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Setting up a Vintage Umbrella Tent.wmv

Setting up a Vintage Umbrella Tent.wmv

I bought this vintage canvas tent because
I thought it was a pretty cool looking design; different from most tents you see. I think
it would make a great one-man hunting tent, but I haven’t found the opportunity to use
it. When I first got the tent, I tried to do some
research online and didn’t find much information on this type of tent.
I thought I’d post this video of myself setting it up at 4 times speed for anyone
else who is interested. This umbrella tent (as it is called) is a Western Field Tent
made by Montgomery Ward. The floor is a 10 x 10 square. As you can see it is very easy
to set up by yourself. This video clip is 7:17 long at normal speed. I only staked down
the corners, so if I were to set it up completely it may take closer to 10 minutes.
This design seems to be obsolete, but its ease of setup is very nice.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how to pitch an umbrella tent. If so, please click “like”
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15 comments on “Setting up a Vintage Umbrella Tent.wmv

  1. cool, i got a tent just like that with no poles. can you send me some measurements, type of material, ect. i would like to use it this hunting season. this is about the umbrella tent. thanks you very much in advance


  3. hi i have an old thermos umbrella tent. would you have any info on tents made by thermos. i cant find anything.

  4. Just found one of these in my wife's grandmothers garden shed. In mint condition!! Hardly ever used. The smell of canvas is the best!!

  5. This is NOT an umbrella tent. An umbrella tent has an umbrella shaped pole with 4 prongs for the corners of the tent and inserted inside the tent after flooring is staked down. You raise the umbrella just like you do with a regular umbrella. Very easy to set up. Only disadvantages are, there is a pole in the inside of the tent. You wouldn't be able to use a double air mattress, which is okay, cuz you won't be woken up when the other person rolls over. Used these tents throughout my childhood.

  6. This is an external frame umbrella tent.  The first ones used a central pole, and four rods to the corners of the tent.  It was profoundly ease to erect.  The last central pole umbrella canvas tent I saw was 1956.  It was a 9×9. And because it was canvas, when it rained, if one touched the internal walls or roof, it leaked or rather, dripped.  

  7. I bought this for 25 bucks in Oregon on vacation!
    It came in a sweet US army bag.
    I am havng an angered time trying to find poles for this sucker!
    Please help.

  8. Hi, I also need the diagram and measurement of these poles. I am missing 4 top poles that bent downward. Please let me know the angle measurement. This vintage canvas tent is durable and good looking.

  9. I have owned over a dozen of this style tent and they are terrific to own yet…not a one of them shared the same poles, dimensions or even pole and peg placement. it will no good to get pole dimensions and angles from one in hopes of making poles for another. Perhaps if you ever see the exact same size and model somewhere, you should grab a tape measure and go to work. Otherwise you are wasting a lot of time better applied to measuring you own canvas and experimenting. It is well worth creating your own frame yet a tremendous amount of your own personal time will be required. Never give up, never surrender!

  10. To Beverly Havens. I have the same tent you are referring to. I'm struggling to set up the tent's umbrella pole properly and I can't find any help on the internet. Do you remember the steps?

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