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Shou Sugi Ban deck with reclaimed wood on Camper Van (DIY charred wood TUTO)

Shou Sugi Ban deck with reclaimed wood on Camper Van (DIY charred wood TUTO)

So what we have here is going to be the Deck on the roof of the van. And this is old palace wood. That’s what I’ve used on the inside What is going to happen here Is that I need to treat them to stay outside So I will burn it as the Japanese do and it’s called Shou Sugi Ban It’s basically like burn lightly burn the wood on top on the surface And it just prevents it from molding or getting damaged with the weather So that’s what I will try to do and then I’ll put it on the roof of the van. All right, let’s do it All right and quick sanding is finished. I got rid of most of the rough edges, and I will start burning it I’ll see if I can get a bottle of water spray so I can cool it down when I’m done otherwise it it keeps on burning on the sides a little bit And I’m a little more than halfway It’s doing well. Pretty nice look On top of being pretty handy because I don’t have to take care of it anymore afterwards. All right, and we’re the next day, and I’ve decided to give a little bit of a burning coat on the other side, on the underneath The those boards will be on the roof of the van and Because it’s flat the water Is going to drip in between each boards and yeah, I don’t want I don’t want the the water to soak the wood from the underneath So I’ll just give it just a slight burn. all right I’m about halfway. I’m just gonna show you guys what it looks like This is a different kind of burn from yesterday. It’s it’s it’s a lot lighter Mmm so you can see like here it gets the grain to pop like in the wood to like really pop and Yeah, it looks awesome I’m not sure which I think it has to do with the wood density like some Some of it is burning faster than than the other, but yeah, it’s a pretty light burn. I like it it’s going to do the underneath so nobody will see it but Yeah, at least it protects a little bit more the wood. I’ll show you what it looks like when I’m doing it. I’ll have a look at the grain See how it appears. It’s really cool Ready? All right, so that’s done It looks pretty awesome to be honest I’ve upgraded to my grandfather’s garden because I’m going to brush the wood And I’m going to make a mess so I don’t want to do that on the sidewalk. So, what I’m going to do is brush those boards and and clean them with the hose and then put some linen oil that I have there and Everywhere on those boards you can see that’s what I’ve done yesterday, so that’s the really black side The edges are a little burnt, and the underneath a little burnt as well So that’s that’s going to be the outside All right see I hope I can get rid of this All right I’m covered in black. This is a little bit like Mary Poppins. I’ve sandpapered it down as you’ve seen and The reason for that that I used a big like a big wire brush a smaller wire brush and sandpaper as I’m trying to get rid of as much black as possible so when I seal it with the oil If it stays as it is and it doesn’t drip any black afterwards So this is the result As you can see The grain just popped out like it’s it’s it’s incredible to touch. Like it has some volume You know, some texture and look at my hands come on. Yeah, it’s beautiful Beautiful wood, it’s gonna be amazing when it’s when it’s oiled up I’m going to start by cleaning it with water to get rid of any dust and Then I’ll I’ll put some oil on. So yeah that’s the plan all right, let’s go for it and then a big shower. All right, I got all the board’s cleaned up and brushed The next step is to put some Linen oil on to seal everything up, and that’s what I’m doing right now I’ve waited About a week two weeks actually a little more so it rained on it to make sure everything is clean and it doesn’t get any black anywhere and I’m pretty happy with the finish, and now is the time to put them on and they’ll go on there So that’s going to be the time for the first solar panel The roof is done Look at that. Nice deck! Looking good, looking good!

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