is the best time to go to the bathroom when
everything’s almost done about ending it back there pretty much wrapped up that
is a flea market tip 107 right there for you thank you this is the vibrating thing a vibrant a
cool day how’d we manage to pull it off cuz I did like $700 in sales I did
nothing I did that Uncle Michael example steel skin I did Michael want you to see
right there you saw we you didn’t want to come to work day because you’re
embarrassed by a load what do you want you got how many words you got how many
words what oh I got I got one word for you one word for you so yeah all in all
the flea market was a pretty good day today if you think about it most of what
we took out with superior craft leftovers from the $400 Locker and
pretty much everything from a free locker and we each walked away with five
hundred twenty dollars after expenses helped you know gas time and travel
whatever whatever so that’s not a bad day for us love the flea market love
Monday’s thanks for watching this video this blog the flea market blogs I hope
you all have enjoying this little new setup I have going on like the video if
you could say something you comments say something like oh the
weather was nice now that his eyes were extremely rosy or something of the
positive and happy and the comment section I appreciate that and yeah until
we meet again I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you out
there thank you very much

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