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Shop With Me in Asia & Try On Haul ~ I Tried Thrifting in Asia ~

Shop With Me in Asia & Try On Haul ~ I Tried Thrifting in Asia ~

Asia is a magical place to shop, if you
know where to go. Taiwan is like a mix of one corner you
do shopping, and then you turn around and it’s all food. Between all of that is
getting run over by a car and a scooter. I was in Taiwan and had my girlfriend
take me around for a day of shopping. In Taiwan you could be walking down the
street of adorable shops, turn the corner and be in the thick of a row of street
food. Every single borough in Taiwan has a well rounded offer in food,
shopping, and sights. We went to the Da’an district and it was a beautiful walk to
see all the stores. But prices were as you’d find in North America so I just
kind of window shopped. Did a little shopping. And then there were two stores that were the same thing. But then, I didn’t know. The first store, the girl kept asking me if I wanted something, and pushing. I didn’t want it. I really wanted
this backpack, and I’ll show you guys later but then every time she just kept
pushing and asking, “Do you want it? Do you want it?” and I’m like ahh I don’t, can’t speak Mandarin. I don’t
want it. And she was like, she just she snatched it away and she like was
so pissy. She was just rotten. I decided that you know what this is not worth it,
because she was really mean. Then I went next door.Couple of doors down, and the same store was selling it. She was able to give us
a discount and we decided to buy from her instead. So good purchase thanks to mom again. Thanks to mom for bargaining. Asian customer service is a big culture shock to many
as sales staff tend to be very clingy which I really don’t like, and they love
suggesting items for you. But the funniest thing is if you don’t buy
anything they’ll get mad at you. Anyways this backpack was about $60. Not cheap
but real leather and I love how many compartments it comes with. I also got
this jumpsuit which in Asia people mainly wear jumpsuits as overalls and
there’s always something worn underneath. It needs a few alterations but I think
it was about 15 bucks. We’re at Wufenpu, which is a shopping district and everything is at wholesale pricing. And
you’ll see, you won’t get all the frills here. Everything is in bags. But you get
cheap prices. I think Wu means five? means five, and each street sells something different. I’m pretty sure we’re in the clothing section now. But there’s always food if you’re hungry. Let’s see what the other street has to offer. This has been kind of a bust. It’s fun to see, but nothing to buy. Hard to look through the bags. I don’t really know how to do this right. So I super regret not buying those olive shorts, but I picked up some simple pullover bras for a dollar fifty each. I always take out the
padding’s in bras. I find them unnatural and unbreathable. I don’t know what boob
is circle shaped. I also picked up the cult favorite Biore watery essence
sunscreen and man. Asians have sunscreen technology lightyears ahead of us. It
feels like putting a light serum on my face. And I couldn’t resist these dog
printed Innisfree sheet masks. In Hong Kong, real estate is precious. Things are
jam-packed together and the mix of expat and local makes for a very interesting
shopping experience. It has different vibes from Taiwan and
with many more English speaking foreigners living on this tiny tiny
island. My heart hurts for Hong Kong right now, and I really came to love the
place my parents grew up in. That being said I had no luck thrifting
in Hong Kong. After researching, I tried Central Station which is a lie because
it mostly just sold luxury consignment. Then Li Yuen Street, which did have
actual secondhand clothing but the pricing was still like new. And when we
didn’t buy anything the women in the store yelled at us. They even yelled at
my mom. There were some promising pieces though. So right off the Kwai Fong station is Kwai Chung plaza. And this is a big hub for no frills shopping. Everything is super cheap. And actually cheaper than the thrift store. Cheaper than the thrift store we were thrifting at yesterday. And really good styles. I love shopping in places like
this where customer service is not emphasized. which I don’t really like clingy
customer service the Asian customer service. But the – we’ve been here? But the downside is that a lot of times you can’t try things on in these places and
then mom and I were saying that this place reminds us it’s like a Taiwanese night market but indoors. So I ended up making most of my purchases from my entire Asian trip from this store in Kwai Chung Plaza. The
downfall of these stores is that you don’t get to try things on. It’s like
they’ll literally sell off the wholesalers. So they’ll display the item
in store and you have to buy what you think your size is. I got this cotton
peplum shirt for $15 which I don’t think is the most flattering on me, though it
looks better off shoulder. It really is like night market, where there’s a shit ton of cheap stuff. There’s even arcade games for the kids to play. Got a huge beauty section in the basement. It’s super-intense. Look how many people. So if you guys want a taste of Taiwan, and you want to go shopping, and have street food, but avoid the heat, you guys gotta come here. This is the top right? We’ve reached the top level. We’ve reached boss level. I also got these chambray culottes that have a really nice snap button tab on the sides. These were a great purchase that I still
wear today. These taupe pants were $5 and a sort of
mindless purchase that I didn’t need, as well as this $7 skirt which is also not
flattering because I find the shape too overwhelming for my frame, but I had
better luck with makeup. Asia’s beauty market is insane. It’s just gadgets on
gadgets on gadgets. They are obsessed with beauty. In Hong Kong there’s a chain
named SaSa where you can get a wealth of affordable beauty things. I gotta look
for the ones where she’s crying that’s when I know she’s waterproof. So this one you open the two packages, pour them in together, shake them, and then you spatula it on your face. Wait and peel it off. Show me the lid? Okay this is the one
that I want. These creepy ass rubber masks. So I ended up getting these rubber masks
and they’re pretty fun to use. Fun and creepy. My sister gave me the solid face
wash that has a brush head attached which is great for traveling.
Can you read Chinese? Which ones waterproof? Aha thanks. This majolica
majorca mascara, say that fast three times, is legendary. It has fibers to
mimic eyelashes and I love that the formula is very lightweight because it
keeps the curl in my lashes. We hit up the 3CE store and I was there to buy a
blush for my friend but then ended up getting bamboozled into buying a cushion
that, as always with Asian brands, is too light for me even in their darkest shade.
But also came out with some really nice liquid lipsticks as well as this orangey
matte lip crayon. I also got a gua sha tool which is insanely marked up by white
people but only five dollars in Asia. If you want to see the rest of my travels
in Taiwan and Hong Kong here are the vlogs. Hope you guys enjoy!

