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Selling Art At The Flea Market, Swag Winner, And Special Announcements

this is what goes on here are you are
you ready hold on pull the phone still are you
done stare yourself you look great there you
look great okay Rafi Rafi oh hi you amazing artist
hello today you get to experience us from the blue couch I the blue couch of
wisdom so stay towards the end because we are going to draw the name for the
10,000 subscribers contest winner and also we have a cool announcement for you
guys something that we discussed during one of the live streams that we were
going to do and we have that at the end as well yes indeed right now we want to
answer a question from the real Shaun Shaun real Shaun Shaun says you sure
this flea market thing works first flea zero sales second one is dead how long
until sales kick in at the fleas Lee markets who knows every single market is
different we were at a higher end market that had a lot of foot traffic you had
some people that would go there that we’re definitely not going to buy art
they were just there for the deals at the flea market and then you had people
that were there to see what kind of cool stuff they could find even then at that
flea market it took it took about six to seven months until I started to sell
consistently enough to even cover my booth rent it really does depend on your
particular flea market yeah it depends on your flea market it depends on what
you’re selling where your price point is the thing is real Shaun Shaun I don’t
mention to get started at flea markets in order to make big buku sales I talked
about getting started at flea markets because it is the easiest way for you to
put your work out there and really to be able to face your fears to interact with
the crowd that maybe is not necessarily going to be the polite high society of
the art world it was easy for me to rent a booth but the actual process of
showing my art was absolutely and completely terrifying for me that’s
where the most growth happened for me was putting my
out there dealing with rejection dealing with people liking my stuff and not
liking my stuff and and going through both of the gamuts in my mind of like oh
my god they actually like that oh my god they’re gonna pay me money and going
through the extremes of that the first time that somebody is going to hand you
money for a piece of your art you’ll be surprised how shocked you are by that
and how you almost don’t want to take their money try not to say things like
really are you sure yeah you don’t you don’t want to see you don’t want to say
those kind of things so I think what you’re saying is that it’s not
necessarily ever going to be a buyer frenzy flee for all know what’s the
whole point is to get your flea legs so I mentioned the flea market as an
opportunity for you to show your stuff put yourself out there and really really
experience interacting essentially practicing with the people that you’re
interacting with in order to build your confidence level up and to really just
take that step to get your stuff out there but the flea market is definitely
not an end-all be-all I ended up leaving the flea market after about six to seven
months because I started looking around and realizing that I didn’t want to be a
flea market artist but it was a great place to start because I was too afraid
to put my stuff out there that was six months of dealing with rejection dealing
with people haggling me for the price dealing with people saying that I didn’t
charge enough dealing with people saying that I was charging too much going
through the whole thing with the interacting with people was showing my
art with discovering new ways to display my art going through trial and error of
different mountings for my art and really figuring out for myself
what it was that I wanted to do moving forward after the experience of the flea
market it was easy for me to set up a booth at the PAL Fox market and to even
do some of the festivals and shows because I was ready there was not going
to be anything more challenging than the crowd that I was going to interact with
at the flea market there really wasn’t so like I had
yeah plea like you get a flee for how you interact with the art crowd oh I’m
sorry sorry for this so the second question
that I’m going to answer is how long does it take to start selling your work
I can’t answer that question for you there are a lot of factors that play
into it it all depends on you how many venues are you showing your work at
every month are you showing it at 1:00 are you expecting to make a lot of sales
out of one venue or are you showing it somewhere different every weekend or are
you showing it the same place every weekend we were doing like three to four
shows a weekend yeah we were dividing and conquering you were doing way too
many shows but because we did that many shows we got our stuff out there and we
were making sales and even then the sales weren’t huge because we had just
gotten started nobody knew who we were there were never like hordes of people
running at us with cash in hand screaming no no there wasn’t it
definitely took several months even at the farmers market to get things going
to bring this to clothes real Sean Sean it takes time it takes time to build a
following you gotta let your crew your collectors find you and you have to put
yourself out there if you’re doing the flea market honestly take a look at that
booth fee see if it’s worth it to you for the marketing and the experience
that you’re giving yourself because that’s what it’s all about it’s about
the experience of interacting with a crowd haggling with a crowd dealing with
different people figuring out what it is that you’re going to talk about when
people are asking you questions about your art putting yourself out there
making yourself comfortable with exposing yourself out into the world
that’s what that experience brings thank you real Sean Sean for that question
that was a good question alright so now we are going to do the
entry thingy mug bobber which that’s a terrible name that was and now we’re
doing the swag giveaway winners yeah or a celebration t-shirt that’s a good
t-shirt when present one of my t-shirts I push the button here I’m so nervous
and chrismole chrismole you are the winner congratulations Chris
enjoy your swag and thank you for subscribing to our channel yeah thank
you for subscribing thank you to all of you guys for subscribing will be doing
more fun things like this a lot of you guys were like maybe you should have
broken that up like this one person is gonna get all that stuff so yeah maybe
in the future we’ll break it up the other thing in the livestream we had
mentioned that we were gonna get a peel box and we’ve got a peel box description
of this video and all of our videos at the very bottom you will find our P o
box address if you want to send us anything
now we’ll actually get it without having to travel around Pensacola before it
finds us recently we got a piece of mail from one of you guys one of you guys
sent something and you sent it probably to an old address that is still
advertised at Google so it ended up at one of the galleries downtown here so
we’re gonna go pick it up so it would have been delivered to that place
because that’s where Marty Campbell gallery used to be and so that was the
address that I had online it made its way down to our tell gallery yep
somebody probably was like oh this belongs to Ralphie for luckily people
around town know who I am Mike Perrault hopefully Mike I’m seeing
your name correct sent me some pieces that are amazing this look at that
that’s beautiful that is beautiful this is well that is gorgeous yeah
sent me I love it Oh Rafi thank you so much this is gonna go on earth on our
wall back here yeah and luckily it made its way to us because a lot of people
know who we are here in Pensacola so it did find its way to us I’m so happy and
again thank you Mike from Montreal Quebec Canada Quebec thank
you so much man these are so awesome yeah they really are and thank you guys
so much for watching you guys are absolutely amazing I totally adore you
and if you like this and you want watch more videos like this you click
right over here to subscribe and that’s it see Mike Lee good day

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