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Smorgasburg Brooklyn Flea Food Market

Smorgasburg Brooklyn Flea Food Market

So it is a Saturday here in Williamsburg.
And we are at Smorgasburg which is a really fun outdoor food market. They have over 100
hundred vendors that are just setting up right now. So we’re here to have breakfast. We’re
just going to sample some food and it just seems like a really fun spot to meet some
friends, have a late brunch. So yeah, let’s get started. We’re really hot so I think we’re going to
go for the ice cream sandwich first, right? Excited about that? Sure am. So this is my oat chocolate chunk ice cream
cookie. It has got fudge and sea salt. And it looks amazing. Let’s get a close-up of
it. Check it out. I’m going to take a bite before it starts melting in this heat. How is that? Wow! That is a gourmet ice cream
cookie. Mmmm. Feeling seriously parched huh? It is time
for some lemonade. So it is time to try this lemonade which I
think is made with organic cane sugar. Like there is nothing more refreshing than
ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Alright, so we’ve got an original black bubble
tea. And basically the theme of this afternoon has been trying to cool off as you’ve probably
noticed we’ve just been having things like ice creams and drinks and lemonades. Now we’ve
got bubble tea. It is really refreshing. I love the tapioca
little bubbles. Oh, show us the bubbles. Right there. There they are. It looks good. And
let’s share. Hahaha. Alright, to wrap things up here at Smorgasburg
here in Williamsburg we had a really good time kind of just wandering around. We sampled
some different food. Mostly we were just eating things and drinking things to kind of cool
off. The prices are a little bit high. So it does add up after a while but it is the
kind of place where you come to socialize, to be out in the sun and to have a good time.
And to sample all kinds of different food.

6 comments on “Smorgasburg Brooklyn Flea Food Market

  1. always best to start with an icecream sandwich! ooh fudge and sea salt yummy! Mm I want to make some lemonade. That view in the background is soo beautiful. Bubble tea too! yumm! what a fun day! =]

  2. Did you say organic sugercane? – if so – that sounds so good, man…..:-)……in lemonade – omg….:-)

  3. I keep meaning to go to smorgasburg! Can't believe I haven't already – thanks for reminding me! Great video!

  4. If you like boba tea, nobody does better than TeaStation! Of course, in Guilin there's a place called Taiwan Oolong that has an astounding tomato/oolong drink that rivals TeaStation, but TeaStation is the BOMB!

  5. Yes that is an super cool place. What a view ! Thank you my wife and i will for sure visit this place in 2 weeks thank you!

  6. Great video! I loved Smorgasburg when I was in NYC. So much great food to try. My favorite where the mozzarella sticks. I also made a video on Smorgasburg, so nice to see your take on it.

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