22 comments on “Shop With Me in Asia & Try On Haul ~ I Tried Thrifting in Asia ~

  1. added to watch later! but just wanted to comment that i was confused for a second, wondering if you had gone recently haha. the description answers all. xD

  2. Loved your finds! I just wish you would've said "Taiwan" instead of "Asia" throughout the whole video because all cities in Asia (though very similar) have different cultures and experiences.

  3. They yell at you?! This is such a culture shock to little old me from the UK!! This video was faciniating to see shopping from your perspective…. loved it and love your vids girl!! ✌💖 xx

  4. I think the white top is really flattering on you. Maybe you don't like it because it's different than what you usually wear. But I like it on you.

  5. Yaas! Finally the shopping video from your trip to Asia! Love it, brings back memories. I gave up shopping for clothes in Asia, just because an s/m western size is like XL Asian size which they often don't carry. The funniest thing is when you walk into a store and they straight up tell you "no big size!" 😀 I guess I'm fat in Asia, sad story 😀

  6. Although biore was my favorite sunscreen…when I found out it was a chemical sunscreen I switched it out for Neutrogena's mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin….its not as great as biore but it's a good alternative…

  7. This was a fun shopping vlog to watch. I think I would be a little nervous shopping in Taiwan, because I like to take my time and look around. 😭 I don't want to be yell at by sales person, but I don't wanna rush a purchase either. 😢Have to find some shopping buddies help me navigate Taiwan shopping areas.

  8. So cool to see, so different from what I can see here, the culture, awesome!!!… I wish I could find thrift shops here, we can find them in cities, but things are soooo expensive, even more than some shops… <3

  9. In Thailand the national sport is shopping. There are SO MANY people everywhere, all shopping. I saw large women but didn't see any large sized clothes; where do THEY shop? Went to the Night Market and they had teen clothes and not much else. I traveled light thinking I could buy anything I needed at better prices than the U.S. Not. However, their message parlors were amazingly priced. Got a message every 5 days.

  10. My number one tips for shopping in asia (from my experience thailand): wear sunglasses so sellers can’t see your eyes checking out their stuff. Walk slowly, look casually but don’t stop. Come back when you spotted something interesting. Don’t seem too interested or serious though. Smile a lot! Also: bargain! They love it and it‘s even considered arrogant when you don’t I heard? For successful bargaining learn some local language ☺️👌🏻 Lot dai mai?

  11. I love the pink earrings that you were wearing in the first half of the vlog! Do you remember where you got them?

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