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Spectacular Thrifty Thursday ,Thrift With Me ,Thrift Store Haul

Spectacular Thrifty Thursday ,Thrift With Me ,Thrift Store Haul

Oh n thank you so much for the sign it’s
perfect I love it it’s just what I needed to help make this door look a
little better I think Thanksgiving everybody Happy
Thanksgiving I just want to give you a very special
Thanksgiving greetings from my house to yours as you know my thrifty Thursdays
are always on a Thursday and my thrifty Thursdays are usually two days
prerecorded ahead of time what did I get the thrift store it’s always so much fun
my 50 Thursday videos are my favorite because it’s a little bit like
show-and-tell I always loved show-and-tell in
kindergarten it was so much fun but let me get started I’ll share with you what
we got today the first thing I got for $0.50 was this I thought it was so
unique and I assume it is a tissue holder but I’m going to use it some of
my cloths that I like to make and I’ll figure something out how I’m gonna do
this I have it in my mind but isn’t that unique for 50 Cent’s pretty cool isn’t
it and then for 50 cents I got these incense cones now I don’t have incense
in my home but they smelled so amazing I thought hey I’ll give it a try so there
I got those two items and then now some of you who think I overpaid for this
because I paid three dollars and fifty cents as you know I have another one and
that one I only paid two dollars for but I use these for my candle making I know
a lot of you would not ever use them but as you can tell this one was really used
so back in the 60s the Boy Scouts used to have little kits like this it come
with a plate they come with this and some spoons and they would take it when
they go camping this is vintage I’m not sure the date of it but I love using
them for my candles to melt my candle wax so I’m really happy for that because
I was looking for another one do any of you guys remember from the 80s
and the 90s Emily Barnes Emily Barnes had all kinds
of books on how to survive being a homemaker and how to make the best of
your day and this was really neat because this is full menus and they’re
very frugal menus as well so it is Emily Barnes is the co-author of it main
dishes 100 complete menus and it was all kinds of recipes that I will use okay behind me you all see that now do
you remember I got that last week and I thought they were so dear well I thought
you know what I hope they had the other two and guess what nobody else bought
them from last week so for 50 cents each I got the other two of them I think it
looks spike the 70s vintage and it’s brown I love brown so it’s hard to
believe that I guess I’m the only one in the area that has this kind of taste
because nobody else wanted it so I got I got these items and I’m so
thankful that I was able to go this week because it’s always so much fun for me I
don’t go shopping I don’t go to the mall I don’t do any of that but my thrifty
Thursdays I always love and to think I was doing thrifty Thursdays for 33 years
almost 33 years now I never dreamed that I’d be having videos of it so I hope you
guys have a great Thanksgiving I hope you guys have a great weekend the day
after Thanksgiving for me is Black Friday and I don’t do any shopping uh-uh
Black Friday I do my decorating for Christmas
it’s our treat too and I got three items now as you know I’m on a spending purge
I’m not trying to spend as much but there was a few items that I really
wanted for decorating for Christmas and I don’t spend much on Christmas
decorating so I’ll show you that when I got the Dollar Tree and then I’ll show
you but I got the thrift store as you know I keep my thrift stores going
because I love having my thrift store videos I just think it’s so unique in my
channel so let’s see what I spent I spent a
total dot I spent a total of three dollars and 56 cents the first thing I
got was for 50 cents was this and the reason why I got this because I have a
basket that I need to put something in the bottom of my basket for when I
collect my eggs and when I take things away I have this really special basket
that I like but the bottom of it needs some kind of cushioning so for 50 Cent’s
I got this I’m really excited about this because I got these coffee filters for
$1 and the reason why I’m excited for these coffee filters as you know I make
a lot of my own tinctures and I have a lot of videos on them but these coffee
filters date like this so they’re shaped like a cone shape so they are good to
put in my colander so you’ll see that in upcoming videos it’s hard to explain but
they are shaped in a triangle so when I strain my herbs I can put my herbs in
here and it will fit really nice into my strainer that I have so I’m really glad
for that because a lot of the coffee filters are like little baskets and it
doesn’t really fit very good but these coffee filters are ship these coffee
filters are shaped like a cone see and that’s going to be really great for what
I need it for and then for 35 cents I cut these for on my Christmas tree
they’re beautiful now I know some of you girls have given
me for shade little snowflakes which I collect but I’m gonna put these on my
Christmas tree because as you know I like old-fashioned things and then this
kind of goes with my effect it really goes with my chicken remember my chicken
I got I didn’t even think about that oh my word when we came from the same
house okay well these were 50 cents each which I thought was a little high price
but I’m gonna go get my chicken just wait okay
so here’s like here’s my chicken I think this meat came from the same house I
don’t know but look isn’t it retro like 1970s boom I get it
oh my goodness that’s kind of cute I got to figure out what I want to do with
that and then I got something really really unique I know I didn’t need to
get this but dollar brand new and it is another binder I mean it is cute it
comes with its own paper its herbs it’s all herbs so oh look there’s there’s
actually recipes in the back of it I love it oh my gosh somebody had recipes
in here that is really cute I’m actually gonna
work on that this afternoon because it’s a really cold and rainy day so the
Dollar Tree I don’t have anything electric as far as decorating for
Christmas but I really wanted to get another one of these my son gave me one
and it didn’t work anymore so I accidentally broke the bulb from it and
wouldn’t work so I got this for a dollar and then I got these two items I love
this kind of stuff I don’t know what you want to call it but it’s real expensive
in a craft store and I love this and they actually had this it what it is is
it’s a garland of looking berries love this stuff and I can’t afford it
normally but I can’t believe they had at the Dollar Tree and then I got these
battery lights and then little snowflakes for on my Dollar Tree
Christmas tree which I’m beginning on your real soon I
want to start Christmas a little early because that way I get my videos out
before Christmas so people can actually enjoy them and actually do some
decorating with some of the things that I do so there you go it’s my thrifty
Thursday and my $3 dollar tree hall which is something I’m gonna use
probably this I’ll use all year round I just love this hopefully someday they’ll
get it in the blue the berry because I love the blue berry of it – pretty cool
so we’ll see you guys tomorrow wait if you like these thrifty Thursday
videos and you see my videos and wonder where the items come from go ahead and
click on one of my playlists and train here it’s right below me do you see it
click on that and you get to see all of the things that I’ve gotten and you get
to watch them in my future videos take care everyone we’ll see you guys
tomorrow bye you

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  1. So unique. That percolater is something. I have two very old ones and use them to this day. I bought a live pine tree for my little tree this year and am going to only decorate it with a few things. I’m looking for some battery powered lights for it that won’t get hot and doesn’t flicker.

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